September 2, 2009

pink spider

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Yes, that’s right, there was a pink spider in my car yesterday afternoon. Now I’m a big fan of the color pink, but I am NOT a fan of having a pink spider running/jumping around in my car. Let me set the scene for you. So I’m driving on my way back from my house during lunch and I see this thing out of the corner of my eye moving along my dashboard. Keep in mind I’m one of those people that gets on my hands and knees to stare at a piece of fuzz on my living room carpet to make sure it’s not a bug. So I quickly dart my eyes and see this pink/white spider running/jumping around my dashboard. Instantly my mind goes to the vacuum. I never kill bugs with my hands or other objects if possible, I try to suck them up with a long vacuum extension – you know, in case I get too close and they crawl up my leg or something. So anywho, here I am frantically trying to figure out if I have a vacuum nearby until my dumb head remembers that I’m driving and of course I don’t have a vacuum in my car!! So I desperately scan for my car for something I can squish it with, and wouldn’t you know that my car is the one thing I keep somewhat clean so I can’t find anything. Then it goes running down into the front of the dashboard somewhere into my car.

Okay – So I call Jess after I see that the spider is gone. I’m talking to her about my traumatic experience and all of a sudden I start screaming bloody murder into her ears!! IT’S BACK!!!!! It’s kind of half on it’s side and coming up from where it was hiding. AAAAAAHHHH!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!! I could not stop screaming. It was running around on it’s side so all I could see were these legs running back and forth along the front of my dashboard. All the while Jessie is cracking up and telling me to pull the car over and kill the spider. But I can’t because there is no where to pull over. AAAAHHH!!! Sidenote: I wonder if this is why my throat hurts this morning? ……Then it goes back down and jumps back up!!! AAAAHH!! SPIDER!!!! IN…. MY… CAAAAAR!!!!

I’m so caught up in this spider that I barely am paying attention to the road.. I don’t even remember if I went through a light that was green or not at this point. I’m assuming it was green since I didn’t hit anyone, no one hit me, and I didn’t hear any horns going off.

Okay – So I finally make it to work without killing anyone, including  myself or the SPIDER (grrr!!). I’m still on the phone and I’m sittting intensely in my seat  just waiting for it to come crawling out. But guess what?…It doesn’t come out! So now I’m afraid of turning on the air in my car. I mean, what if I turn it on and the thing comes flying out of the vent at my face!!! It’s a terrifying thought – flying spiders hitting your face in your car! It doesn’t get much scarier than that…well at least not for me.

I know that you’ve probably wet yourself consecutively while reading this mom, but it’s really not all that funny. I’m honest to god scared of where that spider is lurking. And I’m not one of those crazy people that just hates bugs and freaks out when I see them. I’m cool with them when I am outside, because that is their home. However, I have a MAJOR problem when I find them inside my home, or in my vehicle.

Well I’m off to lunch now and I have a lot of anxiety. I seriously can’t let this go. What if I get in my car and it falls in my hair like Jessie with the ants in her work??…Ugh…Jessie told me yesterday that I need to have my own reality show so that she could have seen a video of what was happening. I’m sure it would be quite amusing for most people to watch…but I’m a little bias 🙂

Alright…time to go exterminate my car!!

xoxo – gina