October 19, 2009

It’s been too long…

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Okay – I think it’s been long enough since I last wrote a blog. I’m sorry mom, but I’m not going to re-tell the crazy days and nights that I’ve been having…oh wait, that’s because I’m lame and don’t have a life. Yeah..Pretty much the most exciting thing that happens is me catching up on my DVR and practicing double pirouettes in my living room to music from Glee. Yes, you have the right to be jealous that my life pretty much ROCKS right now. But what can I say, I’ve been working tons and have been trying to avoid the booze.

So let me think of some funny things to tell you about my life lately. Oh, well the security guards at Fannie have been asking my friend Lucas how my “husband” (I assume they are referring to Jared) is doing since they haven’t seen him drop me off lately. Thankfully Lucas didn’t correct them and tell them that I’m single. They also have been telling him that I’m looking good. Now granted if we had some hunky, young, security guards I would probably be ecstatic – but no, they are these large ex-military men that don’t speak English well and are pretty creepy. Oh! And the other day some kid honked his horn at me so I looked over to figure out what he was honking for and he gave me the “nod”. You know what I’m talking about the “How you doing?-nod”…I honestly started laughing because I’m pretty sure that kid had no idea that I could have BABY-SAT him just a few years ago!! So the only people that are hitting on me are either old and creepy or young and jailbait. Slim pickings mom…I hope you aren’t expecting me to get hitched any time soon.

Tonight me and Jess had this long discussion about how I’m not really trying to meet guys, even if I think I am. But honestly, where am I supposed to meet normal guys? Definitely not at work. At Fannie the guys I work with are like my brothers. At J. Crew everyone likes guys – if you know what I mean. 🙂 Anytime I get a cute guy to ring up, up walks his gf or wife, or even worse his MOM! Then I feel like a total perv. Again, don’t expect me to get hitched anytime soon.

So I’ve been feeling really sick lately. I don’t know if I just have a flu bug or what is going on with me. Jess is pretty convinced since she is preggers and another friend of mine is also preggers, I’m having couvade – sympathy pregnancy. I guess it makes sense though, my body is always really in tune with other women and I usually mimic them. I’ve been feeling really sick in the morning, the idea of certain foods makes me super sick, I don’t have any appetite around lunch, I have insomnia, and I’m really tired. Damn pregnant women!! At least they get the sex to get preggers, and the baby after all of it. What do I get?! NOTHING!! I get sick and feel like I’m going insane because I’m NOT PREGNANT, but my body is screwed up and wants to think it is. Damn you body!!

P.S. That JibJab thing is freaking hilarious, right?!?!?! I bet you were prepared after I told you that you would honestly have to go to the bathroom before watching. I’ll put the link at the end of this post so that you can reference back to it whenever you want a good laugh. Ahhh!!! My lover David Cook is SOOO funnY!! Annie tried to create one too, but to be honest it looked like shit. She obviously did not take as much time and effort as I did to make sure the mouths moved/opened correctly and that the heads fit the bodies. Oh well, we all know I’m a much better artist than Annie. 🙂 haha…j/k….Here is the link in case you can’t find it: http://sendables.jibjab.com/view/cTRUxmq5GB0VLxW7

Oh – I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but we have this new guy Ian at J. Crew. The ladies were pretty pumped since he’s straight – don’t worry, I confirmed it. You know me, I have no shame when it comes to men. J/K…So anywho, Ian is pretty much the shit. He reminds me a lot of MN boys and you would find him pretty funny. He makes me bust up pretty hard at work. The other day I was checking out Facebook and you know how you always get all that juicy gossip on your mini-feed, like how someone broke up or new pics are up, etc. etc.? Well I saw that Ian was a fan of anteaters. hahaha!! How freaking random is that?! People are always fans of stupid stuff like “cuddling”, “camping”, “chocolate”, but anteaters was definitely a new one. Ian is pretty random, but that’s what I love. He says the most off-the-wall things and I appreciate having someone like that at work – it helps break up the long days.

How freaking awesome is it that the Vikings are 6-0!! Way to go boys!! AAAHHH I LOVE FOOTBALL! I will say that today’s game against the Ravens was pretty lucky for that kicker to miss, but I will take the win happily. 🙂 I keep telling the guys at work that I’m going to follow the Vikings the whole season and I have so far. Too bad CBS blows and aired the shitty Redskins today instead of the Ravens game. And guess what? That’s right, the Redskins lost, AGAIN. What a waste of air time. I kind of feel sorry for them, but I’m still selfish and would much rather see the Vikings play a game than watch the Redskins. Oh well…I guess that’s the price I pay for where I live.

Funny kid story: Last Saturday I was watching Mali and Lola for a little bit until Mary could pick them up, since Jess and Greg were going out of town. It’s so funny since Lola is being potty-trained right now and was running around in a dress with no underwear on, so I kept asking if she had to go to the bathroom. She kept saying “no” so I asked if she wanted to go help me put on my make-up and do my hair because I had to work at J. Crew later that afternoon. So we’re upstairs and Lola decides she now has to go to the bathroom. So I put her on Jess’ toilet and continue to do my make-up. I asked her if she was done after she finished #1 and she says she’s not so I know she must be going #2. Suddenly she’s like “Gina! It’s working!” I look at her reflection in the mirror to see her staring into the toilet (still sitting on it) with amazement at her accomplishment. It was pretty funny that she kept saying “It’s working!” I don’t know what she thought was going to happen, but apparently seeing #2 was fascinating.

Alrighty – Well I need to head to bed. I’m exhausted and I need to try to go get some sleep tonight. Sorry it’s not as funny as usual, but I’ll get back into the swing of things. 🙂 Love you mom!

xoxo – gina