February 8, 2010

Evacuate the dancefloor

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Well hello there! It has been far too long since I’ve last written a blog. So what have I been up to lately? Well lots of things! Okay, maybe not lots of FASCINATING things, but things nonetheless. So…I finally went to the doctor after feeling like complete balls for the past 6 months. And guess what?! I’m really not crazy! I do have an underactive thyroid and it’s the main reason for all my symptoms. So now they have me on some medication that should eventually get my hormones and thyroid back on balance.

I’ve had a very very busy few months at Fannie and I’m hoping that the amount of work starts to level out. I think that we are getting some temp./possibly full-time help this week and that should make things a little better. I find myself going out to lots more happy hours that I need to and that probably doesn’t help my running very much. But, the long island teas sure help to alleviate some of the stress. 🙂 I met our new Regional Executive Director last week and it was awesome. I love meeting people in my company that are excited about my potential and looking at me to move for other positions. We just won 4 new programs, but they haven’t announced them yet because they are just signing the contracts right now. However, Joe (exec. director) did mention Providence, Boston, and I think Toronto. I don’t know where the other program will be located. I told him that I wasn’t going to move for something that was more-0r-less lateral. I am ready for a change in my life though and I think that this could possibly do the trick. I guess we’ll see.

I thought after moving from MN to VA I wouldn’t have to worry about all the snow again. GUESS NOT! We got over 2 ft. (almost 3!) of snow this past weekend, after having approx. 16 inches back in December. I heard that we’re supposed to get more snow on Tuesday/Wednesday so I’m not looking forward to that. Now I’m sure you’d think that since I’m from MN I have a shovel and survival kit ready to go in any situation….umm…no! So I get out there on Saturday afternoon to try to make a little path to my car with my car scraper that had a brush on the end of it. I probably looked like a total freak in my work-out pants, disshelved hair, and a car scraper. I look around to see everyone else with buckets and massive shovels — and then there is me the one girl that should be the most prepared, with a car scraper in 2-3 ft. of snow. Thankfully my neighbor Kevin came over with a shovel in one hand for himself and one for me. He also noted that the only time he ever sees me is when he is helping shovel me out – haha!

Oh! Did I mention that I set off my fire alarms again?! Ugh…I was making a pizza and I don’t have a pizza pan so I put it on the rack. I think when I set it on the rack some of the cheese trickled off and on to the bottom of the oven. I go check on the pizza, turn it a little so it gets cooked equally, and close the oven door. I check it a few minutes later and literally say “oh shit!” as I see a little bit of smoke from that little bit of cheese. I quick shut the door and get my oven mit ready to grab it out quick — UH-OH!! TOO LATE!! The damn fire alarm starts going off. Don’t worry, I have the process down pat this time from the last time I set them off. I quick open a window and the door to my patio. Run and grab a chair from my dining room table, find the mop, and get up and start hitting the fire alarm. Unfortunately this only makes it go louder and quicker…then I hear another one going off in my bedroom so I run there with a chair and mop in hand and try my luck on that one. VOILA! Apparently there is a “main” fire alarm that once you shut that one off they all shut up. I was pretty proud of myself. 🙂 I think I learned two things from this: 1) I should clean the cheese at the bottom of the oven so this doesn’t happen every time I cook something in the oven, and 2) I need to invest in a small 3-step ladder so I can reach things like my fire alarms — you know, just in case it happens again! 🙂

Fannie Mae was closed again today because of the bad roads so I am at home watching tv marathons on Bravo and SoapNet. Today is my relaxing day. The other 3 days have consisted of my drinking bottles upon bottles of wine, booty grinding in my living room, singing karaoke-style, drunk texting/IM’ing, and other shenanigans that I could get into in the courtesy of my own home.  Now some may find that behavior ridiculous, but I think those people (JESSIE) are just jealous that they didn’t download the new Cascada song “Evacuate the Dancefloor” and rock it out in a pair of VS undies, Hanes socks and an old cheerleading t-shirt. Finally yesterday I was able to leave the house and go get some lunch and watch the game. Steph and I went to Uno’s for lunch because they have a pretty good gluten-free menu. I also went to check out this guy that I had met about a week or so ago when I was there for my friend Will’s bday. When I say that I’m a “walking cliche”, I really mean it. Let me give you the story…

We’ve been having snow like crazy so I got a text last Saturday saying that Will’s bday celebration was off. Then I get a call a few hours saying that we’re going out after all. I had already had some soup so I said I would just have drinks and meet up with everyone. I’m the last one to show up and they’ve already order..whatever..I’m good. In true “gina style” I start divulging in the latest shows I’ve watched, my drive to get to Reston’s, etc. etc. I didn’t realize that the waiter was standing next to me, smiling, patiently waiting for me to shut the hell up so he could ask what I would like. I get all flustered so I ask if I can have a few minutes. I still haven’t decided when he returns so I order my usual vodka cranberry. He continues to come back every so often to check on everyone and I’m oblivious to the fact that he keeps talking to me. You know me – I can talk to anyone. I start joking around with him about my competitive nature and that I’m like that even when it comes to drinking, etc. I get my bill separate from the group’s since I didn’t have much and on there is a note that says “We should get together and drink some time” with a little smiley face. Would I typically say anything, NO!, but I had liquid courage so I left my name and number. I didn’t realize at that point that we weren’t leaving the place — just  moving to the bar side instead. UGH!! TOTAL EMBARASSMENT!! So I saw him the entire rest of the night, but it’s okay because I was drinking enough to let the awkwardness sub-side…plus, he was totally lingering around and enjoying it. 3 days later (imagine that, a guy waiting 3 days – that’s nothing new) I get a text from him and we’ve been texting back and forth. He seems like a nice enough guy and is that typical “guy’s guy” with the scruff and what-not. So even if I don’t feel like dating him I’d be cool with hanging out with him.

I’ve realized that every guy (not friend) I’ve had in my life is always this weird story and I can’t seem to catch a break with someone normal and good for me. Let’s see…there’s the official ex Jared (who still texts and e-mails me even when I don’t respond), my friend’s cousin that I really couldn’t see myself with, the guy that works at the same place as me, the guy that was my friend’s husband’s friend, and most recently the waiter. I think I’m going to go back to my “I will only date David Cook”-days. At least then I didn’t have to worry about random texts, e-mails, calls, awkward encounters, etc. And when I used the David Cook-line I didn’t have anyone pressuring me to go after a guy or act a certain way to lure the men. Heck, maybe a possible move to a new place will help. 🙂

I’m pretty excited that kickball is starting back up and we are going to get the Fannie Kickers reunited! We are coming back with a vengeance to reclaim the bar award and win some games! We have quite a few new guys that I work with that I think would be pretty good. Plus I feel like it builds more of a team environment at work too. I think a little booty-grinding and liquor shots sure do the trick when it comes to building a good working relationship. Call me crazy, but I’ve seen it work in the past. I’m living proof! I get along with people a lot better when I see them out having a good time. I told Joe that I’m making myself co-captain. He can manage the team on the field and I’ll manage them at the bar. I think that this is a good match of our leadership styles. 🙂 These poor newbies have no idea what they are in for. All they see me as is this “work horse” that yells at vendors when they screw up. They sure are in for a rude awakening. AND…I’m super excited to see my old kickball buddies!! I’m just hoping I can round up the old teammates and lock them in. Some of them live closer to D.C. and it’s not the most desirable commute to Herndon from D.C. on a Thursday. But, I have a proposition that if they do the Herndon league, I’ll do one in D.C. Plus I feel like that’ll help me meet more people. And I love meeting new people – YAY!

Ryan (Bahr) was in D.C. this past few weeks and we were able to grab dinner and go to a Wizards game. It was actually kind of funny because I had free tickets and sold the other two to some people on the street. We were able to get some extra drinks and pocket the rest. Gotta hand it to Ryan, he hustled this guy to buy the tickets and that guy wasn’t able to sell them because no one sat next to us the entire game. It was kind of funny too since we are such hockey fans and neither of us really get into basketball. But, by the third quarter, we were actually getting pretty excited because the Wizards were ahead of the Celtics for some of it. Unfortunately they lost, but we had already left to go search for the parking garage that I parked at. Yes, I couldn’t remember where I parked becuase I got lost in the traffic and just picked the closest garage I could find. 🙂 It was so good to see Ryan and hang out with a MN guy. Very different than the east coast guys I know.

Oh – Like I said..we are expecting more snow so I went to fill up on more supplies. When I say “supplies” I mean more Mike’s Hard Lemonade. So as I’m leaving the bar for the Super Bowl I start driving by every grocery store only to see it’s closed. I actually started to get a little panicky. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a lush – but I do love some lemonade. Thankfully Shoppers was open and I was able to find a 6 pack of the cranberry lemonade. However, one problem. I can’t reach them because they are on the back shelf. I try to reach by standing on another shelf, but these little stumpy arms just couldn’t reach. So I had to go ask for help. Ugh…and the only person working that could possily reach is this one guy that is always working there that totally creeps me out. He always stares at me when I’m in the store and gives me looks – ick. But desperate times call for desperate measures. If I didn’t need the lemonade so bad I would have just left, but this is a matter of mental survival for me! So I go up and gave him this sweet smile and ask if he’ll help me reach something on a shelf. OMG! When he opened his mouth and smiled back at me I almost threw up. Cam we say CAVEMAN?! It’s like his teeth were lined in black and hadn’t been brushed in years. It looked like a coloring book that some kid colored with black crayon in-between each tooth. Not to mention that he is this white dude with thick black dreads and stumpy…ugh…it was just icky. But whatever…I needed the Mike’s so I was willing to deal with his ickiness. Like Jess always says, if it came to you so easily, you don’t always appreciate it. I think this is one of those cases. Because I had to hold my breath and was almost blinded by poor dental hygiene, I enjoyed those lemonades soooo much more.

I’m going to be back in MN a little bit at the end of April/early May and then hopefully again in July for the 4th. I’m really looking forward to some time with family and friends and just relaxing and removing myself from the chaos. I’m just counting down the days. Alright, I need to go work out and do something with my life today. I’ll talk to you later mom. 🙂

xoxo – gina