March 28, 2011

Oh Facebook…..

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So I haven’t posted a blog for a while and it’s mostly because I haven’t had the inspiration to post something funny, miraculous, appalling, etc. But this evening it finally hit me. Facebook. Yes, I wanted to post a blog about my love/hate relationship with Facebook. While I actually love Facebook as it allows me (as well as every other user) the ability to stalk my “friends”, it can also drive me crazy. Below are the things that drive me nuts when it comes to Facebook and it’s capabilities.

#1 Status Updates

– Status updates can drive most anyone crazy. I’m going to say that at least 40% of your “friends” probably post something daily that is either depressing, an overshare, a cry for attention, or some random quote that is meant to inspire or motivate you. I am not saying that I haven’t done at least one of these things, but it can start to be a little tiresome if you see the same person updating their status every hour or so about how crappy their life is or how people keep letting them down. Go see a therapist and stop bringing the rest of us down. Others post a daily quote and I actually enjoy reading those because it’s kind of their “thing”. But I find it humorous when people randomly post quotes that they think make them sound smarter or deep. Note: I just remove those ppl from showing up on my News Feed. Problem temporarily solved!

#2 The “Friend” That “Likes” Everything

– You know what I’m talking about. There is always that 1 person that “likes” almost every status update, every comment you write, every picture that you are tagged in or pqost. This constant “liking” of everything about your page starts to make you feel like you are being seriously stalked. As an experiment I would like to post the most random and ridiculous things that no one should ever “like”, but my luck someone would.

#3 Questionable Photos

– I don’t know if it’s because Hollywood has glamorized sex or if it’s because people have just become bigger whores, but I’m honestly shocked at some of the photos that people post for the public to see. I’m not a prude, but I do believe that sometimes less is more. If your dream is to end up in Playboy that’s fine, I’m not going to judge you. However, I am not really the target audience for those kind of pics and therefore I don’t want to see them. I especially want to avoid these pics if you are at least 10 years older than me, are currently married, have more than 2 kids over the age of 6, or we are related.  I get the whole “I’m still hot”, “I’m a wanna-be M.I.L.F.”, or “I love myself and the way I look.” I think that’s great, and I encourage women to love themselves. But again, Facebook is not really the avenue for soft-core porn so I’d appreciate it if you limit who can see those pics because I get uncomfortable when they show up on my News Feed. Also, Facebook now has the ability for you to customize who can see each albums’ contents. I just want to reiterate that I’m not a prude and I definitely think that a lot of people put up tasteful pics and look super cute in their mini-skirts and killer heels. I’m just referring to those who post pics in their underwear and/or bra attempting to look risque without appearing desperate. Well guess what??? You do look desperate and more than that, it’s awkward for the rest of us to see these.

#4 The Infamous “Poke”

– While the whole “poking” thing can be funny or flirty depending on the situation, randomly “poking” someone that you barely know is just odd. I feel virtually molested when this happens and I tend to block that person. So the next time you want to “poke” someone, think about what the reaction would be if you physically poke them. If you think they would be creeped out it’s probably not a good idea.

#5 Invitation Overdoses

– I think it’s great that you enjoy things like FarmVille, Mafia Wars, or virtual game shows. I get how fun and addicting they can be because I love me some Family Feud. But please avoid selecting your entire friend list as people to invite to play against you or join your mob.

– Another invitation irritation can come from those that invite their entire friend list to an event. I get that inviting everyone may be simpler than individually selecting people, but if I don’t at least live in the same time zone as you it’s unlikely that I’ll be making it out to happy hour on Friday. I would feel special if you thought to invite me because you miss me and wish I was able to hang out, but when I see that there are 432 people awaiting to reply and 764 are not attending that feeling diminishes pretty quick. Just saying.

# 6 Random Friend Requests/Suggestions

– Jess recently reminded me that Facebook can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I think that your age and your stage of life help determine what you use Facebook for. In high school you add just about anybody that you have ever said hello to. In college you change it to the people that you party or have a class with. After you finish school and enter the workforce you may use it to keep in contact with old friends, colleagues, and also as a means of connecting and networking with new friends and co-workers. I try to keep this in mind when I receive someone’s friend request. But just because we have 30 mutual friends, this doesn’t mean that we should be friends. I often get friend requests from people that I have never met, I don’t live by (or ever have), and/or are completely unattractive. I blame Facebook for a lot of these unwanted friend requests. I understand the convenience of this function for some people, but I really wish that I could opt out from showing up as a suggestion for people. If this is a possibility, could someone please help me with it?

#7 Make Your Teachers Proud

– Americans have such a bad reputation when it comes to their intelligence. Almost everyone I know on Facebook has at least a high school degree, which leads me to believe that at some point they were taught basic spelling and grammar. I don’t expect everyone to know how to use a semicolon, but it would be nice to see things spelled correctly for once. I think it actually takes more time to spell things phonetically. Sometimes I have to re-read someone’s comments or posts 3-4 times to decipher what kind of prehistoric language they are using. Maybe people are just lazy or think they are an individual because they refuse to use the English language properly. Whatever the reason, I don’t really understand it.

#8 Relationship Status

– I think that I self-disclose quite a bit (I mean, have you read some of the stuff I write in blogs?!) and I don’t see a problem with sharing some funny things or sad things about your life. I do think that it’s another thing to constantly change your relationship status from “Single”, to “It’s Complicated”, to “In a Relationship”, back to “It’s Complicated”, etc. etc. Another odd one is being “Separated”. Maybe I’m just more cut and dry than other people, but either you’re single, in a relationship, or married. Shouting your marital problems to the world of Facebook is just odd. If you are having relationship problems it’s probably better to  just remove your relationship status completely and let people try to figure it out on their own. If they are close to you and are actually a friend of yours, chances are they already know what is going on in your personal life and don’t need to confirm it on Facebook. But hey, do whatever you want. I’m just giving you my opinion. 🙂

At the end of the day I love Facebook and the simple joys that it provides me. Just thought I would write about a few things that tend to irk me. Hope you enjoyed some of these!!

Have a great day!

– gina


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