August 19, 2010

Cause I Ain’t No Hollaback Girl

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Gooooood morning!!! Yes, I am really that awake if you can believe it. I forgot to set my alarm last night and work up exactly at 6:00 a.m. this morning. I took it as a sign and got up to run a couple miles this morning before getting ready for work. It’s so hard for me some mornings to get up because I feel like I should still be sleeping, but afterward I feel great. It’s as if the air, the smells, everything around me is so much more crisp and fresh. It feels great!

I think Kelly Clarkson said it best with “I do not hook up. I go slow. So if you want me, I don’t come cheap.” It really is a great statement that I feel more females need to try to live by. I don’t mean to judge, because I completely understand wanting to just go out, have a good time and not worry about anything else. But, for those that actually want something more than a booty call, maybe you should play Kelly Clarkson on your iPod. I think we have all been there where we hope that something more might come out of a strictly physical tryst. Women have a much more emotional tie to things then men do so it’s easier for us to fall for someone even if it’s purely physical. But, if you’re looking for something with a little more substance you have to consider what kind of message you are sending to the male population. If you don’t go on dates, have actual conversations, meet their friends/they meet your friends, etc., then it is probably not going to be more than anything physical. It’s better to just end things now then to wait around and hope that things change. Like they always say, why buy the milk when you can have the cow for free?

First kickball game tonight and the weather looks great!! I’m so geared up for this if you can’t already tell 🙂 I’m just excited for all the new ppl on my team to experience all the kickball shenanigans. Joe and I always talk about how fun kickball is and I’m pumped for everyone else to enjoy it too! I’m such an advocate for recreational activities 🙂 We had practice on Tuesday and I have to say that the team we have assembled looks significantly stronger than the team we have had in the past. Pretty much everyone is solid and we don’t really have any dead weight. I was kind of concerned a few times that I didn’t catch pop-ups far out in the field, but I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t wearing my contacts or glasses so my depth perception is severely off. I promised everyone I would be wearing my contacts at the games though so hopefully I won’t be fearful when I see the ball coming straight down at my face. Nice…nice…I know what all you perverts were thinking with that. Also, I plan on playing music when people kick to pump them up and mostly because I just like to listen to music. I told everyone to send me the song that they want played, but since none of those punks did I’m going to make up my own list. Let me know if you have any songs that I should add to my kickball playlist. I told them that if they didn’t send me their song I was going to pick one for them and they may not like it.

Today they are re-painting the exterior of my apartment doors and patio and I’m not looking forward to strangers being in my apartment while I’m not there, or the smell of paint lingering in the air. I’m sure there’s some sort of health risk there with the toxins/chemicals in paint. But it’s only a few doors and outside so it shouldn’t be too bad. I did make sure though that I picked up any underwear or bras on my floor. You never know who is going to be in your apartment or what they are going to do while they are in there. I highly doubt that I’m going to be the “chosen one” whose undie drawer gets raided, but you never know. So back to the smell of the paint – If anyone feels like offering up their couch to me this evening please let me know. 🙂 I don’t think that I can sleep with that smell burning in to my nostrils.

Okay – I know that most of you have probably already seen it, but I can’t stop laughing at the “Double Rainbow” video on YouTube. It’s just so damn funny!! Some may say it’s slightly strange, but that’s what is so funny. This guy is getting so freaking worked up over a double rainbow that you can’t help but laugh at it. I love it!! If you want to view it click the link below. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Do you ever wonder what your dreams are about? For the last few days I have been having dreams about eating a shit ton of gluten. It’s so weird!! I haven’t had any gluten in a while and while I would like to be able to stop at the closest fast food chain and get a cheeseburger I know I can’t. I don’t know why I’ve been having so many dreams, but last night I had a dream that I filled up this paper bag with like 10-15 chocolate chip cookies and said “I don’t care, I’m eating them all.” Another part of my dreams seems to be kids. They are popping up in my dreams left and right. It’s sooo weird. The last time I had this many baby dreams was when Jess was pregnant and then a week ago when I found out that my friend Stacy was. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I’ve just recently seen a lot of babies or realized that a lot of my friends are married and starting to have kids. Either way, it freaks me out that I’m having them so often right now. I would love to have kids some day (keyword: someday), just not until after I’m married and have had a year or two with my husband. Life doesn’t always work the way you plan, but that’s what I’m shooting for right now. 🙂 I’ve come to the decision that my dreams are telling me to act like a kid and eat a shit ton of cookies and pizza. People always say that you should follow your dreams so if you happen to see me hoarding a box of cookies with a half-empty pizza box on my lap please don’t judge.

Oh sweet baby jesus do my legs hurt right now. I don’t know if I just haven’t been stretching right lately, but they just feel like the muscles are overly stretched or pulled weird or something. They’re not sore as much as they are just uncomfortable. Today I got out of my car and switched out of my flip flops to my heels and I thought I was going to fall over after a few steps. Trust me, it’s not the heels. I think it’s the stretching. I’ve been trying to get my flexibility back to when I was in dance and cheerleading and it’s proving to be a little bit harder than I had expected. I did a heel stretch in my gym the other day and I kind of got scared that I was going to break my hoo-ha ….if that’s possible. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do the heel stretch or splits, just that it wasn’t as easy as it used to be. You may wonder why I want to be flexible like this anyways. I mean, what 25 yr. old do you know that walks around doing the splits for no reason – AHEM – THIS GIRL!!! J/k…not to overshare, but it may come in handy for late-night activities – ya know, like playing ditch with the neighborhood kids. Some of the good hiding spots require you to contort your body a little. Huh? What did you think I was talking about? Get your mind out of the gutter mom. This isn’t some sort of smut blog. I have standards people. Granted they aren’t that high, but they are still there. 🙂

Alright I need to get on a conference call for work so I will say adieu for now. I will hopefully have some good stories and pics from kickball on my next blog. Talk to you soon!!

Xoxo, gina 🙂


August 16, 2010

It’s Monday, I’m Tired

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So here I am on a Monday morning trying to figure out what I should be doing. I have already done everything this morning that is required of me so now I am just spending some time catching up on the latest celeb news and trying to determine what I’m going to have for lunch. I should be really good since I didn’t work out yesterday or this morning. But I was so tired that I just couldn’t do it. I think I’m going to run to Target and pick up some grapes. I’m really craving them right now and double-bonus they are a fruit so it’s a moderately healthy lunch. 🙂 I seriously need to get back in the habit of making all my meals for the week on Sunday or at least putting together some sort of menu so that I don’t just sit down with a pouch of gummy snacks for dinner because I don’t have anything else made for dinner. Well now I just thought of something that I can do after this blog; I will put together my meals for the week and pick up what I can at Target during lunch.

 So how was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty good thanks for asking. 🙂 On Friday I only worked a few hours and then took the rest of the day off to get ready to go to the Redskins vs. Bills game on Friday. Every time Jess and I plan on going somewhere I always put a firm time that we need to leave by or else we’re going to get stuck in traffic. And guess what….we got stuck in traffic. 😦 I’m partially to blame though since I had to wait until 2 p.m. to leave work and then I ran home, quick ate some hot dish (YUM!), drove to Jess’ house and then we needed to hit up the Redskins Store in the mall so that we looked like real fans at the game. We both ended up getting the same shirt and were twins for the day. But yeah, traffic totally sucked big balls. Poor Jess. I hate feeling car sick and I know she does too so it doesn’t help when you are stuck for 2 hrs in the car on what should take 45 min – 1 hr. I seriously can’t imagine that being my commute every day but ppl obviously do it. Dang…..I hope they are getting paid good money to sit in that crap day in and day out. I think I would be suicidal if that were me. Okay, maybe not suicidal, but I would probably start freaking out and pull an “Office Space” move no doubt. We did have some good tunes to jam to though so that makes the trip more enjoyable.

 We get to FedEx field, get lost trying to find our restaurant, eat, leave, and drive over to the game. It’s like 7 p.m. and there are hoards of ppl walking in front of my car. If this was Grand Theft Auto I definitely would have ran everyone over, but it was not so I had to weave through ppl and when I finally get to my parking lot this attendant seriously starts yelling at me that I’m turning in to the wrong row. OH MY GOD!!! It’s not like I couldn’t have turned down that row in to my parking spot – ugh!! I am sure “Stupid white girl” was the thought going through his mind at that point. But whatever, he can suck it. Stop being mean to me!! GRRR!! Yeah, so our parking spot was awesome because it was the lot where the players park and it was a reserved spot so I didn’t have to drive around looking for an opening. Will totally hooked me up!! Thanks Will!! I apply my whore-looking make-up (I’m not amazing when I rush to put on eye-liner in my car), change clothes in the parking lot, and am practically running to get to my seat before the game starts. Jess was having a difficult time trying to keep up with me. I’m telling ya, these little stumps that I call my legs know how to make it through a crowd of ppl in the quickest time. Plus I’m sure the fact that I’m wearing a mini skirt and a v-cut jersey/shirt helped the guys move out of my way. Hey, sometimes you gotta work with what you’ve got. Thankfully we got to our seats in time to watch the band and cheerleaders perform a little and the team run out on the field. I LOVE the opening stuff at games. I seriously get mad if I miss it. It’s just so exciting and there’s all this hype and the crowd is going wild, it’s intoxicating. 🙂 The game was a lot of fun (we won!) and I look forward to going to a lot more 🙂

As some of you may have seen on Facebook I recently lost in the board game Sorry. I’m only going to make one quick comment about that. I have demanded a re-match from my opponent and absolutely refuse to lose. I can’t believe I lost 3-2 since I’m the self-proclaimed board game champion. I’m mad just thinking about the fact that I lost. I know that Sorry doesn’t really have a strategy, it’s just the luck of what cards you get, but it still pisses me off that I lost. Total bullshit. GRR!! 😦

Okay, on to more positive thinking. We have our first kickball game this Thursday and I’m excited/nervous. We are going to practice tomorrow just so everyone is comfortable and we can determine the positions, kicking order, etc. Plus it’s always kind of scary to be the “new kid” even though we played a few seasons ago. But our team is practically brand-new with the exception of me, Joe, and Megan. But my nerves are nothing that a little wine can’t calm down. Haha!! I’m more excited to get out and dance afterward – that’s where the real work-out begins and I burn calories. Booty bounce! Mom and family, you would be so proud. Those 13 yrs of ballet really paid off. 🙂

 Do you guys know who Tila Tequila is? I think she was first known by having the most followers on MySpace and then later had her own dating show on VH1. Well anyways, I guess she is now a singer/rapper. I was listening to DC101 this morning and they were talking about how she was performing at this concert last weekend in Illinois and the crowd was so brutal to her that they were throwing bottles, rocks, and shit! Literally – shit! That is just messed up. I’m all for the booing if you feel the need to let someone know that you don’t like them, but who would think to run to the port-a-potty grab some shit with their hand and then launch it at someone. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that someone would find that appropriate or that they didn’t care that they were holding poop in their bare hands. That’s just messed up. Remind me not to hit up any music festivals in Illinois for a little bit.

 Since I always seem to be the last person that knows what things are, could someone tell me what “dougie” means? Is it sexual or just nasty, or….??? I was asking ppl at HH last week and they thought I was making the word up. But I swear I’ve either heard it in a song or on Chelsea Lately or something recently.  Don’t tease if you know what it means and are laughing because I don’t. I just want to know what it means so I don’t make an ass of myself if I say it in front of someone and it’s something really nasty. I tend to say things like that sometimes. BTW – Does anyone else use the term “hot second”? I use it all the time and Jess tried to make it sound like it was something sexual. I didn’t think it was so I double-checked urban dictionary to make sure and I was right. I don’t know where that girl’s mind is sometimes. The way I understood it was like a “quick second”, but she thought it was how quickly you performed a sexual act. Man, she’s a freak. Tsk…tsk…some ppl just have no class.

 Ugh…I’m still tired. I feel like I should just get some sort of IV to shoot caffeine in to my body every hour. I don’t know why I am so tired. I slept in on Saturday and took a nap yesterday afternoon, but apparently that wasn’t enough sleep. I think I’m just lacking and need a few 10 hr. nights to get back on track. Plus when I’m so tired it’s hard for me to get up and run in the morning. I ran a couple miles on Saturday and then did lunges, squats, jump-switch lunges and calve raises, plus some pilates ab exercise. So I think that it was fine to take Sunday off, but I def should have done something today. I’m hoping I don’t have to work at J. Crew tonight so that I can go home and work out when I get done with work.

BTW – If anyone needs a good laugh I highly suggest watching the below videos. They are so funny!! Whenever I need a good laugh I watch these. I still laugh that Mali used to say that she wanted to be a Kenyan when she grew up; because she had watched this video. The Powerthirst 2: Re-Domination is my favorite. I love the new flavors. 🙂 Enjoy! and

 Alright – I have no energy to keep rambling like this. I can already tell that this blog isn’t my best work, but maybe I’ll crush a red bull during lunch and have more energy to think up funny stories to share with you all. Peace out. A-town.

August 11, 2010

Happy Hump Day

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Happy Hump Day!! No, I don’t mean “Happy Sex Day”, although that may be more fun if that’s what it was. Plus, as my mom taught me at an early age “hump” is not a word. Well at least it wasn’t a word when I would make my Barbie and Ken dolls do it when I was little. I would totally make them kiss and split open their legs and clash their bodies against each other. I mean, it’s not that much different when you think about it. I obviously knew when I was 5 that your legs had to be open to make babies. My mom would ask me what I was doing and I would innocently reply that they were “humping” — DUH MOM! Sheesh…how does she think babies are made?? Haha!! I was such a little pervert as a child: still am. 🙂 “Hump Day” means it’s Wednesday and that means there are only 2 days left in the work week. 🙂 I’m actually only planning to work ½ the day on Friday so that Jess and I can pamper ourselves prior to going to the Redskins vs. Bills pre-season opener. Bring on the wine!! Haha!

So the other night I was talking to my wonderful aunt Carolyn about life, work, men, you know the usual girl stuff. We brought up the common perception that once you start dating someone it seems like men flock to you. At first glance you probably just chalk it up to irony and that it’s just coincidental. But then the more I thought about it the more I realized that there was a reason for it. (Sorry if this isn’t an epiphany to some of you, but it seemed like one to me.) Think about it. When you start dating someone you are happier, more confident, excited, etc. It feels like you can truly be yourself and are not overly concerned with how many men are at a function/bar/party, etc. We all know that someone that appears confident (not cocky), genuinely happy, outgoing, etc. is much more attractive than someone that may appear awkward, insecure, and nervous. VOILA! EPIPHANY! 🙂 So my tip for single ladies today would be to imagine that you are already dating someone. Imagine that there is already someone great in your life and I guarantee you will let your guard down when out in public and will be able to fully enjoy your surroundings. You will also appear more attractive to others because of your confidence and happiness. Plus, you are going to enjoy your life more if you aren’t so concerned about silly stuff. Okay, enough words of wisdom for today. I’m going to have to start charging if I add much more.

So I recently found out that a college friend is preggers and I am soooo excited for her! I can’t say her name yet because I don’t know if everyone knows already, so for right now I’ll have to be discreet. I am so happy for her and I know that she is going to be a great mom. I know that everyone says encouraging things like that, but I actually mean mine. I don’t know who would say something like “Umm….are you sure? You might not be good at this,” but I would probably not say anything at all besides “Congratulations!” if I didn’t  think they would be good. I definitely know people that should think twice before trying to have kids. I don’t say this because I think they would be terrible parents, I just think that they are somewhat selfish at this time in their life and maybe they should wait until they get that out of their system before having a kid. Patience is such a huge part of being a good parent and people don’t realize how much work it is. It’s forever people! It’s not like you can divorce your kids. You are stuck with them. I love babies and kids, but honestly I kind of get concerned about the idea of having them. I know I always say things like how badly I want kids and how much I love them, which is true, but then I think of all the other stuff like how often they poop, throw up on you, cry, smack their siblings, scream, break stuff, scream some more, throw up again, cry, tattle, sream, etc. It’s a never-ending cycle. I mean, Jess is going to be 30 and she still does this!! Haha..j/k…but still kind of serious about Jess. I think it’s totally different when it is your own kid though. It’s like you have this different level of tolerance because you feel so connected to them and you love them so much that you don’t get as upset about things as someone else. That’s probably a pretty obvious statement. I don’t know too many people that enjoy listening to kids scream bloody murder or throw up on you – but if you know someone have them call my sister’s house because she is looking for some really good baby-sitters 🙂 Haha! So for right now I’ll stick to loving my beautiful nieces Mali and Lola and my handsome little nephew Enzo.

Other exciting news….I use the word “exciting” loosely…haha. I went to the kickball captain’s meeting last night at Carpool and it lasted 2 hours!! WTH?! I mean, it’s KICKBALL people not foreign affairs. I mostly went as moral support for Joe and because I wanted to talk smack to the other teams. Come on, you all know that I’m competitive. So anyways, I’m still looking for a few more guys to play so if you know anyone let me know ASAP. We have 7 guys right now and I’m hoping to convince another 1 or 2 to play so that we don’t need to worry if someone is going to miss a game. Our team color is hunter green and I seriously questioned Joe’s logic behind that decision. Obviously if our old color of blue was taken by another team he should have asked for the color red. I mean, we all know that red is much more my color than hunter green, and in a recent study they found that men find women wearing red more attractive because it was a sign of warmth and being sexy, and women found men wearing red more attractive because they perceived power, strength, and dominance when they see that color. Ugh! The color red alone could have been a secret weapon. Think about it! If a bunch of girls are wearing red the opponent’s guys will be in a trance at how alluring the women are and if the opponent’s women see guys wearing red they will be scared of their power and strength. Well, there isn’t anything scary about hunter green as far as I’m concerned so I guess we’ll just have to win the good ‘ol fashioned way – bribing ppl with booze before and after that game 🙂 J/k…j/k…I wish it was that easy. This league is pretty damn competitive. If you thought I was competitive you haven’t met these other teams. Last time I played I threatened to kick someone out of the game because they were yelling at me when I was reffing for them. It wasn’t even my mistake that they were yelling about. I was the 3rd base ref and they were mad at a call that the head ref at home plate made. I told him he needed to talk to the head ref and that he makes the final call. The guy wouldn’t stop freaking out and yelling so I told him to get the hell out of my face because it was only kickball. I should have stomped on his foot afterward just so he got the point, but I thought that was a little immature on my part. Anyways, I’m just saying that listening to ppl argue about bad calls is my least favorite thing about kickball. But that’s okay, there is plenty of drinking and dancing to make up for that. 🙂 Get ready for some pics everyone!!

Do you ever hear a really awful statement, but still laugh and feel bad at the fact that you are laughing? I don’t know if it’s just because I’m a terrible person, but I find that I do that a lot. There are some things where I definitely draw the line, but some stereotypes still make me laugh and I feel bad about it but I can’t stop. I was watching the reality show TMZ (it’s a paparazzi company) the other day bc I was bored and this one cameraman was asking this female golfer what she would be doing if she wasn’t playing golf. Note: The girl was of Asian descent. So the camera guy following around says something along the lines of “What would you be doing if you weren’t a golfer?” and answers his own question by saying “A mathematician?” It’s so awful that he is obviously stereotyping her with the idea that Asians are good at math, but for some reason it made me laugh still. Maybe I found it funny because it was so shocking. But what made it worse was when she smiled and looked over at her friend in shock with a face like I can’t believe he just said that, the guy then came up with another brilliant thought “Would you play the violin?” I’m actually still laughing thinking about it. I’m an awful person. It was just so hard to watch that you couldn’t help but laugh at his stupidity for thinking and then actually saying something like that. I really don’t think that I’m an awful person though. I think it’s just funny some of the stereotypes that people have for different genders, races, cultures, etc. It’s like what did that one person do to make everyone think that that particular sub-culture is like that. A lot of men will disagree with this next statement, but where did the idea come from that all women are bad drivers?! If we are such bad drivers why is our auto-insurance cheaper than a male’s? SUCK ON THAT! Yeah, that’s right! Okay, I’m not a great driver myself, but I know tons of men that are HORRIBLE and that I seriously contemplate getting in their car because I think I might die. It just makes you think about where the root of the stereotype came from and if it will ever change; probably not, but just thinking about it.

Alright, I need to finish up a few things and then get ready for a conference call. You all have a great rest of the day!

xoxo, gina 🙂

August 9, 2010

Happy Monday!

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Good morning and happy Monday to all! Right now I am suffering from a bum eye because my right has decided to boycott all contact lenses; even brand new ones. I need to go to the optometrist to figure out what is wrong with my eye and why it refuses to keep a contact in for more than an hour or two. SO FRUSTRATING!! And yes, in case you are wondering, I check them all for scratches, sanitize  them non-stop, take all the proper cautions to keep them intact. I don’t have this problem with my left eye so I know it’s not the contact itself. Bullshit right eye. So if you see me walking around with a patch on my left eye to strengthen my right, please feel free to taunt me and make pirate jokes. I would do the same if it was someone else. 🙂

 AAAHHH!!! For those of you that work in an office setting you’ll appreciate this. You know when it’s all quiet and there’s just the sounds of typical office settings like ppl typing, talking on the phone, copies being made, etc., doesn’t it just kill you to hear that ONE LOUD DISTRACTION go on FOREVER!!! Like the person that is trying to be all quiet opening up their chip bag *crack* *crack* *crick* *snap*(don’t judge my descriptive words) — It’s like JUST OPEN THE DAMN THING ALREADY!! The slowness is antagonizing to listen to. So anyways, there is this person in my office that has been spending the last 10 minutes opening the toner cartridge box, bag, changing it, putting the old one in the bag, slamming drawers, etc. It’s an understatement to say that it is annoying me. I just want to be like “WHAT THE HELL IS TAKING YOU SO LONG?!” I hate hate hate hate slow people! Yes, “hate” is a strong word, so you will understand just how much I dislike this. It’s not rocket science – it’s a damn printer cartridge. Ugh. Slow and stupid people, the ultimate combination. Thank god they are finally done. I hope they feel like they truly accomplished something because they did – annoying me. Okay, sorry. I know that I seem to have a meltdown during every post, but it’s something that you should all look forward to while reading these. 🙂

 Alright, on to other news. So I don’t know if any of you use Twitter or not, but I do. I used to use it sporadically, but tend to update more and more each day. For those of you that don’t know what Twitter is (*ahem – mom), it’s more or less just a constant status update box like on Facebook, but that is it. There isn’t much more to your page. So anyways, I have a few followers, nothing special because most of you don’t use it. So the point of Twitter for me is to follow celebrities because I’m bored and like to read about who is going to jail, who just had a baby, what have you. Getting to the point of this topic, I saw that Giuliana Rancic from E! News had tweeted (yes, that’s really what it’s called) that she ran a Half-Marathon and had a link for some great tips. I replied to her tweet and asked if she had used a good training guide for how long you should run each day since it’s a goal of mine to run one; eventually. She replied with this website and BOOM! Suddenly I get like 10 new followers. I’m like – “Who the hell are these people and why are they interested in my life?” I blame Giuliana. Bless her and her good deed of sharing a training guide with me, but now I have all these random people following me that I don’t know. I guess I could just block them, but I could really care less if they know that I just got done working out or that I’m off to a bbq. It’s kind of funny because I think some of them think that I’m someone special considering the only ppl they are following are all celebs. I’ll just let them all keep thinking that. I mean, I was the prom queen so I practically am a celebrity…haha…j/k.

 I’m excited for Friday because me & Jess are going to the Redskins pre-season game against the Buffalo Bills. I know it’s pre-season so that’s why my tickets were cheap, but hell yeah I’ll take 8th row in the first level for $50/piece! You can prob smell the sweat from there! Contrary to my previous posts about smelling the sweaty people at my gym, I actually like that smell when I’m at a pro game. It kind of fuels your hype and excitement. Plus, the sweat I’m smelling at my gym is usually a mix of b.o., curry, and foot fungus based on the fact that the person is walking barefoot on the treadmill next to me. Eew! Don’t even get me started on those issues. Like I said, I’m pumped for the game because I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to games. The energy is just intoxicating. Plus it will be fun to have some sister-bonding time! I am already looking forward to hockey starting! LET’S GO CAPS!! That could also be because last season’s post-season was pretty rough. I really thought they would have gone MUCH farther winning at least the conference. But like they always say, “there is always next year.” And I am ready!! ROCK THE RED!! Okay, enough of my endorsing local sports teams.

SIDENOTE: My bum eye is seriously getting worse. Ugh!

Alright – So I want to figure out if I’m the only one that thinks this or if it’s a general consensus – What is up with guys lately?! That’s a pretty broad question and I’m sure I could go tons of different directions with that, but I’m just saying in general what is up with the zero respect? Again, general question. I just feel like the male population is severly lacking in chivalry or just plain out respect. For example, if you make plans with something and you are unable to make it, or you change your mind/plans, just be courteous and let them know. Yes, this “example” has happened to me. I have let it pass once or twice, but if I feel like it is somewhat of a pattern I will mention it to the person. I am pretty lax and laid back about my plans so if you are unable to make it or decide you don’t want to hang out, that’s perfectly fine. I just ask that people let me know. It kind of makes you feel bad that you are not enough of a priority to that person for them to update you on the change. ATTN MEN: If you plan on breaking plans at least have the courtesy to let the person know, apologize and make it up to them if you care about them. Women are pretty forgiving, but only if you are truly sorry and try not to keep up the bad behavior. 🙂 Also, what is with guys looking you up and down and giving you some “compliment” about your body?! Listen, it already creeps me out that you are so OBVIOUSLY checking me out, but saying something like “I like your dress” is hardly the compliment when I already feel raped by your eyes. So another piece of advice, when you are going to check out a girl try to make it a little less obvious. Heck! Drop something on the floor if you are really that desperate to get a full-out check. But if I can see your eyes going up and down my body and assessing me, I am hardly going to want to engage in any sort of conversation with you. Thanks for liking the way I look, but I think I’ll pass this time.

Alright, I am done for the day and I need to close this out. So let me think of a funny story. Today when I got to work I did the usual. Check my voicemails, go through my e-mails, check out pending work items, open Facebook (yes I have access to it again! woohoo!), etc. So I see on my newsfeed that my bro-in-law Greg has posted a picture of a note that my wonderful 6-yr. old niece Mali wrote him. Note: Greg recently had a vasectomy and had to warn Mali and Lola (2 yr. old niece) about being careful around his balls because they were sore and bruised. Below is the note! It totally made my day!! I especially love it when kids sound out the spelling of the words. Too freaking cute 🙂 Happy Monday everyone!

xoxo – gina!

August 6, 2010

Hello Hello

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At this moment I am busy eating Dora the Explorer fruit snacks and trying to determine what they each are. FYI – In case any of you are wondering, pink is Dora and the purple is Backpack. The jury is still out on what yellow is. Oh, in case you were wondering, I am “busy” working at my new job. I don’t know if it’s because I’m quick, or because this job requires less work, but whatever it is, I’ve spent prob 75-80% of my day on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, MSN Wonderwall, and various sports websites. I like that I have access to all these websites, but I do feel bad that I’m getting paid $12k more to do much less work. Maybe I was just really over-worked at my last job…I’m not too sure…but I’m  doing a good job with the few things that I have to do. It’s not like I’m neglecting my work to comment on various Facebook status updates. So I figure as long as my work is getting done then I am able to entertain myself on these sites.

Okay – So the million dollar question……WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! Well, I’ve been watching a lot of Beverly Hills 90210 re-runs on SoapNet and every wedding show on WE TV on Sunday’s. I don’t really have an excuse for not writing a blog in so long. I think it may be because I haven’t really been inspired to. I know that you all have a certain expectation level that I need to reach with each post and sometimes I just don’t think that I’m going to be able to do that, so I just choose not to write one. I know, I know, I’m a quitter. Plus, sometimes the really funny things that I want to write are HIGHLY inappropriate and should definitely be written under an alias blog so that you all don’t know too much about my late-night activities 😉 Haha! Yeah, I’m talking about you mom and all your little UHC friends. I don’t think you really need to know who I’m kissing unless I plan on introducing them to you. Otherwise you’re just going to think that you’ve raised a wreckless hoe. J/k! J/k! I’m not wreckless!! 😉 Haha…or a hoe…at least not by most people’s standards.

But honestly I’ve just been kind of caught in this weird limbo state for like the past month and a half. I knew that I was probably going to quit my job with AGS at Fannie and that was kind of stuck in my head during my whole trip back to MN over the 4th. Then I gave my notice, came back, and only worked like 2 days from home before being told that I didn’t need to work the 2nd week of my 2-week notice. So really I hadn’t worked in like 3 weeks before I started this new job. I don’t know how people do it. I mean, a couple days here and there is fun, but non-stop weeks while everyone else you know is working is so odd. That’s probably the reason I gained 5 lbs – which btw have been a complete BITCH to get rid of!!

Now that I’ve been at my new job for a few weeks I am starting to acclimate to the commute and get more in a routine. FYI – My commute to Fannie was prob like 15 minutes tops. It was a pretty straight shot and I purposely moved to that apartment complex so I was close to work. Now my commute in the morning is 30-40 minutes and can be anywhere from 30 min – 1hr when I leave. I’ve been trying to leave work around 3 pm so that I miss a lot of the daily traffic. ATTN DC/NOVA DRIVERS: Contrary to popular belief, I will NOT let you in my lane if you do not use that thing called your FUCKING BLINKER! Sorry…I don’t mean to swear, and especially not to throw at the f-bomb, but seriously!!!! I want to find these people and slap the shit out of them! They wonder why we have so many damn accidents/delays during the day; it’s because ppl don’t know how to drive. I guarantee if ppl used their blinker more often they wouldn’t get hit or hit someone else that unexpectedly has to slam on their brakes because the jack-ass wanted to weave in and out of lanes. Thankfully, soon I will be working 3 days in Reston (much closer to my house) and only 2 days in Gaithersburg, MD.

Okay – Now that that is out of my system I feel like I can move on to more fun things like KICKBALL! That’s right, we are back in the WAKA VA Dominion league this year and are looking for a repeat performance at the bar…err, I mean field 🙂 Let’s be real though, we’ll prob do pretty good on the field, but my concern is the amount of fun ppl are having afterward. We aren’t there to play competitive kickball and anyone who is there for that reason is just plain lame. We are appropriately named the “Fannie Kicker Reunion Tour”. Because it’s a reunion tour I seriously think that we should rent a party bus for one of the games and deck it out like we’re a musical gig. Hmm…that’s a good thought. Maybe not an actual party bus, but we could use Shana’s (co-worker at Fannie) big ass SUV that she called her “van”. I totally want to tailgate out of the back of that beast! Haha…Okay, now I just need to remember this for later. So anyways, we are playing again which means that none of you should pick up your phone on Thursday nights because I guarantee I’m calling you to tell you a) how drunk I am, b) how much I love you, c) I need you to pick me up and many other inappropriate things that I would choose not to expose at this time. So yeah, I’m really looking forward to that. I’ll keep you all posted on how we are doing on the field and at the bar. I have unofficially determined that Joe is the captain of the field and I am the captain of the bar. I think it seems appropriate…:)

In case any of you were wondering, I did find another spider in my car! I can’t remember if I told you about this or not. Maybe I did, so I apologize in advance. So a few months ago I was driving to Target or something and I start SCREAMING and driving crazy. I try to tell myself to calm the hell down so call Jess for moral support. Yeah, some moral support as she starts to laugh at me and ask me why I am freaking out and to just kill it. Um…yeah! Obviously I’m trying to kill it! The thing was like crawling upside down up my windshield at me just taunting me. Then it would run back down to the front of my dashboard and then continue to charge at me! I think the more I screamed the more it would run away. So that was my strategy for the next few minutes. Until my throat started to seriously hurt and I was able to find a random parking lot to pull in to. Then I got out of my car and freaked out a little more before I was able to find something that I could possibly kill it with. Unfortunately that things was like “turbo spider” or something because everytime I tried to kill it, it would down in the front of my dashboard and who knows where. So I got back in my car and continued to Target – and I saw it AGAIN!! I was more prepared this time so I shut off the car and sat there for a couple seconds, just waiting for it to slowly continue to come towards me. Then…..SMACK!! I thought for sure I got it, seeing that this was probably my only chance before I got out of my car to defeat the spider, but no…that little shit ran fast as hell back in to the front of the dashboard. THIS MEANS WAR!!! So I go to Target, buy Off spray and return to my car. I could have cared less about the interior of my car as I sprayed/coated the top of my dashboard in Off. Looking back it probably wasn’t a great idea to do that in an enclosed area like my car, but I thought either the spider was going to kill me or the chemicals in the Off would and I would much rather my death be due to my inhalation than that spider. Now I understand that Off wouldn’t exactly kill the spider, but I was hoping that it would cause it to curl in and allow me enough time to kill it with the bottom of my flip flop. Well I haven’t seen the spider since so maybe the Off did work, or maybe it just left my car. Either way, I have the proper tools, Off and extra flip flops, to take care of this or any other insect that decide to set up residence in my car. BTW – Later Jess was questioning my decision to purchase Off by saying that Off just repels insects and doesn’t kill them. Her suggestion was Raid. Hmm…does someone possibly have an agenda here? She is listed as my benefactor. I better watch her more closely or else I will definitely have a Lifetime movie made after me. Bitch. 🙂

Let’s see…other exciting things. My friend Meg got married back in May and I had the pleasure of getting to know her brother Nate a little better. Haha!! Don’t worry mom, there are no buns in the oven or special antibiotics I need to take now as a result. The wedding was so much fun though and it was soooo great to see everyone again. It’s surprising how much things and ppl change in a few years. The wedding was in Duluth, MN where I went to college and I was really looking forward to being there for a couple days. I don’t know if my taste has just changed or because I was younger when I lived there, but for the first time I saw how industrial Duluth is and realized how cold it really is near the lake. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of amazing memories from my time living there, it was just different to see it now and see what has changed (not much) and what has stayed the same (everything). The wedding was held at the aquarium and it was so cool and unique. I wish Meg and Ryan all the best!

Annie and Ben are getting married on the 18th of September and my friend Lucas and his fiancée are getting married on September  12th so I have a couple more weddings coming up. So I guess all the countless hours spent watching WE TV may be beneficial after all 🙂 Annie and Ben getting married also means that both parents are coming to the east coast. That will be interesting to say the least. I originally RSVP’d to the wedding with a guest, but now I’m reconsidering that when I take in to account just how seriously crazy my family can be when we are all together. However, it may be fun to have someone to get drunk with and help me cope with the reality of it all. We’ll see….so far  I have yet to pick the lucky guy, but I’ll keep you posted on that.

BTW – Did I mention that I’m pretty much writing this blog for Jess because she been requesting one for some time now. I also wanted to note that she re-read my potato salad blog again and said she found it funnier this time. She enjoyed it so much that she thinks that we should induct my potato salad in to the Thanksgiving meal as our own “family tradition”. Works for me! My potato salad is bad ass! I knew she would cave eventually ….and just think, it only took 9 months! Not too bad…:)

I don’t know if any of you have gone to see the movie “Inception” yet, but it’s pretty good. I didn’t even notice that it is 2 ½ hrs long because I was completely engaged the whole time. I went with Tyler at the IMAX at the Air & Space Museum. Totally worth it! Unfortunately for Tyler he had to keep getting up to go pee, guess you shouldn’t have had that Starbucks before deciding to go – huh 🙂 He is Canadian though so maybe that’s why he makes stupid decisions…jk! It has nothing to do with being Canadian. I want to see the movie “The Other Guys” soon. I heard the reviews are really really good! And I like Will Ferrell’s humor so I think that I’d be up for this movie 🙂

I think I’m going to go home today and try to think of ways to relay my recent shenanigans without giving up any names or too much detail. Jess has heard the full stories so maybe she can help me figure out a way to describe them. I just worry that I can’t speak directly about them because I never know who is reading this and who isn’t. But of course when I say “shenanigans” I am talking about guys and my personal life. But guys are sensitive so if I make fun of them then they may get really pissed so I need to think up some different names and try to give you the great stories without revealing everything – so look forward to that.

Did I mention that I’ve been searching the sex offenders website for people? I know that may sound messed up, but my new boss was telling me how they were trying to convert someone to a full-time employee for one of my clients and I guess the federal background check didn’t pull up the fact that they were a sex offender. So then it got me thinking about that scene from Knocked Up where the sister is taking to her husband (Paul Rudd) about the website and all the ppl on it. So randomly I started to search under my home address and work address and there were a ton of those dots!! Each color is for a different type of crime but they are all messed up!! I then looked up mom’s address and totally recognized this kid on there. It was so sad and sick. Ugh…I just don’t understand ppl and how their minds get so messed up. So now to add to my already neurotic mind is my anxiety about sex offenders living or working near me. Great, just what I need.

Alright, since I am at work I should probably do something productive. I promise to think of some funny stuff to write about next, I just need some time to smooth out some of the minor details like names, locations, etc. 🙂

Last note – At my new job they do cool stuff like bring in treats like chips, crackers, Rice Krispie treats, pop, etc. It’s nice because I have forgotten my lunch before and ate a bag of popcorn instead. Not necessarily nutritious, but I didn’t feel like going down to the cafeteria to get something. So anyways, the other day I asked the company’s administrative assistant if he handles ordering supplies and if so could he order some Kleenex because I don’t see any around. He told me that he needed to check if it is in the company budget. WHAT?! We have money for people’s diet coke additions, but not Kleenex?! Technically we all work under the same umbrella company and we share an office location, but he is the admin for the other company and they order all the supplies so I’m beyond frustrated. I told him I plan to sneeze on everyone and make them sick until they realize that they need to order the necessities like Kleenex. I’ll let you know how many ppl call in sick by the end of the week. 🙂

March 18, 2010

just a bunch of randomness

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Okay, I’m going to preface this next statement by saying that I’m not a dirty person — meaning I dont have weeks old food scattered around my apartment, I take out my trash, and I’m a pretty clean person. But for the past two days I’ve seen this bug on my living room ceiling. I know what you’re thinking…Why don’t you just smoosh it?….Well, let me remind you that I’m only 5’1″ and my ceilings are like 12 ft. probably….so even on a chair I dont have a chance. Every time I sit on my couch I look up to see the bug and am just trying to calculate when it is going to fall down in my hair, on my lap, in my shirt, etc. It’s seriously giving me anxiety and I’m about to call up one of my tall friends to kill it for me. I know that seems pathetic, but what the hell else am I supposed to do?! Whatever…judge me…I dont care.

Well I’m sure you’re wondering what fabulous things I’ve been up to since I last wrote. Well, I made a few new friends from work – yay! But I dont know how good of friends they are. For example, Bill (a new friend) told me that I should come out for HH with him, another guy he works with and this chick that they are trying to get a job. Well I was already at a HH with some people from Fannie so I said I would stop by afterward.  I had probably 2-3 fairly strong drinks and decided that I would go meet up with Bill. He tells me where they are, meets me outside the place, and then walks me in to where they are SITTING FOR DINNER!! Now typically this wouldn’t be a problem, but I was DRUNK and I had no idea who this random chick was that he made me sit next to. Lord knows I hardly have a filter when I’m sober, so you can only imagine the nonsense that I was drunkingly spouting while they ordered dinner. I could have killed him!! He thought it was really funny though. Apparently they were previously at HH and when they found out this chick was hungry they thought they should go get dinner. Thanks for leaving that part out Bill!!! Oh! And did I mention he peer pressured me in to eating my first clam?! It was disgusting! I chewed that thing for what seemed like an hour. Bill told me that if I ate the clam I was automatically part of his “crew”. Now listen, I’m usually a very social person, but I’m hard-pressed for normal friends in this metropolitan of crazies, so I’ll do almost anything to gain more normal friends. So now you know what I mean by saying I dont know how great of a friend Bill is. The jury is still out.

I was talking to Jess yesterday on my way to St. Patty’s festivities and she told me that she was having pretty strong contractions. I told her that I could come over if she needed me since Greg was at class and she was home alone with Mali and Lola. She told me that she was fine, but would call me if she needed me. I proceeded to tell her she had about a 1 hr. window until I would be too drunk to drive. Yeah, I’m glad she didn’t need me after all because that 1 hr. window became about 15 minutes after I started drinking my long island tea. 🙂 whoops! Paging Dr. Gina!!

Fannie Mae got this new people finder tool so you can look up people and see their badge photo. Well the word “sexy” sure doesn’t come to your mind when you see my chunky ass on there. Ugh…there is like a layer of chub around my face….hellooooo hottie! Thank goodness I dont look like that anymore, but it’s still humiliating that other people can look me up and think I look like that because they have never met me. One good thing is that they put an announcement on the site saying you can re-do your pic if it doesn’t look like the “true you”. It’s kind of ironic because a few months back I lost my badge and had to get a new one. The badging guy told me I needed to re-do my pic because I looked so different from when I started. I proceeded to tell him that I needed to lose another 20 lbs. to hit my goal weight before I was willing to re-take my pic. Screw those 20 lbs, I’m re-doing that thing tomorrow!! I probably spent a good 30 minutes looking up all my managers to see what they looked like. Nope – No one was hot. Bummer! I can’t say that I expected one of my Fannie managers to be a secret hottie, but a girl can dream. They were all old men or very nerdy. Lauren and I were looking up one manager and she blurts out “See! I told you he was going to look like a child molester!” hahahahaha!!! To be honest, I dont think that this one particular manager looked like a child molester…nerdy? yes, but not a molester….I think that Lauren just has “mommy brain” and is looking for characteristics that may help her identify potential predators. Can’t blame her for being protective of her little baby….which should be coming in less than 2 months!! YAY!!

Update – The bug is still on the ceiling. Whew…I’m still safe! Okay, moving on….

Pretty pumped that I’m doing girls night tomorrow! Hello dance floor, how I’ve missed you so. 🙂 Plus, I’m so sick of stupid boys. Ugh… minute they are making you happy, and the next minute you want to hit them upside the head with your purse. Now I remember why I love David Cook so much. We have a kind of tricky relationship…but it works…for now… 🙂 So anywho, I’m pretty pumped to get out and dance tomorrow. The only problem is I kind of dance like a slutbag…did i just make that term up? If so, bravo to me!! Okay, back to dancing like a slutbag. Now some might say “work it out girl!”…(thanks mom for always being proud of me!) and let me have a good time, but you always get those creepers that think me shaking my ass is an invitation to come up and try to throw their body on me. Not so. I’m not one of those girls that dances for attention or dances to look a certain way. I have fun when I dance and I dont care if I’m doing it at a club or at home in my living room. Yes, yes, I dance in my living room all the time — remember the snow storm? What do you think I did to entertain myself?…..Anyways, back to dancing and what-not. I hate that I can’t just dance and have fun without someone touching me. I always have to tell people I’m not a whore and that I just like to dance like one. But do you really think that people believe that?! I mean, what kind of whore do you know that admits they are a whore. Probably very few…but kudos to those out there that own up to it. So I’m going to try to keep it low-key tomorrow, but whether or not I folllow though with that depends entirely on how many vodka cranberries I guzzle down. 🙂 haha…j/k mom…I promise I wont do anything that Jessie wouldn’t do….I dont know how much value that holds though considering she got preggers with baby Enzo in the back of a van in the woods in MN…hahahahahahaha!!! too funny 🙂 god i love my family!

Speaking of family…just want to reiterate the fact that my friend Mickey’s family is way too sweet. His aunt Robin is the sweetest woman ever. I just got invited up to a family gathering over Father’s Day Weekend. I don’t have any plans so who knows, I might just head up. Did I also mention that she is actively scouting for suitors for me? What a doll! 🙂 Keep up the good work Robin! haha….believe me…anything is better than the random guy I gave my number to because I was feeling adventurous. Found out a few weeks later that he is 26 with an 11 yr. old…the mom pretty much left the kid and can’t be found….he also has his mom, brother, and 2 other people living with him in this huge house….he just got his phone turned back on after not paying the bill…oh! and he finally can drive legally again because the DUI has finally cleared….man! i sure know how to pick ’em!! i need to watch more millionaire matchmaker on bravo and learn from that lady patti…she knows what she is talking about! and btw – they dont need to be a millionaire by any means, just need to be able to pay for their cell phone bill and maybe buy me a drink or two 🙂

Alright, I feel like this blog is sufficient enough. Sidenote: Checked again, the bug is still there. It may have moved but it’s hard to tell. Okay, I’m out.

Love you mom!

– gina 🙂

February 8, 2010

Evacuate the dancefloor

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Well hello there! It has been far too long since I’ve last written a blog. So what have I been up to lately? Well lots of things! Okay, maybe not lots of FASCINATING things, but things nonetheless. So…I finally went to the doctor after feeling like complete balls for the past 6 months. And guess what?! I’m really not crazy! I do have an underactive thyroid and it’s the main reason for all my symptoms. So now they have me on some medication that should eventually get my hormones and thyroid back on balance.

I’ve had a very very busy few months at Fannie and I’m hoping that the amount of work starts to level out. I think that we are getting some temp./possibly full-time help this week and that should make things a little better. I find myself going out to lots more happy hours that I need to and that probably doesn’t help my running very much. But, the long island teas sure help to alleviate some of the stress. 🙂 I met our new Regional Executive Director last week and it was awesome. I love meeting people in my company that are excited about my potential and looking at me to move for other positions. We just won 4 new programs, but they haven’t announced them yet because they are just signing the contracts right now. However, Joe (exec. director) did mention Providence, Boston, and I think Toronto. I don’t know where the other program will be located. I told him that I wasn’t going to move for something that was more-0r-less lateral. I am ready for a change in my life though and I think that this could possibly do the trick. I guess we’ll see.

I thought after moving from MN to VA I wouldn’t have to worry about all the snow again. GUESS NOT! We got over 2 ft. (almost 3!) of snow this past weekend, after having approx. 16 inches back in December. I heard that we’re supposed to get more snow on Tuesday/Wednesday so I’m not looking forward to that. Now I’m sure you’d think that since I’m from MN I have a shovel and survival kit ready to go in any situation….umm…no! So I get out there on Saturday afternoon to try to make a little path to my car with my car scraper that had a brush on the end of it. I probably looked like a total freak in my work-out pants, disshelved hair, and a car scraper. I look around to see everyone else with buckets and massive shovels — and then there is me the one girl that should be the most prepared, with a car scraper in 2-3 ft. of snow. Thankfully my neighbor Kevin came over with a shovel in one hand for himself and one for me. He also noted that the only time he ever sees me is when he is helping shovel me out – haha!

Oh! Did I mention that I set off my fire alarms again?! Ugh…I was making a pizza and I don’t have a pizza pan so I put it on the rack. I think when I set it on the rack some of the cheese trickled off and on to the bottom of the oven. I go check on the pizza, turn it a little so it gets cooked equally, and close the oven door. I check it a few minutes later and literally say “oh shit!” as I see a little bit of smoke from that little bit of cheese. I quick shut the door and get my oven mit ready to grab it out quick — UH-OH!! TOO LATE!! The damn fire alarm starts going off. Don’t worry, I have the process down pat this time from the last time I set them off. I quick open a window and the door to my patio. Run and grab a chair from my dining room table, find the mop, and get up and start hitting the fire alarm. Unfortunately this only makes it go louder and quicker…then I hear another one going off in my bedroom so I run there with a chair and mop in hand and try my luck on that one. VOILA! Apparently there is a “main” fire alarm that once you shut that one off they all shut up. I was pretty proud of myself. 🙂 I think I learned two things from this: 1) I should clean the cheese at the bottom of the oven so this doesn’t happen every time I cook something in the oven, and 2) I need to invest in a small 3-step ladder so I can reach things like my fire alarms — you know, just in case it happens again! 🙂

Fannie Mae was closed again today because of the bad roads so I am at home watching tv marathons on Bravo and SoapNet. Today is my relaxing day. The other 3 days have consisted of my drinking bottles upon bottles of wine, booty grinding in my living room, singing karaoke-style, drunk texting/IM’ing, and other shenanigans that I could get into in the courtesy of my own home.  Now some may find that behavior ridiculous, but I think those people (JESSIE) are just jealous that they didn’t download the new Cascada song “Evacuate the Dancefloor” and rock it out in a pair of VS undies, Hanes socks and an old cheerleading t-shirt. Finally yesterday I was able to leave the house and go get some lunch and watch the game. Steph and I went to Uno’s for lunch because they have a pretty good gluten-free menu. I also went to check out this guy that I had met about a week or so ago when I was there for my friend Will’s bday. When I say that I’m a “walking cliche”, I really mean it. Let me give you the story…

We’ve been having snow like crazy so I got a text last Saturday saying that Will’s bday celebration was off. Then I get a call a few hours saying that we’re going out after all. I had already had some soup so I said I would just have drinks and meet up with everyone. I’m the last one to show up and they’ve already order..whatever..I’m good. In true “gina style” I start divulging in the latest shows I’ve watched, my drive to get to Reston’s, etc. etc. I didn’t realize that the waiter was standing next to me, smiling, patiently waiting for me to shut the hell up so he could ask what I would like. I get all flustered so I ask if I can have a few minutes. I still haven’t decided when he returns so I order my usual vodka cranberry. He continues to come back every so often to check on everyone and I’m oblivious to the fact that he keeps talking to me. You know me – I can talk to anyone. I start joking around with him about my competitive nature and that I’m like that even when it comes to drinking, etc. I get my bill separate from the group’s since I didn’t have much and on there is a note that says “We should get together and drink some time” with a little smiley face. Would I typically say anything, NO!, but I had liquid courage so I left my name and number. I didn’t realize at that point that we weren’t leaving the place — just  moving to the bar side instead. UGH!! TOTAL EMBARASSMENT!! So I saw him the entire rest of the night, but it’s okay because I was drinking enough to let the awkwardness sub-side…plus, he was totally lingering around and enjoying it. 3 days later (imagine that, a guy waiting 3 days – that’s nothing new) I get a text from him and we’ve been texting back and forth. He seems like a nice enough guy and is that typical “guy’s guy” with the scruff and what-not. So even if I don’t feel like dating him I’d be cool with hanging out with him.

I’ve realized that every guy (not friend) I’ve had in my life is always this weird story and I can’t seem to catch a break with someone normal and good for me. Let’s see…there’s the official ex Jared (who still texts and e-mails me even when I don’t respond), my friend’s cousin that I really couldn’t see myself with, the guy that works at the same place as me, the guy that was my friend’s husband’s friend, and most recently the waiter. I think I’m going to go back to my “I will only date David Cook”-days. At least then I didn’t have to worry about random texts, e-mails, calls, awkward encounters, etc. And when I used the David Cook-line I didn’t have anyone pressuring me to go after a guy or act a certain way to lure the men. Heck, maybe a possible move to a new place will help. 🙂

I’m pretty excited that kickball is starting back up and we are going to get the Fannie Kickers reunited! We are coming back with a vengeance to reclaim the bar award and win some games! We have quite a few new guys that I work with that I think would be pretty good. Plus I feel like it builds more of a team environment at work too. I think a little booty-grinding and liquor shots sure do the trick when it comes to building a good working relationship. Call me crazy, but I’ve seen it work in the past. I’m living proof! I get along with people a lot better when I see them out having a good time. I told Joe that I’m making myself co-captain. He can manage the team on the field and I’ll manage them at the bar. I think that this is a good match of our leadership styles. 🙂 These poor newbies have no idea what they are in for. All they see me as is this “work horse” that yells at vendors when they screw up. They sure are in for a rude awakening. AND…I’m super excited to see my old kickball buddies!! I’m just hoping I can round up the old teammates and lock them in. Some of them live closer to D.C. and it’s not the most desirable commute to Herndon from D.C. on a Thursday. But, I have a proposition that if they do the Herndon league, I’ll do one in D.C. Plus I feel like that’ll help me meet more people. And I love meeting new people – YAY!

Ryan (Bahr) was in D.C. this past few weeks and we were able to grab dinner and go to a Wizards game. It was actually kind of funny because I had free tickets and sold the other two to some people on the street. We were able to get some extra drinks and pocket the rest. Gotta hand it to Ryan, he hustled this guy to buy the tickets and that guy wasn’t able to sell them because no one sat next to us the entire game. It was kind of funny too since we are such hockey fans and neither of us really get into basketball. But, by the third quarter, we were actually getting pretty excited because the Wizards were ahead of the Celtics for some of it. Unfortunately they lost, but we had already left to go search for the parking garage that I parked at. Yes, I couldn’t remember where I parked becuase I got lost in the traffic and just picked the closest garage I could find. 🙂 It was so good to see Ryan and hang out with a MN guy. Very different than the east coast guys I know.

Oh – Like I said..we are expecting more snow so I went to fill up on more supplies. When I say “supplies” I mean more Mike’s Hard Lemonade. So as I’m leaving the bar for the Super Bowl I start driving by every grocery store only to see it’s closed. I actually started to get a little panicky. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a lush – but I do love some lemonade. Thankfully Shoppers was open and I was able to find a 6 pack of the cranberry lemonade. However, one problem. I can’t reach them because they are on the back shelf. I try to reach by standing on another shelf, but these little stumpy arms just couldn’t reach. So I had to go ask for help. Ugh…and the only person working that could possily reach is this one guy that is always working there that totally creeps me out. He always stares at me when I’m in the store and gives me looks – ick. But desperate times call for desperate measures. If I didn’t need the lemonade so bad I would have just left, but this is a matter of mental survival for me! So I go up and gave him this sweet smile and ask if he’ll help me reach something on a shelf. OMG! When he opened his mouth and smiled back at me I almost threw up. Cam we say CAVEMAN?! It’s like his teeth were lined in black and hadn’t been brushed in years. It looked like a coloring book that some kid colored with black crayon in-between each tooth. Not to mention that he is this white dude with thick black dreads and stumpy…ugh…it was just icky. But whatever…I needed the Mike’s so I was willing to deal with his ickiness. Like Jess always says, if it came to you so easily, you don’t always appreciate it. I think this is one of those cases. Because I had to hold my breath and was almost blinded by poor dental hygiene, I enjoyed those lemonades soooo much more.

I’m going to be back in MN a little bit at the end of April/early May and then hopefully again in July for the 4th. I’m really looking forward to some time with family and friends and just relaxing and removing myself from the chaos. I’m just counting down the days. Alright, I need to go work out and do something with my life today. I’ll talk to you later mom. 🙂

xoxo – gina

January 10, 2010

New Year, New Posts!

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Well a Happy 2010 to you all! It’s only the 10th day of a new decade and already I’m breaking resolutions. But then again, how many people aren’t?! I really shouldn’t be beating myself down about it…considering I didn’t really think of anything until a camera was being shoved in my face asking what my resolution was. I had already had something around 6-7 Mike’s Hard Lemonades, countless Jell-O shots, along with some good ‘ol champagne and cheap wine.

Thankfully it’s only 10 days later and I have another 340+ left to turn it all around. In case you were wondering, one of my resolutions was to be nicer. One of my friends started to laugh and said something like he couldn’t imagine me trying to be nicer because he didn’t know how I could be mean. I told him that apparently he has never had the pleasure of working with me. 🙂 What can I say??…I’m a hardass at work…I wish my actual ass was hard (firm) though. Damn! I really need to get back to doing squats and lunges more often…Anywho…that brings me to another resolution…finish up my weight loss. After taking a 6-8 month somewhat hiatus, I’m ready to finish it up and get it done with. So I am going to start looking at races to do this spring/summer and I think I’m going to do the Army 10-miler this fall. It’s a pretty good race in this area and definitely something that I would be able to do.

Yeah…I don’t know how nice I’ve been, but I swear I’ve been trying. I think the fact that my phone at work doesn’t allow incoming external phone calls is making it a lot easier for me to be nice. To spell it out for you all, I can’t get annoying/pushy calls from my vendors about their candidates. Talk about a Christmas miracle! My phone has been out for about 2 weeks now. Sometimes it irritates me, but it’s actually pretty convenient and I can get a lot more work done so that’s nice. 🙂

I don’t know if you’ve been watching the games lately, but the Ravens vs. Patriots was pretty good and so was the Cardinals vs. Packers…that one was really close!! I wonder if my bonus will be bigger this year if the Ravens keep winning? The owner of my company is the owner of the Baltimore Ravens so if his pocket gets bigger, maybe mine will too. Who am I kidding? Probably not….But a girl can wish!

Life has been a little chaotic lately and I’m just trying to figure it all out. Some of the stuff I’d like to write about I can’t since I never know who is and who isn’t reading this. Let’s just say that I really should stay away from the Long Island Iced Teas, since that never seems to lead to good decisions. 🙂 haha…Well, good at the time, but somewhat questionable later…oh well…I’m not really complaining…more or less just a statement. It’s weird how you think you want one thing and then you end up with a few options and then you completely change your mind. Jeez life is confusing…I wish I had a manual sometimes.

In other exciting news, Jess and Lauren are both due in less than 4 months. I’m pretty excited for some new babies to spoil!! Lauren doesn’t know what she is having and I don’t know how she and Matt are doing it. I would be going crazy if I was preggers and didn’t know the sex of the baby. Again, I wish I had more patience. I slightly threatened her that if she didn’t find out the sex, I wasn’t going to buy her baby anything. Heck! Who am I kidding? Of course I’m going to buy her little one tons and tons of stuff 🙂 Same for Jess & Greg’s little Enzo! I’m excited to have a little newphew and another addition to the family.

Okay so last Thursday me, Lauren, her husband Matt and his friend Andrew from work went to the Caps hockey game. We were getting ready to leave and were changing in the bathroom at work when I realized I forgot my belt for my jeans. This isn’t good considering I probably have instant-crack whenever I bend over. I have to wear the low-rise from American Eagle because they are the only ones that are short enough for me. It also didn’t help that I hadn’t “broken” the pants in yet. You know what I’m talking about. When you wash and dry your pants and you haven’t worn them for long enough for them to feel like you can move without hearing a rip down the ass of your pants. Yep, that’s what I was feeling. So I forget that anyone else is in the bathroom besides me and Lauren (for the record there was only 1 other person in another stall) and I start freaking out about how my ass and is hanging out and how I can’t pull my pants up or stretch them out because they may rip. So here I am with the crotch of my pants not up where it should be, doing yoga poses (barefoot!) in the Fannie Mae bathroom. I tried to do a few squats and some lunges and Lauren starts laughing and says not to do too much because they might rip. Thankfully, they didn’t, but I’m now concerned that the unknown person in the bathroom is going to look at me every time I’m walking around the 6th floor wondering how many lunges or tree poses I did that morning to fit my pants. AGAIN! I need to finish up the weight loss goal so I can lay off the pre-work pilates/yoga 🙂 haha…

Alright…although I’ve been laying around all day and shouldn’t be tired, I’m going to try to go to bed to get to some sleep. I find that I can run a lot easier in the morning when I’ve had at least 8 hrs. of sleep. Sorry I missed your call today mom. I’ll try to give you a call this week when I’m not working. I have an on-call both Monday and Tuesday, I’m watching Elle for Nancy on Wednesday, I have some stuff going on Friday and Saturday, so I’ll probably give you a call Thursday. Clear your calendar. 🙂 I’ll ttyl! Love & miss you!

xoxo – gina

November 26, 2009

I mean, really?

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Who decides whether a certain food item is appropriate for an occassion? I mean, is there a “food police” out there that I was not made aware of? I only ask because my sister Jess thinks that the original food item I volunteered to bring for Thanksgiving dinner was RIDICULOUS. Yes, that’s correct. I lied in my last blog. I didn’t originally offer to bring dessert, it was a second choice after my initial suggestion was shot down with roaring laughter from the one and only guru of the kitchen, Jessica Hatchette.

So you may be wondering what the item in question is? The food that has me so worked up that I am contemplating bringing only enough for myself to dinner tomorrow just to prove a point. It is something so good that it may just make you wet your pants in awesomeness. DRUM ROLL PLEASE……………………………POTATO SALAD! Yes, that’s right! I wanted to bring potato salad to Thanksgiving. Apparently that’s a ludicrous idea according to my cooking expert sister. The only occassion where potato salad is deemed appropriate is at a bbq/cookout/picnic. I strongly disagree. I truly believe that my potato salad is something so amazing, something so delectable, that it cannot be contained to just one season of the year. It seems just selfish to not share it with the rest of the world. And what better a time than at Thanksgiving when we are all sharing and saying what we are thankful for? I don’t mean to toot my own horn (again!), but I’m pretty sure that when we go around the table at least one person would have said they were thankful that they had the privilege of tasting my heavenly potato salad. But, sadly, no one will be able to have that chance this year because Jess has deemed that dish unworthy of the 2009 Thanksgiving menu. Well, you just wait until next year Jess! My potato salad WILL be making an appearance!

Okay – So I’m going to get off my soap box about the potato salad. Damn! Now I want some! Anyways….let me change the subject and get it off my mind. Are you ready for the stupid moment of the day? (You know there’s always at least 1, if not 10+) Today Lauren and I went to Trader Joe’s to get some organic coffee for her mom, and some wine for me and whoever I feel like sharing with at dinner tomorrow. While we were there I was laughing and reminiscing about the time Lauren dropped a bottle of champagne and the cork went flying. It was pretty funny since all the cashiers made a riot over it. Not more than 5 minutes after ragging on Lauren about her accident, I break a bottle of wine. UGH! Lauren will tease me for this, but I swear to you it wasn’t ALL my fault. I was carrying our basket and this heavier old lady was waddling with her shopping cart and practically railed into me. So I’m trying to follow Lauren to the cash register and as I move to the right to avoid being body slammed I hear this light tap off of my basket…..CRASH! All over my pants and foot is a bottle of red wine. Great! Of course everyone looks and I instantly say “IT WASN’T ME!”…Umm..problem? IT WAS ME! What I really wanted to say was that it wasn’t all my fault – stupid waddling lady! But I thought it better to take the high road and not blame the true culprit. Anywho, so now I guess I can’t make fun of Lauren. Also, I had to complete open foot surgery today/tonight to get the damn glass out of the heel of my foot. Whoops! 

Sidenote: Apparently people find my inability to flush a toilet pretty dang funny. Wow, if I would have known you found stuff like that funny, I would have been telling a lot more stories before this. Like tonight I was inspired after watching So You Think You Can Dance and I started practicing double pirouettes in my little living room. Now for those of you who have taken dance, you understand the importance of “spotting”. Yeah, well I was really caught up in this song I was dancing to and as I did a double pirouette I forgot to spot and practically collapsed into the wall. That would have been a nice “shiner” to wear to J. Crew on Friday. “What happened to you?!”…”Oh, I fell into my wall. You know, the usual.” Seriously…it’s probably pretty good that I’m trying to find a dance studio in the NOVA/DC area. I’m a hazard to myself and my apartment. I didn’t have to put a deposit down, and I sure don’t want to have to pay for any unnecesary repairs when I move out. 🙂

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’ve decided to make a meat and cheese tray, gluten free brownies, and gluten free chocolate pudding pie with a homemade gluten free graham cracker crust. I told Jessie and I think she was really touched at how thoughtful I was being by making things gluten free for her to enjoy. Little does she know that I’m going to set the pie in my lap right next to the potato salad she wouldn’t let me bring and she doesn’t get any! HMPF! That’ll show her! No potato salad for you? No chocolate pudding pie! 😉

Besides my excitement about the desserts I’m making, I’m seriously ecstatic about the crinkle cutter I bought! I was talking to Annie tonight and told her about my cool new cutter and she thought I was a loser. Yeah, well looks like Annie won’t be getting any of that tray! RULE: Don’t make fun of someone that is bringing yummy appetizers or desserts, they will not share with you. Okay, anyways, back to my cool cutter 🙂 Remember when I used to work at the deli at SuperValu? Well, we used to have this hand-held cutter that had a jagged/wavy edge and it looked really cool when you cut the cheese and meat. I’m so excited I’ve tried to brainstorm for other times that I could use it. I haven’t really thought of any, so if you think of some let me know!

Okay – I need to get to bed so that I can look beautiful tomorrow. I know, you’re probably thinking that I’m naturally a beauty and don’t need any additional sleep, but I’m not willing to take any chances. What if I have to run to the store last minute tomorrow and I bump into my future hubby? I know it’s unlikely that David Cook will be in NOVA, but you never know. 😉 I’ll be watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade tomorrow so feel free to call me in the morning if you want. We can discuss how terrible the lip-synching acts are in the parade. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Love you!

gobble! gobble! – gina! xoxo

November 21, 2009

Not much new here

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So it’s Saturday night and I’m home chowing down on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, reading the last Twilight book, and watching “Bones” on the tube. Now some people might think that I’m the road to being a cat lady, but I love having nights like this 🙂 As you know, I work tons and I rarely have a full day off or a quiet evening at home. So if you think my dream night is lame, you can suck it!

This morning I did the Fannie Mae Help the Homeless Walk and it was pretty good. Me, Jess, Greg, the girls, lots of my friends and co-workers all did the 3 mile walk at 9:00 a.m. but this year it seemed to take a lot longer. I’m not lazy, and yes, I was tired, but for goodness sake, it was only 3 miles!! When we got to the part where it said “2 Miles to Go” I was about ready to say screw it and ask for someone to come pick me up when it was done. I don’t think that having to pee helped too much either. But then I had to keep reminding myself that it was for a really good cause and that Fannie was donating $50 for every person that I signed up and that made it better.

 After the walk we went to this little French restaurant tied to some hotel and I still had to go the bathroom. So I went in the unisex one and did my stuff and when I went to flush I didn’t know where the handle was. It looked like it was an automatic flusher so I kept trying to walk in front of it and then walk away or something so that it would recognize that no one was on the seat anymore, but it wouldn’t flush. Then I was trying to find a manual option and kept searching and couldn’t find one. I pushed on what I thought might be a bolt, but nothing was happening. Finally I decided to leave and told the person behind me that I thought the toilet was broken. I don’t think she really understood me, or was pissed, because she started speaking in French to the woman using the women’s bathroom. I later found out from Greg that the “bolt” is the manual flush. So I kind of feel disgusting that I peed and left without flushing, but honestly, the toilet was kind of confusing. I mean, it could have been much worse if you know what I mean.

So besides working tons I haven’t been doing too much. Mostly I’m just trying to prepare myself for the holiday rush at J. Crew and looking forward to the end of the chaos that we’re going through at Fannie. Usually this is our slow time of year, but because of all the federal funding being pumped into Fannie through the HAMP program, we are VERY busy. Usually we have about 30-40 reqs. total around this time. This year, I have 48 reqs. by myself and a lot of those reqs. are for multiple positions. Plus I have to meet with lots of managers since I just took over another group and I’m not familiar with them or their teams. I used to hate meeting people, but now I find that it works to my advantage. It seems like once I meet them, they are a lot more willing to do what I need them to. So it actually works out pretty well. Too bad I can’t find one that is hot. Ugh…single, decent, men that have their lives together are a rarity in this area. I swear I need to have some shipped to me from MN.  🙂 haha

So I’m pretty excited for all the awesome things going on in my friends and families lives. Jess & Lauren are both preggers, a friend from school is now engaged, and my friend Mickey is coming to the east coast in January and I’m going to go up to PA and see him. Road trip! 🙂 Winter is always pretty lame to me, so I’m trying to go see some shows and do some things to help off-set the cabin fever that I am sure will settle in.

This year Annie is playing hostess for Thanksgiving, even though Jess is making everything. I really could care less where we have it as long as there is turkey and stuffing, I’m good to go. I volunteered to make desert since it’s the only thing I know how to make. Surprising, right? I refuse to go over before the end of the Macy’s parade. It’s a tradition to watch it and I’m not going to start changing tradition now.

I have to work black Friday, but I’m not too concerned. I asked to work the earliest shift possible hoping that maybe it would help to work earlier. Then I don’t have to worry about closing and cleaning up and re-stocking the entire store. I actually find folding a good form of therapy, but trying to make the store look perfect in a small amount of time isn’t the easiest thing for me to do.

I wish I could write as often as I used to, but with working so much, I barely find the time to wash my clothes and clean my apartment. Apparently some people find being clean and having clean clothes important. If it wasn’t for those people, I would forego the shower and write a blog instead. j/k..Plus, if I’m working that much, I really don’t have any funny stories. Well, I guess I tell you about the random people that come into the store, but I’ll save that for another time. I’m tired and I am going to try to get further in my book. I’ll talk to you later mom. I promise my next post will be funny and make you want to run to the bathroom mid-way through. Hopefully you’re not like me and can figure out how to flush a toilet. 🙂

Love you! xoxo – gina

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