December 15, 2010

A little bit of happiness

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Good morning everyone 🙂

Today is Wednesday and I’m feeling rather chipper even though I’m pretty sure I only got 4 hrs of sleep before my alarm woke my fat ass up to go to the gym. Ugh…damn you Chipotle!! You taste so good…I’m seriously addicted!! 😦 

Anyways, there isn’t much point in going in to my obsession with Chipotle (yet again) because the point of this blog today is to bring a little bit of happiness to your Wednesday. Umm…did you not catch the title? So anyways….I figured I would list some things that always make me laugh and add some AWESOME pics I found on!!! Mom – This is your cue to go put on an extra pair of Depends….you don’t have to, but don’t come crying to me when you have to ask to leave work early (again) because you had an accident.

On with the show!!!

1 – For some reason I am the Queen of Awkward Stories and/or Inappropriate Comments. I don’t know why, but I feel it necessary to divulge any and all thoughts that go on in my head. Last week I was at the bar watching the UFC fight and never having watched a fight I found myself asking this guy what would happen if one of the guys farted while he was pinning down another guy. He kind of laughed and was like “I don’t think that’s what they are most concerned about.” I of course replied that it would be one of the #1 things I would be thinking if I was stuck in a headlock between some guys legs.

2 – Do you ever have a person at work that just randomly starts singing? Well I do. And it’s not just little parts of song. It’s like a full-on song or medley. The worst part is that it’s usually off-key and they are doing it solo, i.e. they don’t have it playing on their computer and are just singing along. Not to be mean, but I usually just turn up whatever I have playing on my computer or start singing a new song out loud to see if they notice what they are doing. I think next time I’ll ask if she takes requests.

3 – Boobies. I know I’m immature, but for some reason the word “boobies” just makes me laugh. Go ahead, say it out loud. Tell me that you didn’t crack even a little smile.

4 – Candy canes. Why are they only a holiday candy? I really only like the peppermint ones and I know that I can find just straight-up mints that are peppermint flavored, but the fun part about candy canes is that they can be sharpened and doubled as a weapon! I really want to figure out what is with things only being brought out at certain times of the year. Again, I could bring up my argument for potato salad being appropriate at Thanksgiving and any other day of the week, but I won’t go there. I think we all know how I feel. 🙂

5 – The “snow” has come to the DC/VA/MD area and of course that means that school is either cancelled or significantly delayed because people think that flurries could cause a natural disaster. Granted last year we did have a huge snow storm, but you hear the word “snow” around here and people are running to the nearest Lowe’s to get the top-of-the-line snowblower. It’s really just pathetic. But I like the snow because it reminds me of when I was little. I still remember my mom making us put our feet inside of plastic bags before we put them inside of our boots to make sure that even if out boots got soaking wet, our feet wouldn’t. Wow, my mom is a genius!!

Okay – enough random ramblings for today, here is what you have been waiting for!! Some seriously awesome pics that I found while perusing I highly suggest looking on this website or if you need a good laugh. Mom…did you take my advice? Are you wearing your extra paid of Depends? I sure hope so…..

Could this be considered child abuse? Hmm….

This girl was so embarrassed to be in the photo she wouldn’t even show her face.

Who wears short, shorts? 🙂 That guy actually looks like the actor Giovanni Risbi.

Jerry (far left) decided to pitch the tent a little early. Grams doesn’t look too pleased though.

That looks like a great bedtime story Susie!


I can’t tell if this is a one-piece or a long-sleeved shirt tucked in to a pair of pants that are magically the same color. Either way, this look is a total panty dropper. Take note guys.

Well hellloooo….Cathy Lucca *wink* *wink*

Go to the nearest sink and rinse/flush your eyes for 3-5 minutes. If you still have a burning sensation after viewing this piece of “art” seek medical attention immediately.

It’s just like that game at the bar… Quick! Circle the differences!!

And just so Walmart doesn’t feel left out, here are some pics I found on 🙂


Dad! Check out that caboose!!





Based on the outfit she is wearing, I wonder what kind of prescription she is picking up??? Fail.


Smile big!!! You’re going to be on 🙂

Alright…..I think that it’s enough to get you through your day. I’m off to grab some lunch.

xoxo – gina



  1. Mom said,

    Yup that did it for me….. I can see why the depends were needed. LOL….Thanks again for the wonderful Blog.

    • ginalucca said,

      Did you like the pic of your boyfriend in that sexy pair of leopard underwear? ME-OWWW!!!! 😉 hahahaha

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