October 27, 2010

Let the Awesomeness Continue

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I’d like to start off this post by saying that I am very surprised that so many of you have started reading this, mostly because I’m not very interesting, although I do find myself to be funny at times. Don’t think that I’m conceited for that comment about thinking I’m funny, because I’m not. I have ppl like Bill Rooney constantly insinuating that I’m not funny at all. I need to stop hanging out with negative ppl like Bill, but I like the free Chipotle lunch that usually comes with the ridicule so I’ll keep putting up with it for now. 🙂 Haha!!

For the past 2 years I have been wanting to get a puppy. I don’t know if it’s the “biological clock” ticking or just my general need to take care of something or someone, but I want a puppy sooooo bad!!!! I’ve been scouring the internet for different breeds and looking at local shelters where I can adopt. I always imagined myself with a dog that was a little bigger, like a lab or something bc then I would have to get my lazy ass off the couch to go for a walk/run and stop pounding the Cheetos. (Sidenote: I think my index finger and thumb are permanently stained light orange from my recent addiction to Cheetos.) But then I saw the cutest yorkie/shih tzu puppy named “Snuggle Bug” and there are like 4 more with similar names….I think they must be from the same litter. But it made me start to think that if I do end up getting a pet, I should get something small for now because I only have an apartment and it would be unfair for me to get something that will get big soon bc I dont have a lot of room. Below is some of the pics of the puppies I was looking at. What do you think??? Couldn’t you see me with one of these???

Snuggle Bug: Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie, Dog; Mechanicsburg, PA – This one is Snuggle Bug.
Tiny Heinie: Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie, Dog; Mechanicsburg, PA – This is Tiny Heinie. (Ironic since my “heinie” is anything but tiny. Haha!! Do you think it’s a sign???)
Smoochie Poochie: Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie, Dog; Mechanicsburg, PA – This is Smoochie Poochie.
I have never had a pet, but I imagine I can handle it since I’m an awesome aunt to my nieces and nephew. Plus I have baby-sat for kids of all ages and I assume that a puppy is similar except I’m not getting paid to watch it and I am solely responsible for it. But, seriously….if I can’t handle a puppy at 25, how the hell am I ever going to have a kid??? Anyways, I wanted everyone to take a look at some possible candidates and get your feedback. What do you think?
On to other “pressing” matters…..a lot of you enjoyed my random notes/thoughts/quotes last week so I thought I would give you a dose of a few more. I will give credit where credit is due though bc some of these are not things that I have come up with on my own.
Life Lessons… Things to Remember….Facts of Life….Random Toughts
– “Any guy with more hair products than you is never gonna be a winner in my opinion.” – Maureen Farrell (I love this girl like she is a little sister. She always cracks me up!!!)
– Don’t add ppl as “friends” on Facebook if you don’t know them. It’s super creepy!
– I hate when ppl purposely don’t match and then call it being “trendy”. I call it being color blind.
– Please don’t post a half-naked pic for Facebook or Twitter. It makes me feel like I’m looking at porn and need to do a virus sweep on my computer, not to mention flush my eyes out with water for a good 5-10 minutes.
– I think Chipotle needs to come up with a membership club. I’d reach diamond level in a week.
– I need to stop stealing music. I’m sick of hearing random ppl talking over the song trying to advertise their website.
– Per Clinton on “What Not to Wear”, the max age to wear a mini-skirt is 35. Do you hear that cougars of Tysons and DC? STOP THE MADNESS!!!
– Why isn’t there a “Real Housewives of the Middle Class”??? The main plot lines would be receiving the electricity bill, making costumes for your kids school plays, going to PTA meetings, trying to schedule time for sex with your spouse, you know….all the stuff that typical ppl do. Plus, most of these women on the Real Housewives shows don’t do anything. What kind of a “real” housewife is that?!
– “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” – Supermodel Kate Moss (Apparently Miss Moss has never had Cheetos!)
– Life is going to kick you in the ass sometimes. So bend over and just get it over with.
– Just because my boobs are big does not mean it is okay to ask to touch them, ask what size they are, or if you can see them.
– Always be mindful of co-workers sense of smell when you bring in your lunch. Yeah, we all know who “that person” is in the office.
– Girls think guys are dumb. Guys think girls are dumb. I think almost everyone is dumb, so I guess you could say I’m neutral on this debate.
– If you have shitty teeth, please don’t smile at me to be courteous. I’m actually offended that you are exposing me to that kind of visual torture.
Alright….it’s time for lunch! I hope you all have an awesome day!!
xoxo, gina

October 26, 2010

I don’t have a name for this….I’m too lazy

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Well howdy neighbor! No, I’m not in a country-western mood, I was just bored of using the same greeting, so I thought I would try this one out for a bit. How are ya doing? How was your weekend? Good I hope. 🙂 Mine was pretty awesome.

Saturday was our kickball play-offs and we lost in the first round. 😦 BOO!!!! But it def didn’t help that we had the minimum number of guys needed to play (4) while the other team had at least 7 or 8. So I am going on the record and say that our lack of guys was probably the reason we lost. We have played this team before and beat them 10-5, so that says something. Don’t you worry, I bounced back from that loss pretty quick. How so? By heading to the bar of course!!! What did you think I was going to say?? 🙂

We had our end of season kickball party and for obvious reasons it was a costume party. I did the whole 80’s thing and pretty much rocked everyone’s face off with my sweet ensemble. Okay, well that’s what I would like to think. Earlier in the week ppl were asking me what I was going to dress up as and I kept saying an 80’s girl, but that if I didn’t look like one I was just going to call myself “Hot Mess”. I think that’s a pretty fair assessment considering….But anyways, the party was pretty fun! We (me, joe, shana, isaac, jordan, dan, and tiff) started out pre-partying at my place and I was an amazing hostess!! By “amazing” I mean that I made a frozen pizza, had chips, candy, and made some lethal jell-o shots for my guest to devour before the party. By the time we made it to Finnegan’s we were all feeling pretty lovely….esp Dan and Tiff bc they pre-partied at their place before coming over to mine. They are all-stars in my book! BTW – Finnegan’s sprinkler system went awry or something like that, so the fire dept had to come and we all had to clear out. Of course I made some new friends outside while I waited and then we all decided that we were sick of waiting and headed to Carpool.

FXA is another co-ed recreational league in the area and they were having their end of season costume party at Carpool so we all fit right in!! All in all, the night was pretty stellar. Did I mention that we won the “Bar Award” yet again??? I mean, it’s not that hard for us when you have vets like me and Joe on the team. Plus everyone new this year was down for a good time so it’s hard to imagine the award going to another team.

Hmm….what else?? Oh! I did get another Halloween costume for some parties this weekend. I have decided to go as a Roman Empress. The costume is pretty legit except half of it is white so you can totally see my undies through it!! I briefly thought that maybe I could just go commando, but that just seemed gross, so I found some white spanx biker short things to wear to make it a little less obvious. I could give two shits if you can see those. Go ahead boys and girls, look all you want.

Here is a pic of the costume. Of course I have much bigger boobs than this chick, but that’s nothing new. 🙂 hahaha http://www.partycity.com/product/adult+roman+empress+costume.do?sortby=ourPicks&pp=20&size=all&carouselLink=true

But….I was thinking of going back to Party City and exchanging for this one instead. What are your thoughts? http://www.partycity.com/product/adult+greek+goddess+costume.do?sortby=ourPicks&pp=20&size=all

So yes, I have some parties lined up this weekend, but I’ll have to see how I am feeling, a.k.a. — Can my liver handle it? 😦 Which reminds me, I am taking a drinking hiatus in November. The only exception to that is a Caps game on the 11th and Thanksgiving. I know a lot of you think that I am just this huge lush that parties all the time, but I’m not. Believe me, my life would prob be a lot more interesting if I was. However, after my break in November, I plan to come back recharged and ready to start my “Drinking Society”. Yes, that’s right! I am starting a “Drinking Society”. Some of you may be confused right now with that idea and thinking it already exists in the form of A.A. But it’s not the same, they are actually the opposite. A.A. is for ppl that want to quit drinking. My “Drinking Society” is going to be a select group of ppl that each week meets up for drinks at a new bar, restaurant, club, etc. Think of it like a dinner club, but without dinner. 🙂 I know…I know…you don’t need to tell me…I’m pretty much a genius.

BTW – Did I mention that my blog got 67 hits in one day??? That’s craziness. I guess you all enjoyed my random quips about life and life lessons. I know that my boy Das enjoyed them bc he posted them as his Facebook status’. HOLLA!! Take that Bill Rooney!! I told you I’m funny!! haha

Alright….well I am off to go eat lunch. Hope you all have a great day! Tomorrow will prob be a short blog like last week with just some quick thoughts. 🙂

Bye mom!

October 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

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Here are some things I’ve come to realize based on my own personal experiences or from others’:

 – Shot roulette is never a good idea.

– Chipotle should be its own food group.

– Joan Rivers is correct: Just because it zips, doesn’t mean it fits.

– If you aren’t friends with someone, don’t let them stay at your house….they may try to tickle you in your sleep.

– Quality time with family and friends is the best way to keep yourself grounded.

– Do not drink more than 5 drinks if you are under 5’2”…heck, even if you’re under 5’6”.

– No matter what you think, you do not magically become a grammy-award winning singer after 1 a.m.

– 98 Degrees was one of the most under-rated bands in the 90’s. Fact.

– Don’t allow negative ppl in your life, mostly because you will just want to slap them.

– Everyone on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. is at some level a stalker. Don’t deny it, own it.

– Trash-talking your boss will not help you get promoted. I know that seems pretty obvious, but some ppl would surprise you.

– Shuffleboard is the greatest game ever.

– I definitely need to be on the Amazing Race. Who wants to be my partner??

– You are always going to miss things that you left, but that doesn’t mean you made the wrong decision.

– Be thankful for what you have, and also for what you don’t.

– If a person likes you, they will find time to spend with you. Except for me. I really am that busy.

– If you are going to be “edgy” (*ahem* sarcasm) when you get a tattoo, make sure you do your research and understand what those symbols on your arm mean. You don’t want to think it says “Life. Love. Happiness,” and later find out it means “Kitchen. Beach. Horse.” <— That would be really funny though!! 🙂

– Don’t take pics of your boobs, butt, or “area” with my camera. A) I don’t want to see that. B) I don’t want to guess whose body it is that I am seeing. C) I will post it for the world to see if you piss me off.

– Everyone needs a break from their life. So go be a tourist in your own town, check out a concert or comedy club, spend a whole day without the use of a cell phone, tv, or computer. It will refresh you and help you re-evaluate your priorities.

– Laughter is always the best medicine.

– Hoops & Yoyo are the best cards to give/receive.

– Contrary to popular belief, writing depressing status updates on your Facebook/Twitter will not make people feel bad for you. It will eventually creep them out and make them want to de-friend you, if they haven’t already.

– I am awesome. That’s not really a new thought or revelation, just a friendly reminder. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!!