August 31, 2009


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I am sooooo unmotivated today…as Jess would say I have a “wild hair up my ass”…and it happens once a month. I don’t know if that has anything to do with a being a lady or not, but it happens when my hormones get all whacky…however, I think my hormones are jacked up because I’ve been on and off different multi-vitamins and haven’t had 1 full day off in over a week, and probably won’t until next week when I go to MN

aaahh….Minnesota cannot come soon enough…I’m so happy to see my college friends…i haven’t seen them since last june for janell and adam’s wedding…so excited to see them and have a good time 🙂 there’s just something so refreshing about going home and being around old friends for a few days…i’m hoping it will refresh me and get me back on track and ready for whatever life throws my way….which apparently these days is LOTS and LOTS of work….i still find it funny that people at j. crew think i’m this big ball of happiness…i guess i stay in a pretty good mood while i’m there, but i’m not overly happy to the point of sickness….p.s. did i mention i am done with my invisalign in 3 weeks?!…okay, this is how lame i am…i took out my last tray a couple times the past few days and moved my finger over it to feel how straight the tray is and am now getting excited that my teeth will be straight…YAY!! if you thought i smiled a lot before, you just get ready!!…

oh and how exciting is it that jess is preggers again?! yay!! it would be fun if she had a little boy, but i’d love another little girl to dress up 🙂 i love babies!! i ESPECIALLY love the Baby Magic lotion!! aahH!! jess can totally relate….i could smell that stuff all day long… now the whole family is anticipating finding out the sex of the baby so we can start picking out names…do you like how i say “we” non-stop as if i’m part of the pregnancy too? 🙂 i am…but only for the fun stuff, like picking out names, shopping for baby clothes, kissing on the baby, eating for “cravings”…’s called sympathy pains…where your body starts to think it’s pregnant too and starts going through the symptoms…either that or i just want to have an excuse to eat tons of chocolate and chips…either or…

apparently i was rocking it on saturday at j. crew and opened like a ton of credit cards….i think it’s because i was wearing my “j. crew outfit”…i need to get a couple more outfits together so that i can keep rocking it out…and also because my wardrobe right now is lame…but it’s really hard for me to spend money on clothes if i’m not at my goal weight..ugh!! i just need to hit it already!! but i’m so tired lately that it’s making it really difficult for me to get up and run in the morning….maybe i’ll just cut back on the eating…hmmm….not likely…..i like food too much…:)

want to hear something disgusting?? well…you can’t really “hear” on a blog, but you want to read something gross? if you chose the answer “no”, please skip this paragraph….so the other day i was leaving to go to j. crew and when i turned the corner of the sidewalk all these flies came flying up and i looked down and yelled “Eeew!!” “Dead!!” “Gross!!”….there was this dead frog on the ground and they were all going crazy for it…SICK!! i know it’s a part of nature and all, but it was disgusting to see…i’m sure the people outside were laughing at the crazy white girl that was being stereotypical…but it made me feel sick for a good hour or so just remembering it

p.s. have you seen the previews for the movie “All About Steve”?…it’s that movie with Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper…he works for a news show i think and she is stalking him after they go out on a blind looks SUPER cute…i think i can relate to her because i can get really excited when i have a crush on a guy….ugh…too bad that hasn’t happened in a while…i like having crushes…they make me happy and feel excited when i get to talk to that certain someone..but like they always say, “it’ll happen when you least expect it”…i suppose it’ll probably happen on september 18th when i see dave 🙂 yay!!! he’s also coming to richmond in october and i’m trying to convince lauren to go with me…it would be fun and i’ve never been to richmond so that would be another good reason to go…i’ll guess we will see…:)

the other day i went to lunch with my friend kevin and he was laughing when i told him about the time when i got hit by the car in the bank parking lot…so it inspired me to put it as a closing on one of my next blogs…so here it is….this one time when i was like 12 or something, my mom asked me to go deposit these checks for her at the bank…so i go into the bank, deposit the checks, come back out and i’m about to walk to the car and i see this car approaching on my left…the woman slows down, i see her gesture a wave across for me to walk and so i start to go…after i’m halfway across the width of her car she takes her foot off the brake or something and freaking hits me with her car!!!!! and she was actually going kind of fast because she hit my hip hard enough to splatter my body on to her hood/windshield…and i was just like “WHAT THE F*CK JUST HAPPENED?!”….so i’m laying her for a couple seconds or so and i try my best to “casually” roll off the car…if that is even possible ….meanwhile, the woman didn’t even get out of the car!! she kind of yells out her window “oh my god! are you okay?”…and i just look at her trying not to cry out of pain and embarrassment and say something like “yeah, i’m fine”…as i try to play it cool and continue walking to my mom’s car…my mom is facing the street and has her back to the entire thing so when i get in the car and start to cry she is like “what is wrong with you??” and i freak out and yell how i just got hit by a car in the parking lot!! it’s kind of a funny story when you hear it re-told, because how many people do you know that have gotten hit by a car in a bank parking lot?! not many i’m sure….so that’s my story about getting hit by a car….exciting i know…

i’m trying to rack my brain about other funny things that i can write, but since i still dont really know who reads this, i dont want to write anything incriminating….not that i probably haven’t already, but i am going to try not to continue it…we’ll see how that goes…

ooh!! exciting stuff…hockey season is coming up!! C-A-P-S! CAPS! CAPS! CAPS!….i heart my boys mike green, brooks laich, ovechkin and niklas backstrom….yum! well at least mike and brooks 🙂 the last game i went to i went with jess, greg and my friend joe…and this fight broke out and there was so much blood they had to get a shovel out! can you believe that?! sick but it was so awesome to watch!! plus we had GREAT seats so you could literally smell the sweat of the players….aaaahhh….hockey players!!! yay!! i also think i enjoy hockey because it’s such a big sport in MN and it’s one of the few sports i somewhat understand…so i’m hoping to get to a lot of games this year…who knows…maybe i’ll meet my future hubby there…he might be the zamboni driver!…you never know 😉

alright…it’s getting late and i need to head to bed…i’m going to attempt to run tomorrow, even if i’m still feeling sick….say a prayer for me :)….i’ll try calling you sometime this week mom…love you!!

xoxo, gina


August 24, 2009

does having a title really matter?

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well it’s a wonderful monday night and i’ve made it through another wonderful day of work…monday’s aren’t that big of a deal for me, but i never get into the “swing of things” until wednesday, and  by then i only have 2 days left to get everything done for the entire week….i haven’t been fired yet (*knock on wood*) so apparently i’m doing something right….i think?

as you know, i’m really into playing board games…and typically i spend my weekends over at jess and greg’s trying to beat them…so on saturday i agreed to learn a new game, “magic: the gathering”….now you can imagine just how dorky/geeky the game is based on the name, but it gets even better…this game consists of casting spells, using creatures to attack one another, counter-spells, tapping into resources….so freaking geeky! i couldn’t help but bust out every time jess and greg talked about their flying creatures, killing each other’s lives….i felt like the ultimate loser, but it was still kind of fun….i even told jess and greg that i was going to blog about it and they told me if i told anyone that i played “magic: the gathering” people would tease me…which is true….because today i told my little bro lucas and danny that i played this game and they both started laughing at me…whatever, at least i’m not the one that owns it…ahem** – greg

so i’m looking forward to some cool stuff coming up in the next month or so…in like 2-3 weeks i am going to MN for my friend ryan’s wedding  which is great because i definitely need a little vacay from life here in NOVA…then me and jess have the david cook concert, a month from now i get my invisalign off (woohoo!) and then it’s jess’ bday!! FUN STUFF!!

ugh!! i dont know if i have new neighbors or what is going on, but i’m about ready to go up there and kick some ass! my next door neighbor and the one that lives above me always have screaming kids running around…now i’m fine with typical noise because i grew up in a townhouse and believe me, those walls are thin…but it drives me crazy when it’s the first thing i hear in the morning and the last thing i hear before bed…it’s hard to relax when kids are running around outside your door and then are upstairs and right next to you too….i think their parents are feeding them too much sugar…i think i need to pull a “jessie” and smack one of them with the chain on my purse…haha…not that jessie actually did that, but she had a dream that she did…so pretty much it’s something she has subconsciously thought about 🙂

the other day when i was working at j. crew my manager michelle was telling me how she took this great kickboxing class at L.A. Boxing and it sounded really cool…when i told her that i would love to try something like that she kind of looked at me funny and smiled and said something like kickboxing is for people who have a lot of anger and she can’t imagine me doing that for exercise and that i’m more of a runner, eliptical, etc. (apparently michelle has never had the pleasure of seeing me when i’m PMS’ing or when you get all the lucca girls in one house and the claws, literally, start coming out over stolen make-up, clothes, pretty much anything annie does…there is A LOT of anger inside of me during those moments )- i dont know what it is with people at j. crew, but apparently they ALL seem to think that i’m just this super-happy person that is never mad…i’d really love for them to see me at fannie…they would think i was bipolar or something…but i think that i just come across happier than other people because i dont work there as often…so the things that irritate most people don’t irk me as much because i’m not around it as often…and i LOVE LOVE LOVE when people get angry and spew…it makes me crack up! my boy paulo is NOTORIOUS for it…the fact that he gets so unbelievably disgusted with people makes me laugh so hard i have tears in my eyes….he always says the most awful things about customers, and i know i shouldn’t laugh but it’s so hard not to…i mean, you can’t even make the kind of stuff up that he says…lord knows what he says about me…but he knows i would kick his knees in if he was ever directly mean to me….

oh! update! i talked to “the intern” last week…i was inspired by my own blog – is that even possible?…well anywho, my little bro and i were having “tea time” last week and “the intern” came in so i said hi as he walked into the pantry and continued to introduce myself and lucas and we started to explain to him what we did (after asking him his name…it’s ken by the way)…now, my point was only to introduce ourselves and provide a brief overview of what we do in the CRC, but then this kid kept talking and talking (fyi – i know this probably sounds hypocritical coming from me) and it kind of got weird to me…but my little bro lucas befriends anyone and everyone so the two of them just kept talking and after what seemed like FOREVER (30 minutes or so) the kid walked out…now i feel kind of odd like i have to talk to him everytime i see him…i hope this doesn’t become some kind of routine…i like making friends and all, but i get uncomfortable when i feel forced

speaking of…remember how i said you can be friends with your ex-bf/ex-gf…well i still believe that, only i believe in being the kind of friends that talk once every 3-4 months, just to make sure the other one is still alive and not dead in a ditch with some coke…well i think i may have created a monster…after talking to jared on monday (see prior blog) he called me again on friday…i was working at j. crew when he called, but i called him back when i got done to see if he actually needed something…it was 11:30 p.m. EST, so i wasn’t too shocked to find out that he had started drinking for the night…it was fine and all until the storm out here got really bad and i had to hang up on him because i couldn’t drive and talk…so whatever, not a big deal…but then he called me again on sunday to “shoot the shit”, as he stated in his voicemail, and now i’m concerned that he is going to keep calling me…i mean, i really dont have much to talk to him about…i dont want to re-hash my day to him or talk to him too much about my life, because that’s not the kind of friendship i want with him…i’m sure he’s just excited to talk again and thinks of me as something familiar in his life…i have known him for over 5 years..but i dont want him thinking that since he is getting his life on track that maybe there is a chance at “us” again….because there is not…maybe i am just getting ahead of myself and he really just 100% wants to be platonic friends…but i dont know…i mean, have you see my ass lately??? it’s looking FABULOUS!! okay…probably not….actually not even close…my ass is still my ass…but i can dream 🙂 so i’ll keep you posted…on the ex-bf thing, not my ass…okay, maybe that too!

jess and i went to the grocery store on saturday to get my food for the week and i have to tell you that i was pretty pumped when i locked-down some grilled cheese for dinner this week – HALLELUJAH!…apparently there is such thing as gluten free bread…someone up there is watching out for me :)….so i get home today from work, all excited to have grilled cheese and i open up the bread to realize that a piece of this bread is probably half the size of a regular piece of best!…now, to be fair, jessie did warn me that the slices were small –  and i suppose i could have examine the bread a little more carefully as i put it in my cart, but i really didn’t think that “small” meant lola-size bread…honestly! i can’t believe that’s all i get! not saying that i NEED more, but shit…those two measely pieces of bread didn’t even fit a piece of cheese…i had to fold it in half to make it fit….oh well, i guess i should be happy that it’s something new…

so this is what irks me when i get up and go to the gym…my apartment complex doesn’t have an amazing gym, but it will do since it is free….but there are only two treadmills and the one on the right always has a screwed up tread…so this morning i get to the gym and there is some guy walking (SLOWLY!) on the left treadmill (a.k.a. the “good one”) and i’m stuck on the right treadmill…p.s. i have already notified the office that the right treadmill is busted….so i run for about a mile or so and i’m feeling good with my new ankle brace and all of a sudden the treadmill starts to jerk…ugh! i KNEW this would happen!! it’s like it’s a disc that you play that keeps skipping…it temporarily stops for a 1/2 second then tosses your body back into motion…is there such thing as getting motion sickness from a treadmill??…pretty sure i had that this morning…so i had to stop because it kept throwing my body forward so much so that i thought i was going to hit the damn “Start” button….so i get off and go to the eliptical which is sandwiched between the two treadmills…whatever…not a HUGE deal, but annyoing to say the least…all the while, the slow man is still walking on the “good treadmill”…so i do the eliptical for about 10 minutes or so and the guy on the “good treadmill” finishes and starts wiping down the machine…i’m already in a routine at this point on the eliptical, or else i would have gotten off and got on the other treadmill…but i really wanted to ask him if he knew the other treadmill was busted when you go fast…i’m sure he knows and purposely takes the good one, but it’s just rude!! if you’re going to walk slow, the right treadmill won’t make a difference since it doesn’t start jerking until you’re running a mile or two at a speed between 7 and 7.5…believe me, this man was probably topping off at a speed of 4…i guess i need to learn to get to the gym earlier to beat people like him…which means i should probably wrap up this blog and call it a night

so i dont have a fun memory off the top of my head, well at least none that are that appropriate, so i’ll leave you with this other food for thought…i LOVE playing BINGO…i’m not one of those crazy people that has the 10 different sheets out in front of them double-fisting some markers, but i am the kind of persont that will get 2 sheets and a medium point Bic pen and start crossing them off…so anyways, i was inspired this morning by my aunt connie’s facebook status declaring she won something like $1100 on a 25 cent bet at the casino…lucky bastard…j/k…love you! love you lots aunt connie! i can send you my address if you want to send me some $$…okay, anways, getting off track…so today i yell over to my boss paul “Don’t your kids go to Cathoolic school?”, and he replies that they do and then i yell later “Does that mean that they have BINGO as a fund-raiser??” – and YES! THEY DO!! so, being a good Catholic and just a good person overall, i think that it is my duty to go play BINGO at Paul’s kids’ school to help raise money…i mean, i’m doing it since it’s a good cause…not for the pure bliss that screaming “BINGO!” and beating bunch of 70-yr. old women gives me…that’s just an added bonus!! 🙂 so….if anyone wants to hit up BINGO with me, let me know!! we can double-up and buy tons of sheets and win some money…and i’m pretty sure there will be goodies for sale too…yum! games and chocolate…AND beating old ladies!! can life get any better??? i think not…

alright…it’s past my bedtime so i’m off to catch some zzz’s…ttyl! love you mom!

xoxo – gina

August 20, 2009

come out, come out, whoever you are :)

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so sometimes i check the stats on this thing, now that i know it has one…and i’m always surprised to see that people are randomly checking my blog…it makes me kind of happy to know that my incessant rambling is actually interesting/funny to someone else….but now i kind of wish that it showed who was looking and who wasn’t….i think it would be kind of cool only because i would try to cater my blogs a little more to those people….i would write about what they find funny and what random stories i think they would like to read about…so if you like reading these let me know who you are 🙂

okay – so funny story! remember my new buddy lucas from work? well i have claimed him as my little brother – even though we’re the same age…he’s like a month younger…and since i’ve never had a brother, he has been adopted by me 🙂 so my little bro and i often go and have tea together 2x a day…it’s like our getaway from the drama and chaos of work….people will often come in the pantry and see us together, but i assumed most people didn’t think anything of it…well this woman that also works in procurement came up to me and my little bro yesterday when we were walking and was like ” i have got to ask you guys something. are you guys together? are you dating?” – i seriously busted out laughing so much i thought i may have to go change my underwear….i looked at her and was like “NOOOO!!!…He’s my little brother!!” – Nothing against my little bro, but he is honestly like a brother to me. I think he is so awesome and fun and i love having him at work, but I can’t imagine dating anyone from the CRC, let alone my little bro!! Plus, I’m sure his beautiful girlfriend wouldn’t be having that. My little bro has the most beautiful gf…jess and i both decided she should be a model. She’s sooo dang cute!! So now I’m kind of concerned that other people on our floor may think that, which isn’t a good thing because i dont like when people think the wrong thing…but what am i supposed to do? – wear a banner around that says “Just in case you were wondering, no, we’re not dating!” ???….aahh…the joys of the workplace

speaking of work…it’s been an interesting week…we have to meet with our managers often and this week i went to meet with some of mine and brought my little bro with…it’s always funny to me when i meet a manager for the first time because their reaction to me is priceless…i am DEFINITELY not what they pictured….usually they tell me they thought i was a lot older based on my e-mails and phone conversations – apparently i sound/come across a lot more mature than a 24 yr. old…i take that as a compliment though 🙂 i’m glad that they feel like i have my shit together….but sometimes that’s the reason why i dont like meeting them, because let’s be real – who is scared of a short little blonde 24 yr. old?? ummm…NO ONE! so it’s kind of hard for me to threaten them to get their shit done once they meet me…i’m like the age of half their kids…so anyways….on tuesday me and my little bro went to meet with this one manager and he tells me at the end of it how i’m not anything like he imagine…then lucas spouts out “What did you think she would look like?!?!?!”…I wanted to smack him…and i should have, because that would be the “sisterly” thing to do :)….then the manager goes on to tell me that he thought i would be older (of course), with brown hair…i dont know if it’s my voice or what, but almost everyone i talk to says they pictured me as a tall brunette…i think they are disappointed when they see i’m a little blonde girl…oh well…can’t win them all 🙂

p.s. i am pretty freaking pumped to go to MN for a couple days in september…it will be nice to get away from the hustle and bustle again…plus i’m pumped to go to ryan’s wedding and shake my groove thing…and meet my “sister-in-law” for the first time…it’s so unfair that everyone else has met her already! boo to living out east!! dont worry ryan and sarah, i’ll be getting you a good gift to make up for my lack of quality time 🙂 oh! and i’m also pumped to see my leila bug! my friend leila is so freaking awesome!! she says what she wants, but is so dang cute about it that you can’t really get mad…damn her! i’m so jealous! i’m totally ready to spend some time with her, DJ jazzy jan, kelly, stacy and hopefully megs if she’s not in iowa – love my college girls!!

so i talked to my ex-bf jared the other day…and it was so great! he sounds like he is finally getting his stuff together and it makes me so unbelievably happy for him…i’m like a proud mama bear 🙂 honestly i feel like he was my child most of the time, so i’m glad that he is finally growing up and getting his life on track and doing it all based on his own motivations, and not others….he’s a good guy, but we’re just not a great couple – but i really think that you can be friends with your ex, depending on what kind of a person you are…you have to understand that once “it” is gone for me, it’s gone…i have absolutely no feelings towards jared except for as a friend….but, i dont feel like being his friend when he lets one rip in the middle of target and then blames it on me to be funny…TRUE STORY! he used to do that ALL the time!! even though it makes me laugh now thinking back on it, and laugh sometimes during the moments, it really isn’t that funny when it smells like someone released the sewer all over the store and then he blames it on you in front of TONS of people to be funny…he would always be like sniffing and say it loud enough to others to hear, but “pretending” to be quiet “Is that YOU?!?!”…ugh!! SOOO mortifying…what a little brat!! (mom – i’m sure you’re cracking up hysterically wiping the tears out of the sides of your eyes at that one)

ooh!! fun stuff!! i got a new pic to hang in my bedroom…it’s actually the only hanging object, except for my ceiling fan which was obviously there when i moved in, in my room…all i have is a king size bed, a tv tray with my fan and alarm clock on it, and a bookshelf with no books, but has some frames on it…so my bedroom is a little lame to say the least…i’m hoping to get miscellaneous stuff to help make it a little more like a room and less like a basic place to sleep and that’s it…i’ll keep you updated on my progress 🙂 my next stop is kirkland’s to get some throw pillows and cool art work or decorations

today we had a going-away lunch for our intern maureen, who i also adopted as a sibling  (little sis), and my boss paul (the one that always wants to punch people in the face) decides to tell us how you can smoke weed through dryer sheets, or some such non-sense…i’m sure maureen was like “what the eff are these crazy people thinking?!”…i’m glad she is leaving this experience on such an enlightening piece of advice…i swear, some of the men i work with…but we wont get into that because that’s a whole other blog…or two…anywho, maureen is freaking hilarious! she is so funny when she tells stories and her expressions are priceless!! my favorite moments are when maureen realized that creamed corn is made, it just isn’t creamed corn and also her pointing out her portruding wrist bone…let me explain…so one day my little bro lucas and i were having tea (surprise, surprise!) and maureen came in when lucas was telling me that his favorite food is his aunt’s creamed corn…then maureen was like “what?…that isn’t just creamed corn?, you have to like…make…it??” maureen thought creamed corn was something that came straight out of a can and that you didn’t have to do anything to make the creamed corn, like cook it or add whatever ingredients…i dont really know what she thought…i think she thought that what was in the can, was just what you found it like…i really dont know what to compare it to…i guess compare it to regular corn in the can…she thought it was just something stuffed into a can, and sold like that…it was hilarious to see her face and how interested she was to find out this “revelation” 🙂 then one time after lucas left from our regular afternoon tea, i sat in the pantry with maureen and somehow we started talking about our bodies and she pointed out how she has a portruding wrist bone…it was so funny! maureen is beautiful and is this thin, no make-up, summer-looking girl…so the fact that portruding wrist bones are her insecurity just made me bust out…then she told me that she never noticed them until someone pointed it out to her and that actually TWO people pointed it out in the same week and now she has a complex about them…haha…it still makes me bust up…we got her a target gift card to get stuff for her dorm (she’s going to be sophomore at virginia tech) and i forgot to buy her some wrist  bands and creamed corn as an inside joke…i guess she’ll be getting them in the form of a care package 🙂 

so there is this new guy on our floor that everyone calls “the intern” because he is young and looks like he could be an intern…but he’s actually a business analyst for a guy in procurement…anywho, i found out that “the intern’s” name is ken, which is actually pretty funny and ironic because he looks kind of doll-like, but a brunette ken – not the typical blonde ken….i kind of feel bad for him because i dont know who he hangs out with for lunch and he is always staring at all of us, but i’m sure he just wants to know who we are since we are the only other young people on our floor, and pretty much throughout fannie mae…i think that i’m going to go over and say hi to him tomorrow…i’m sure i’ll forever be referred to as the “weird girl” to his family and friends, but at least i can say that i tried to be friends with “the intern” 🙂 plus, maybe he’ll bring cake like the boys from the 4th floor…and let’s not forget that i’m always up for new friends, especially if they have cake to share!!

alright – i’m going to try and head to bed early tonight…i’ve been really tired this past week and haven’t ran like AT ALL…i know, i know mom…this is the part where you’re saying out loud “Gina! You better get running!! Tsk..tsk…” Don’t you think I know that too mom?! I mean, I need to look smoking hot for my boy Dave 🙂 EeeKK!!! Less than a month until I get to see that hottie (sidenote: i have a huge grin on my face right now!)….i keep trying to prepare jessie, but i really think she has no idea how excited i’m going to be once we get there…she better not look too good though…i’m not one of “those girls” that doesn’t like when their hot friends look good, but i do reserve the right to be jealous of the fact that she is a tall glass of hottie that i just can’t stand a chance against…she better wear a shirt that says “sorry. i’m married. but check out my hot sister!” – that’s what a GOOD sister would do (hint! hint jess!)…haha…

alright – i’m off to bed…i’ll try to think of a couple memories for next time…i need to get some quality sleep tonight so i can fun a lot tomorrow morning…night! love you!!

xoxo – gina

August 13, 2009

i heart laughter

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I, like the rest of the world, sometimes hate my job. It’s not that I hate the actual duties of my job,  it’s just that the non-stop phone calls and e-mails can cause someone to have a mid-week break down. So I have to find happiness in the simplest of things that happen. So a couple funny things about the past week at work: 1) Some guy got fired for hiring a prostitute while at work. Yes, yes, it’s true! I find it funny that some guy can get on a site that allows the hiring of prostitutes, yet I can’t check my Yahoo! e-mail because it could be a security threat. Hmm…?? Oh! And today, some lady got offboarded because supposedly she was a clepto. Nice…way to hire class-act people. Don’t worry, neither of them were people that I placed. 2) I had a vendor tell me today that one of their candidate’s showed up to their interview late, sweaty, and before he entered the front doors he unbuttoned his pants, pulled them mid-way down exposing his bright-red underwear, tucked his shirt into his pants and proceeded to walk in as if nothing was wrong. Yes, that is DEFINITELY how you get a job. 3) Sometimes I have to have conference calls with my manager and the vendors to discuss a requisition that hasn’t been filled to figure out why we can’t get the right person in the door. So today I have this call about a tester position and the manager is explaining the position when a vendor joins the call late, but forgets to put their phone on mute. They must have been working from home because suddenly you hear all this commotion and then some little kid talking and getting mad in the background and then you hear this guy say something like “hold on…give me a few minutes” to the kid. All the while, the manager keeps trying to talk over this kid and guy and starts getting pissed telling the person to “PLEASE MUTE YOUR PHONE!”…I know it doesn’t seem that funny, but I almost peed my Spanx I was laughing so hard. Yes, I busted out the Spanx today because I was wearing a dress and I get nervous that if I don’t wear them, you might get to see a little more than you expect. Or, I guess if you’re a complete perv like some of our “security” guards, you would enjoy it if I forgot to wear the Spanx. Anywho…that’s a whole other story.

Today I get a call from Jessie saying that one of her Mormon missionary friends is in town on some sort of cross-country trip. She’s telling me about it him and he seems cool enough and I’m hoping by adding him as a Facebook friend I can wrangle him in to playing games with me, Jess, and Greg while he is in town. So anywho…this guy must be crazy because he accepts my friend request. Wow! Mormons really are trusting 🙂 Anyways, being the creepo that I am, I notice on his Facebook page that he too has a blog. So I start reading a blog about someone that is a complete stranger. I could not stop laughing!! It was SOOO funny. He had these pics up of these places he’s been and people he has met and I could not breathe I was laughing so hard. There was this one blog dedicated to his lemonade stand theory and how the prices for lemonade is going up, while other businesses are trying to reduce prices because of the economy. It was fairly entertaining, but not half as good as the band he was trying to put together with these guys, one which was named Clyde and was 68. It was FABULOUS! I’m glad Jessie and I have the same taste in friends because I’m pretty sure this guy, Jordan, inspired me to write a blog tonight.

I haven’t been feeling that well lately and I don’t know if I have some sort of flu or what. But the only way I can describe how I feel is by saying it feels like I drank laundry detergent. Now I know that you’re thinking “How would you know what laundry detergent tastes like?!” I wouldn’t know what it tastes like, but it feels like I keep swallowing a strong whiff of Tide. I had lunch yesterday in Reston and I stopped by to see my friend Kevin (the one that thought “boppy” was maternity slang) and I had my hand on my stomach because I felt sick and he was like “Why are you rubbing your stomach?”…And me being the funny, sarcastic, witty person that I am, I say “Oh, I’m pregnant!” – Obviously we know that’s not the case though since I refuse to date a guy until the end of September…so then I proceed to say that it’s the immaculate conception round 2. I think I need to watch what I’m saying though considering it’s like a shark tank down there in the call center and I never know who is listening to clips of what I say. Watch, the next thing you know someone will be delivering me an Edible Arrangement with a message saying “Congrats on the baby!” I don’t know if I would correct them though. Well, at least not until I finished eating all the chocolate-colored strawberries 🙂 You know…for the “baby”…haha

It’s a little after 11 and I need to head to bed. I’ve been really tired and not getting enough sleep is just not an option. Quick memory: Growing up in northern MN we always had TONS of snow. It’s as if there is 6 months of hard-core winter, and 1 months of spring, 3 months of intense summer, and 2 months of fall. So anyways, one year my sisters are doing the usual – building a snow fort in front of our townhouse. They had to be like 9 or 10, which means I was probably about 5. (Sidenote: I have a really good memory if I was only 5 at the time!) So my sisters build this snowfort and they start making cubby-holes to act like a “mini-fridge”. They went into our house and put some meats and cheese in little baggies, close them, and put them in their “mini-fridge” I guess in case they get hungry while they are playing outside. I don’t know why those lazy asses didn’t just go inside like the rest of us when they were hungry, but whatever. Anywho, being the super-intelligent kids that they were, they tell all the other kids about their amazing snowfort and even how it has these cubby-holes that you can put food in, etc. etc. BIG MISTAKE! Because guess what…Jessie and Annie get hungry, go to look for that food in their snow fort only to find that it is MISSING! Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the neighborhor kids ransacked the fort and stole the food. But really what do you expect when half the kids we lived next to were these tubbly little chunks. Haha…There is an evil part of me that finds that story funny to this day. Maybe because I’m bitter because I didn’t have the imagination to come up with something so cool like an outdoor “mini-fridge” in my snow fort, but then again, I was only 5 🙂

Okay mom I’m off to bed. Love you!! xoxo


August 5, 2009

Knocks you down

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Hey hey hey!! My life in a nutshell has been CHAOTIC lately!! I’ve been working tons at Le Crew, but it’s all good because I need the moolah. And I’m SUPER excited about some of the new sweaters they got in 🙂 Me + Sweaters = TRUE LOVE…haha…You can also swap the word “sweaters” for David Cook, that too would make sense…I”m just saying…

P.S. Did anyone else ever realize that I say that phrase A LOT?! I never noticed until someone pointed it out, but I do say it a lot…I guess everyone has their certain phrases or words…For example, my mom always says “And they started to laugh!”, that is until Jessie and I teased her about it, I hope it didn’t hurt her feelings because we were just joking….Jessie’s phrase is “But the thing is….” and she says it whenever you are trying to decide something or make a statement…so she pretty much says it 24×7 – and apparently my phrase is….”I’m just saying…” It’s cool though…I’m confident enough in myself to point out my one flaw 🙂

I’m pretty excited for all the fun stuff coming up in the next month or so…1) Jess, Greg and I are going to see Our Lady Peace, 2) I have my trip to MN for Ryan’s wedding and I’ll get to see all my college buddies..YAY!, 3) Jessie and I are going to see David Cook in York, PA – we have row 6 seats 6 & 7…holla!, 4) My Invisalign is done at the end of September!! So I’m feeling pretty good about life right now even though I’m unbelievably stressed at work. It’s okay though, as they say “This too shall pass,” and if it doesn’t, you’ll  likely find me at Houlihan’s every night after work with a huge pitcher of long island tea in my hand…either or…:) haha

Jess and I went to see the National Symphony Orchestra at Wolftrap this past Saturday and it was AWESOME!! They were so freaking good! It was the NSO, The City Choir of Washington and then these 4 main singers that have been in broadway shows like “The Phantom of the Opera”, “Jekyll/Hyde”, and “Les Miserables”…and they sang all these great songs like stuff from the Wiz, Phantom, “The Circle of Life”, “I Will Survive”, “The Age of Aquarius”, “Come Sail Away”…aah!! It was soooo good!! I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t have enjoyed it. Plus Jessie and I got some free wine and we were definitely down with that…but who wouldn’t be?! But one of the highlights was when these old people were puttering past us and the man says to the wife “Pattie! Do you know where you’re going?!”, to which she replied “No! I’m following Linda!”…for some reason Jessie and I kept cracking up and she was being SOO freaking loud when she was immitating, I mean…I know the older you get the more screwed up your hearing is, but I’m sure they heard her…so Jessie is the reason why old people hate us ungrateful youngings…thanks a lot Jess!!

P.S. I’m really into that new Keri Hilson song “Knock You Down” with Ne-Yo and Kanye…so good! I hope they don’t ruin it by over-playing it on the radio…ugh! I hate when they do that….

Okay – So the other day I went to donate blood and I showed up at the address I got on the confirmation e-mail only to find out that it was the advertising agency for the drive and that it had been rescheduled to August 20th, but no one thought to tell me!…So I was a little irritated to say the least so I went and got my emissions testing done for my car since I was already in Fairfax. After leaving the dealership I was driving on Fairfax County Parkway and I was getting nervous in the right lane 2 cars behind this propane truck so I switched over to the left lane quick behind this Dodge Charger…but they were going slow too so I got back in the right lane quick and all of a sudden I hear a siren and see lights flash on behind me! I literally said “ME?!” out loud…it was the Dodge Charger I got behind in the left lane and it was an undercover cop…damn them! So he pulls me over and asks why I was driving so agressive between the lanes and I explain to him that I got nervous behind the propane truck and I just wanted to get around it and that I was driving the speed limit the whole time…and he says that he didn’t pull me over because of my speed but because I didn’t use my blinkers…which is absolute CRAP! If there is one thing that I ALWAYS do when I’m driving, it’s use my blinkers! I HATE when people don’t use them…So I immediately start arguing with him and he’s saying stuff like “Wait, let me finish…” to which I keep interrupting saying “No. There is absolutely no way! I KNOW I used my blinkers both times. I honestly wouldn’t argue with you, but I know I used them.” This back-and-forth convo. kept going on until I said we could agree to disagree. Then he asks me for my license and registration and I sheepishly have to ask him what the registration looks like because I don’t think I have it…then he says that’s fine and asks if my address is correct on my license and of course it’s not because I moved at the end of April and he said that you’re supposed to change your address within 30 days. So at this point he goes back to the car and I’m pretty much guaranteed to get a ticket. He comes back with a smile and asks me to explain to him how I use my blinker…I literally started laughing out loud and ask him if he’s being serious! Then realizing he is, I instruct him by showing him how to use it and he tells me that today I am my own worst enemy and to have a good day…but NO TICKET!! YAY 🙂 Then I tell him to have a great day and turn on my blinker to get off the shoulder. Then, just like on the movies, he says through the speaker outside of the car…”Start driving along the shoulder.” It was kind of embarrassing having him say it out loud, but I’m pretty sure no one else heard considering the bastards wouldn’t let me in! Moral of the story, only argue with a cop if you’re a girl, you look cute that day, and you have boobies…haha!

Oh my gosh! Real quick….I HAVE to make fun of my friend Kevin. So today, I go to lunch with Kevin and we get on the topic of working from home and how when you are talking to people at work, you can tell when they aren’t at work because sometimes you hear background noise like a crying kid. So he says how today he’s on a phone call and the woman must have had her kid right next to the phone and they were crying and I told him that maybe she was nursing him or something, but he didn’t think so since the kid was crying. Then I said how maybe she was adjusting him on the boppy pillow (you know, the pillow nursing mothers use). Well Kevin didn’t know what a boppy pillow was and asked me to explain a “boppy” to him. Then he laughed and told me he thought that maybe it was slang for a boob or something…Yes Kevin, “boppy” is maternity slang for boobs…HAHAHAH!! Oh man, that made me bust out…totally made my lunch.

Alright – I’m off to get some stuff done. But let me leave you with a quick memory. This one isn’t about my sister, but it’s about my cousin Benny (Ben). Me, my mom, my cousin Benny and his mom, my aunt Cindy, were all headed up to the Conat’s house to play. Benny and Bruce were really good friends, but I didn’t know Bruce that well yet. Anywho, we were like 5 years old and the drive to the lake was kind of restless for us. So we quick stopped at this gas station called the “Loons Nest” on the way out to get some candy. Benny got those little chocolate covered balls calleed “Sixlets”. They are the ones that come in that little plastic sleeve and you can pop them in your mouth in one quick swoop. Anyways, Benny was like “Look!” and shoved a candy in each nostril. We both thought it was pretty funny until he sniffed and the chocolate balls went up into his nose. UH-OH! For a while he was trying to pick them out with his fingers, but that just made them go up further because he couldn’t get his fingers around them to pull them out. So I started to cry and told Cindy what Benny had done. For some reason I got scared really easy when I was little and always thought people were going to die from the stupidest things, like putting Sixlets up your nose for example. So Cindy starts freaking out and yelling and pulls the car over. All I remember is her yelling “Blow Benny! Blow!” to have him blow them out of his nose. It was DISGUSTING! (And at this moment I don’t know why I’m telling such a disgusting, yet funny, memory.) BUT, the worst part is I’m pretty sure after they finally did come out, he tried to eat them. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn’t seem that far-fetched if you know Benny though…haha. So now every time I see Sixlets I think of that time and  it still sends shivers up my body.

Alright – I hope you enjoyed this mom 🙂 I’ll try calling you this weekend if I’m not working. Love you! xoxo