March 18, 2010

just a bunch of randomness

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Okay, I’m going to preface this next statement by saying that I’m not a dirty person — meaning I dont have weeks old food scattered around my apartment, I take out my trash, and I’m a pretty clean person. But for the past two days I’ve seen this bug on my living room ceiling. I know what you’re thinking…Why don’t you just smoosh it?….Well, let me remind you that I’m only 5’1″ and my ceilings are like 12 ft. probably….so even on a chair I dont have a chance. Every time I sit on my couch I look up to see the bug and am just trying to calculate when it is going to fall down in my hair, on my lap, in my shirt, etc. It’s seriously giving me anxiety and I’m about to call up one of my tall friends to kill it for me. I know that seems pathetic, but what the hell else am I supposed to do?! Whatever…judge me…I dont care.

Well I’m sure you’re wondering what fabulous things I’ve been up to since I last wrote. Well, I made a few new friends from work – yay! But I dont know how good of friends they are. For example, Bill (a new friend) told me that I should come out for HH with him, another guy he works with and this chick that they are trying to get a job. Well I was already at a HH with some people from Fannie so I said I would stop by afterward.  I had probably 2-3 fairly strong drinks and decided that I would go meet up with Bill. He tells me where they are, meets me outside the place, and then walks me in to where they are SITTING FOR DINNER!! Now typically this wouldn’t be a problem, but I was DRUNK and I had no idea who this random chick was that he made me sit next to. Lord knows I hardly have a filter when I’m sober, so you can only imagine the nonsense that I was drunkingly spouting while they ordered dinner. I could have killed him!! He thought it was really funny though. Apparently they were previously at HH and when they found out this chick was hungry they thought they should go get dinner. Thanks for leaving that part out Bill!!! Oh! And did I mention he peer pressured me in to eating my first clam?! It was disgusting! I chewed that thing for what seemed like an hour. Bill told me that if I ate the clam I was automatically part of his “crew”. Now listen, I’m usually a very social person, but I’m hard-pressed for normal friends in this metropolitan of crazies, so I’ll do almost anything to gain more normal friends. So now you know what I mean by saying I dont know how great of a friend Bill is. The jury is still out.

I was talking to Jess yesterday on my way to St. Patty’s festivities and she told me that she was having pretty strong contractions. I told her that I could come over if she needed me since Greg was at class and she was home alone with Mali and Lola. She told me that she was fine, but would call me if she needed me. I proceeded to tell her she had about a 1 hr. window until I would be too drunk to drive. Yeah, I’m glad she didn’t need me after all because that 1 hr. window became about 15 minutes after I started drinking my long island tea. 🙂 whoops! Paging Dr. Gina!!

Fannie Mae got this new people finder tool so you can look up people and see their badge photo. Well the word “sexy” sure doesn’t come to your mind when you see my chunky ass on there. Ugh…there is like a layer of chub around my face….hellooooo hottie! Thank goodness I dont look like that anymore, but it’s still humiliating that other people can look me up and think I look like that because they have never met me. One good thing is that they put an announcement on the site saying you can re-do your pic if it doesn’t look like the “true you”. It’s kind of ironic because a few months back I lost my badge and had to get a new one. The badging guy told me I needed to re-do my pic because I looked so different from when I started. I proceeded to tell him that I needed to lose another 20 lbs. to hit my goal weight before I was willing to re-take my pic. Screw those 20 lbs, I’m re-doing that thing tomorrow!! I probably spent a good 30 minutes looking up all my managers to see what they looked like. Nope – No one was hot. Bummer! I can’t say that I expected one of my Fannie managers to be a secret hottie, but a girl can dream. They were all old men or very nerdy. Lauren and I were looking up one manager and she blurts out “See! I told you he was going to look like a child molester!” hahahahaha!!! To be honest, I dont think that this one particular manager looked like a child molester…nerdy? yes, but not a molester….I think that Lauren just has “mommy brain” and is looking for characteristics that may help her identify potential predators. Can’t blame her for being protective of her little baby….which should be coming in less than 2 months!! YAY!!

Update – The bug is still on the ceiling. Whew…I’m still safe! Okay, moving on….

Pretty pumped that I’m doing girls night tomorrow! Hello dance floor, how I’ve missed you so. 🙂 Plus, I’m so sick of stupid boys. Ugh… minute they are making you happy, and the next minute you want to hit them upside the head with your purse. Now I remember why I love David Cook so much. We have a kind of tricky relationship…but it works…for now… 🙂 So anywho, I’m pretty pumped to get out and dance tomorrow. The only problem is I kind of dance like a slutbag…did i just make that term up? If so, bravo to me!! Okay, back to dancing like a slutbag. Now some might say “work it out girl!”…(thanks mom for always being proud of me!) and let me have a good time, but you always get those creepers that think me shaking my ass is an invitation to come up and try to throw their body on me. Not so. I’m not one of those girls that dances for attention or dances to look a certain way. I have fun when I dance and I dont care if I’m doing it at a club or at home in my living room. Yes, yes, I dance in my living room all the time — remember the snow storm? What do you think I did to entertain myself?…..Anyways, back to dancing and what-not. I hate that I can’t just dance and have fun without someone touching me. I always have to tell people I’m not a whore and that I just like to dance like one. But do you really think that people believe that?! I mean, what kind of whore do you know that admits they are a whore. Probably very few…but kudos to those out there that own up to it. So I’m going to try to keep it low-key tomorrow, but whether or not I folllow though with that depends entirely on how many vodka cranberries I guzzle down. 🙂 haha…j/k mom…I promise I wont do anything that Jessie wouldn’t do….I dont know how much value that holds though considering she got preggers with baby Enzo in the back of a van in the woods in MN…hahahahahahaha!!! too funny 🙂 god i love my family!

Speaking of family…just want to reiterate the fact that my friend Mickey’s family is way too sweet. His aunt Robin is the sweetest woman ever. I just got invited up to a family gathering over Father’s Day Weekend. I don’t have any plans so who knows, I might just head up. Did I also mention that she is actively scouting for suitors for me? What a doll! 🙂 Keep up the good work Robin! haha….believe me…anything is better than the random guy I gave my number to because I was feeling adventurous. Found out a few weeks later that he is 26 with an 11 yr. old…the mom pretty much left the kid and can’t be found….he also has his mom, brother, and 2 other people living with him in this huge house….he just got his phone turned back on after not paying the bill…oh! and he finally can drive legally again because the DUI has finally cleared….man! i sure know how to pick ’em!! i need to watch more millionaire matchmaker on bravo and learn from that lady patti…she knows what she is talking about! and btw – they dont need to be a millionaire by any means, just need to be able to pay for their cell phone bill and maybe buy me a drink or two 🙂

Alright, I feel like this blog is sufficient enough. Sidenote: Checked again, the bug is still there. It may have moved but it’s hard to tell. Okay, I’m out.

Love you mom!

– gina 🙂