July 29, 2009

i’m too lazy to come up with something witty for a title

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Hey there! Sorry for taking so long to write again. I don’t really have a good excuse besides being lazy. But I feel like I can’t just type these whenever, I have to be inspired by something. Although my blogs never make sense and are usually just me jibber-jabbering about whatever comes to my mind, I still have to write something that is worth laughing at. So anywho…let me re-cap this past week or so.

Well last Tuesday I ran a full 10k  for the first time!! I was pretty freaking excited! I called Jess at like 6:45 a.m. because I just HAD to tell someone and I knew that she would appreciate it the most 🙂 Did I care that I might wake up Greg, Mali, and Lola??…Apparently not because I didn’t think twice about it until no one picked up…whoops! But when Jess called me right back she was equally excited! I ran 4.5 miles that Sunday, which was the most I had run so far, so kudos to me! I’m supposed to be running a 10k race in the fall, but I haven’t picked one out yet. I was hoping to do it before my trip to MN, but since I’ve proven to myself that I can actually run a 10k, I’m not as concerned about when I run it. I’ll probably do it at the end of September or early October. I think that I’m going to run a half-marathon next spring, but that’s where I draw the line. I’m no Megan Kakela…haha! Love you Megs!

Oh! Wow! I can’t believe I didn’t mention this sooner! So guess who e-mailed me today?!?!?! DAVID COOK!!! Sad news…it wasn’t the David Cook I was hoping for, but I was still excited to see an e-mail with that name 🙂 haha…Well the David Cook that e-mailed me is a Director at Fannie. But now I can say that David Cook has e-mailed me…so take that all you haters!

Speaking of David Cook, he is here in Alexandria for a concert tonight, but I dont get to go because it’s sold out. I found out about it 2 days after the concert went on sale and it was sold out almost instantly. Boo!! Oh well…that’s okay. I have tickets to his York, PA show!! 6th row 🙂 Jessie better get ready because she is coming with! haha…that boy is in trouble because now he will have 2 crazy Lucca girls at a show….September 18th can’t come soon enough.

So I’m back into running everyday and it’s been kind of difficult. I suppose that could be because I ate half a pan of gluten free brownies the night before…EEK!! I was practically sweating drips of chocolate…haha….I always have my iPod on loud and I really could care less how I sound when I’m running, but I’m pretty sure I was grunting at the end of the run, which i’m sure the other people in there just LOVED…whatever….all they are doing is walking (slowly) so they wouldn’t understand

Do you ever get so tired that everything is hysterically funny?! Well I have been feeling like that lately…I mean, I hope it’s me being tired that is causing it, either that or I’m bi-polar…hmm…I’m going to go with sleep deprived for now (*fingers crossed*)…Well anyways, I was at work yesterday and I was finishing my 3rd cup of green tea and unfortunately I waited too long to finish it and it got cold…yuck! So anyways..I was trying to swallow the rest of it quick and it went down the wrong tube!! Uh-oh! So being the classy gal that I am, I start coughing/gurgling/choking it back up and it sounds like I just charfed an obscene amount of liquids everywhere…my boss Paul and co-worker Danny quick freak out and start running to my desk to see if I’m okay and if they need to do the hiemlich…here I was sitting at my desk with cold green tea drooling down my face and into my mug and tears streaming down my face…i so eloqunetly wipe the slobber off of my face and thank them for rushing over to see if i am okay….then they both exclaim that i sounded like something from the exorcist…i’m also pretty sure it didn’t help that i had green all over my face like the scene with the pea soup….i pretty much embodied the word “HOTNESS” at that very moment :(…So the rest of the day I kept hearing “You sounded like something from the exorcist!” in my head and I kept busting out hysterically…people were like “What are you laughing about??” and I just couldn’t explain it to them….probably because it wasn’t as funny as i thought, but at least i have some humility because i’m willing to share these mortifying moments with all of you 🙂

tomorrow i am giving blood for the first time and i’m actually really nervous…i didnt think i would get worried until today when i was thinking how much i hate when they prick you at the clinic and squeeze the shit out of your fingertip to get a vile full of blood…aah! i wish they would just hook me up to an IV during those times to pump it out, because it’s painful having them squeeze your little finger to get all that blood out..it’s like a paper cut vs. a deep cut 😦 but i figure it’s for a great cause because i’m donating it to the children’s hospital here in d.c.

okay – random sidebar…i’m watching “so you think you can dance”  right now and they have people doing their solos and this one guy brandon comes out wearing a pair of underwear…no joke! he is wearing nothing more than a freaking speedo! now most girls would be LOVING this, but it makes me uncomfortable to watch a man rocking out in something that little…the kid has a good body and all, but it’s just odd to me that he wanted to wear a pair of bikini-cut spandex…i guess i’m not a real “dancer” since i would refuse to wear that…sorry…it just caught me off guard to see that…i literally said out loud “oh my god??…what the hell?”…i didnt even get a chance to watch it..my mind didn’t remove the first image i saw…thank goodness for DVR because after i finally came to my senses, the judges and everyone were on their feet clapping and saying how good of a solo it was…i guess i’ll have to rewind and watch it to see if they are right

alright – i need to throw out a lucca girls memory and then finish this thing up…sorry i haven’t been my funny, witty self in this blog….but i’m pretty tired because i havent been getting much sleep lately…okay…let me think of one…hmmm…okay! this one of course involves annie because all my screwed-up childhood memories usually do, but it also involves jessie too…okay, so there was this kid that lived “down the hill” from us…(note: we lived in an townhouse/apartment community and some of the units were on top of the hill, and some were at the bottom of this hill) and he had a sister named jolen that was my sister jessie’s age…well jolen’s older brother’s name was jason and he had to have been like 5 or so yrs. older than jessie…well anywho…back then, my sister’s weren’t the knock-outs that they are today, but jason LOVED them…i remember he used to chase them around our townhouse bldg. which was three townhomes long and double-sided…my mom and i were evil so we used to lock jessie and annie out of the house and watch this weirdo jason literally chase them around the building…we would stand in our living room and laugh out at them hysterically while they screamed bloody murder to let them in the house…which just made us laugh even harder…it was pretty funny at the time…maybe you had to be there though…jason was this tall, lanky, kid who was not so fortuante in the skin department and had greasy hair….i’m sure my sister’s would have felt different if it was some handsome hunk chasing them around, but unfortunately for them it was not…haha…looking back at it now it still makes me laugh, but i kind of feel bad because i just started to realize through the re-telling of this story that jason was pretty odd and the fact that he was quite grown-up in comparison to my sisters is extra creepy….oh well, what’s done is done and i promise not to lock annie or jessie out of the house again…especially if some old man is running around after them….on a quick end note, i dont know they didnt just stop running…i mean, there were two of them against him…i would have kicked the shit out of someone if they were chasing me around…”say good-bye to your kneecaps buddy” is what I would have been thinking, but i guess you don’t know any better when you’re younger….i still don’t know that much, because i’m not 25 yet, and as my much older and wiser friend jeff dorn always reminds me of, your brain isn’t fully developed until you’re 25…it’s true! jeff knows everything! 😉

p.s. – i just re-read this post to see if made sense before i officially posted it and i was actually laughing at it…so hopefully i achieved my goal and you have found it pretty enjoyable too…:)

alright – i’m off to read my new Nicholas Sparks book “The Wedding”….man i love his books 🙂 i’ll let you know if this one is any good…night! night!


July 17, 2009

Freak on the street, but a lady in the bed

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Have you ever heard that song “Yeah” by Usher? Of course you have. Well, one of my favorite lyrics in the song is something like “I want a lady on the street, but a freak in the bed.” Today I was telling Lucas, this new guy at my work, that I’m pretty much the opposite of that lyric. I’m a freak on the street, but a lady in the bed. Hmmm…I wonder if that’s why I can’t get a guy to call? And by “guy”, I mean David Cook. I mean, it’s been almost 2 months and he STILL hasn’t called. We all know that he saw my t-shirt with the phone number and gave me a huge smile and laugh *heart melting*. I have a YouTube clip as proof and Lindsay can claim witness to it too. I guess I’ll just keep waiting for that phone call. It’s bound to come some time….right??

P.S. I just realized today that there is a tracker on this thing with how many times it’s viewed in a day. Apparently my blog was a hit today. That’s probably because I was soliciting it to people at work. 🙂 haha..but it’s up to them if they want to read and enjoy the awesomeness of my rambling. Anywho – Tomorrow is Friday and I’m pretty excited. Mostly because I have no clean clothes and it’s been quite a struggle trying to find anything that I can wear to work. I know that I could easily solve this dilemma by actually washing some clothes or unpacking my stuff from MN, but it’s just not a priority right now. BUT…I did buy some more Tide so that when the feeling to do laundry hits, I’ll be prepared 🙂

I’m very pleased that Cumulonimbus liked my blog!! You remember Cumulonimbus, right? He is my little buddy Javier in the call center. Well I tried calling him this morning all excited to tell him about my blog that I wrote last night, but I got his voicemail. Then I missed his attempt at calling me back. Then he wrote me an e-mail saying he was in meetings all day. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when he called me this afternoon and told me that he read yesterday’s blog and I really am funny. I can’t tell you how much it made my day to have Cumulonimbus’ seal of approval, especially since yesterday he said I sometimes can be a little biased (Those aren’t the exact words he used, but I’m still angry about the real word he used so I’m not even going to type it.). Apparently he was joking, but it hurt my feelings. He can be such a butthead sometimes! Yes, I’m 24, and I just referred to someone as a butthead. Get over it all you 30-somethings that think you’re above such childish behavior. Newsflash: You’re not! 🙂

Okay – Quick pet peeve moment. For those of you who have facebook, please back me up on the stupidity of all these stupid applications and quizzes they have out now. I’m literally going to scream and go crazy if I get one more “Mob Wars” invite or have my news feed filled with idiots taking all these dumb ass quizzes. I’m going to make a quiz called “How f*cking lame am I for taking all these stupid quizzes on facebook?” I’m sorry to go off the deep-end about this, but it is driving me bonkers. The purpose of news feed is for me to be a creeper and see who is in a new relationship, who has new pics…you know, the good stuff! Okay…sorry…I’m done venting now.

I really need to get my ass to the gym tonight. I didn’t go this morning because I was up late last night and 5:45 a.m. rolled around way too fast. I suppose I could just really amp up on my pilates and bender ball tonight…but let’s be real…that’s not going to be good enough to burn off the ice cream sandwich I just finished devouring. So I better finish this up soon. I plan on working it out in D.C. tomorrow and I’m not going to be able to shake it if I haven’t burned these yummy deserts off.  So let’s finish this up with a fun Lucca girls memory.

Alright! I just thought of one!…It’s about Annie because she’s the middle child and also because she doesn’t read these blogs so there will be no repercussions for me typing this. This is how “brilliant” Annie was growing up. One day she decided to go for a run, but apparently she was more concerned about her running outfit than actually running. So she takes out a pair of these blue Adidas windpants that are wrinkled and raveled up like a ball somewhere on her bedroom floor. Then she gets out my mom’s iron and ironing board and decides to iron them. That wouldn’t be such a problem if she just decided to steam them and not place the iron directly on them. But no, this box of rocks starts to IRON them on a hot cotton setting. Well you can guess what happens next. She burns a freaking hold in the knee of the pants and burns them to my mom’s iron. Apparently she didn’t care too much because she kept them around for a while. I’m not sure if my mom was as pleased though because now she had burnt windpants stuck to her Sunbeam iron.

Some of you may have some pity on my slightly demented sister, but this wasn’t the first time Annie burnt a whole into something. One time she decided to curl her hair in our living room and was using this little three-fold mirror decoration that my mom had hanging on the wall. So she finishes curling her hair and decides to rest the iron on the arm of the couch. Well guess who forgot to turn off the curling iron and left for an hour or so?…If you answered Andrea Lucca you are CORRECT!! (Sorry there is no prize involved in this.) Imagine how happy my mom was when she came back to find a massive hole burnt through the arm of our living room couch. My mom ended up buying these little towel-things to cover the hole and set one on the other arm to match. It didn’t look horrible, but we all knew why they were really there. I think my mom should have punished Annie by making her sew the towels herself instead of buying some. But that probably would have been punishment for all of us. I mean, if Annie irons windpants and leaves curling irons plugged in on the arm of the couch, who knows what kind of damage she could do with a sewing machine. God bless you Ben for wanting to marry her and thanks again for taking her off our hands. 🙂 j/k

Alright – It’s now 8:30 p.m. and I need to get to the gym. I’ve procrastinated long enough. Hopefully there isn’t some sweaty, b.o. smelly person next to me. That’s usually what happens when I go at night. Everyone goes to the gym after work because apparently  that’s the thing to do. I guess if I get someone stinky next to me it’s my own fault for not going this morning. I’ll give you a call this weekend mom. Love you!

xoxo – gina

July 16, 2009

Toot! Toot!

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I’m not one to toot my own horn, but DAMN I am funny!! haha – I was re-reading some of my blogs and I seriously was busting out at how funny they were. Some of you may have rolled your eyes at my opening statement. To those people I say, “Shut it! Stop reading my stuff if you don’t like it.” – But let’s be real, these things are so funny that even someone who despises me would crack up reading the stupidity that makes up my blogs.

So it’s Wednesday night and I’m pretty excited about life in general. This is good because I don’t have much hair or skin left to lose. Yes, that’s right. I’m literally losing my hair and also the skin on my hands because I’m so stressed out from the dynamics at work. I’m telling ya, I don’t get paid enough for this; but I’m not going to harp on that stuff. I have a positive outlook on life and I’m going to stick with that. I think that it’s from getting back into running. I’m back into running 5k almost every morning. I was just being a lazy shit yesterday morning and couldn’t get my fat ass up to work-out. But I’ve gone all the other days since Saturday. Yes mom, I can hear you enthusiastically saying “Good job Gina!”, with nostrils flared and a huge smile across your face..as “uzural” <–FYI, for those of you may that may not know THE Cathy Lucca, she cannot correctly pronounce the word “usual” and it ends up sounding something like uz-zr-el. But I still LOVE her and she loves me because like I always say, I’m the “chosen one.”

Before I forget, because I’m selfish at times, I want to say HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY MOM!! Funny story, every year until I was about 13 or so , I told everyone that my mom was turning 36. She never seemed to age and I’m pretty sure she liked the idea that people in our town actually believed me when I told them that she was 36. It must be the Oil of Olay Daily Moisturizer that she uses to help her keep skin looking so youthful and fresh. 🙂 So HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! I LOVE YOU!!! 🙂 xoxo

Oh – A little less important, but still a promise nonetheless, I told my good ‘ol buddy Javier that I would give him a shout-out. Javier is my little buddy that works in my call center group at Fannie Mae. It’s funny that I call Javier my little buddy since he is older and taller than me. But again, pretty much everyone at Fannie is older than me and let’s be real, it’s not hard to be taller than me. So hello “Cumulonimbus!” That’s my nickname for Javier – isn’t it cute?! He calls me “Sunshine” because I guess I’m fun to talk to (or listen to) and I used to call him “grumpy cloud” but I thought “cumulonimbus” would be more funny. Thank you Mrs. Ecklund for teaching me the different types of clouds in the 4th grade. I knew it would come in handy some day – and apparently that day is today, July 15th, 2009.

Hmmm…let’s talk about funny things in my life. I’ve been whoring myself out to people telling them to find single friends for me to date in September. I use the word “whoring” pretty loosely so don’t go around thinking that I’m suddenly this huge tramp. Although I don’t think I know many girls that would admit they are a tramp anyways. Some people admit that they “used to be“, but I haven’t met anyone that admits to it while they are currently behaving like that. Anywho – So I’ve been throwing it out there for people to keep their eyes and ears open for me. Being the sweetheart that he is, Javier kindly points out to me that September is far away and that people may not wait until then. What a D-Bag! To think that someone wouldn’t wait for this amazing catch (yes, I am referring to myself as the “amazing catch”) until September!! Grrr!!! Damn cumulonimbus!

FYI – In case some of you from UHC are wondering why I am waiting until September, I said back at the end of March that I wasn’t going to date a guy for at least 6 months. Of course I wouldn’t pass up something in the mean time if I really thought it was going somewhere and someone that I would want to take a chance with, but for right now I am trying to stick with the 6 months. My concern now is that September is going to roll around and since I’ve been making such a hype about it, people are going to start grilling me about having a boyfriend. So I’ve been telling people to have a pool of single guys for me around September so I’m not starting from scratch. 🙂 But the only bad part is that the people I’ve been telling to go find guys for me aren’t my girlfriends, they are my guy friends. I don’t really know if I have a lot of faith in the guys I know. But I figure since they are guys themselves, they will know what kind of qualities scream douche-bag and will help screen those ones out for me. Check back with me in September to see how this has all unfolded.

I went and got a mani and pedi yesterday and today my boss walks by my desk, stops, takes a double-look and stares at me confused. I look back at him smiling and am like “Yes…? Can I help you?” He says “Did you paint your nails??” As if it was the most bewildering thing for him to comprehend. Granted they are a very dark purple and I usually do a light pink or clear, I am a girl after all and do like to have my nails painted. I told him yes and he keeps looking at me and then says “Did you get your hair blonder in MN?” – Wow! Paul was really on a roll today. He even noticed that my hair was cut too on top of the new color. I felt like asking if he noticed that I shaved my legs too. But I have my mother’s genes and I don’t really have leg hair to begin with so I don’t think you could tell if I did or didn’t shave. Unlike Jessie. Sweet goodness! Have you felt those thing?! They are honest to god a weapon of mass destruction. I bet she could shave Greg’s beard with her razor-sharp leg hair! Oh you know I love you Jess and it’s not you personally that has that kind of leg hair – most all Italian woman do. Plus you got it going on and can rock a bikini after 2 kids. So I have to find something to pick on you for. So just let me have this, okay? Don’t come back at me with some witty-stupid comment.

Awesome! “Eternal Flame” is blasting on my iTunes right now. I vividly remember this video. We taped this video and would rock out to it when we were little. Man us Lucca girls were losers – thank god that stage is over. Well, at least it is for me. Jessie is almost there and I’ve pretty much lost all hope for Annie. I don’t think I ever really had hope that Annie would grow out of that “stage” considering she had a baby doll for 10-15 yrs. until I mutilated it one day out of anger. Poor old Nicole Cute Lucca, she didn’t know what she had coming.

Let me tell you the story of Annie’s baby doll Nicole Cute Lucca. I don’t know how old Annie was when she got this damn thing, but she had it since I can ever remember. She would have it around all the time but when she got a little older she only slept with her at night. She even had a baby voice that she would do as if she was speaking for the doll. Which was funny at time, but eerily creepy at other times. Anyways…one day when I was in 7th or 8th grade, Annie goes to school wearing a shirt of mine. I understand that sisters take/wear each other’s clothes, but I actually paid for all my own school clothes because I worked and I would often find them in Annie’s room stretched out from her hips. So I was really pissed at her this one morning when she refused to take my shirt off. There was no argument. There never really is/was with Annie. She knows how to drive someone to the point of insanity by speaking to them in a very calm, “I’m above you and your childish behavior”-way….So after Annie went to school, Greg (Jessie’s bf at the time) convinces me that I should get Annie back for her being the biatch that she is and that I should paint her doll with acrylic paint. To Jessie’s defense, I remember her saying that I probably shouldn’t, but she was still busting out at the idea. So in my rage, I completely mutilate this doll. She looks like some sort of Tiki Fighter/Warrior. Looking back I feel kind of bad about it because Annie had so much sentimental value attached to Nicole, but in the moment it was well worth it. I’m pretty sure Annie physically attacked me and tried to rip my hair out after she saw what I had done. Good times at the Lucca household. Hmmm…I wonder if that’s the reason why I am losing my hair now. Maybe it’s not the stress after all. Maybe this is just another thing that has gone wrong in my life that I can blame on Annie. Hey – It’s possible.

Alright…I’m getting old in my ripe age of 24 and I need to head to bed. It’s 11:30 p.m. and I need to get up in like 6 hrs. to run. AAAHHH!! So new thought though, I think I’m going to put a Lucca memory in each one of my blogs from here on out. Your feedback, mom, would be greatly appreciated it!! Okay, I’m going to hit the hay.

Night!! Love you! xoxo

– gina 🙂

July 11, 2009

Adventures in I. Falls

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Hello again 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these, which I was so kindly reminded of at Smokey Bear Park in I. Falls, MN (thanks Rachel!), so I thought that I would catch you up on my life. Well I just got back from my vacay to my hometown of International Falls, MN and I feel more exhausted than when I went!! It was a very busy, jam-packed week of family and friends – but a ton of fun! Too bad I had to come back to the overly populated D.C. metro area. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the friends I have out here on the east coast too..but there is something very calming about a two-lane road where the max. speed limit is 50. Thankfully I’ll be back in MN for a wedding in September. Until then, I am counting down the days.

So let me tell you about my vacation. I get there Tuesday night and arrive at 11 p.m. looking like a hot mess in a worn-out pair of jeans and an old high school cheerleading shirt. My wonderful mother picks me up and all I want to do is crash. I worked a full-day practically and had to take 3 flights to get there, which all ran late and I almost missed my connections. So anywho, I get home to find out that I will be sharing my bed. Now usually I’m okay with that because I love to cuddle – too bad I find out I am sharing with my 5 yr. old niece who sometimes wets the bed. So here I am looking like a pile of crap, I’m tired, and I’m sharing the bed with someone that may just piss all over me in my sleep. But my sister assures me that my niece is wearing a pull-up and there shouldn’t be any accidents. Honestly at this point I’m too tired to care. So I hit the bed and close my eyes. I wake up half-way through the night to find my niece sprawled across the full-size bed. Her legs (which are the longest things I’ve seen!) are pushing at my hips and her arms are across my face. This little girl is about 30 lbs. or so, but when she is sleeping, she is like a boulder to move. Every night pretty much went like this until I told my sister that my niece had to sleep on my mom’s loveseat so I could get some sleep.

Wednesday my sister Annie arrives with her soon-to-be-hubby Ben. (Jess and Greg arrived Tuesday afternoon with Mali and Lola.) It’s the 1st of July and Canada Day. Greg is Canadian and Jess and Annie always went to Canada when they were younger, so the four of them decide to go to the Fort for the night and to catch the fireworks. I decided to stay in the Falls. So I headed to the Muni (a bar out by the lake) to watch the Canadian fireworks since they are literally right across the lake. The night goes on and I’m drinking with friends, my sisters and bros-in-law come to the Muni and we ended up running into Lucca cousins who are in town for our HUGE family reunion (approx. 150-200 people). Now usually I’d be working my groove thing, but I’m wearing a skirt this night and I just dont think it’s the best idea. Greg goes to the bathroom at some point in the night and comes out saying how he talked to some old dude in there and how this old dude was saying there was this hot blonde girl in a pink shirt and jean skirt with big boobs by the window, to which Greg replies “That’s my sister.” The man apologizes and Greg laughs and says it’s fine. So when Greg tells me this story I ask him to point out whom the old creepy dude is so I can avoid him. And it’s my old high school hall monitor!! Talk about SICK! That guy is like 50 yrs. old!! I felt completely grossed out and thought I was going to throw up – I’m sure the numerous long island teas didn’t help. Besides this, the night  ended up being a ton of fun.

Okay – Thursday (7/2) night I ended up going out for karaoke at Thunderbird and Annie and Ben came and Annie sang a song. Then me, H0lly, Rachel, Annie and Ben tried to find some place else to go, but everywhere else we went was lame so we ended up getting dropped back off at Thunderbird. Annie and Ben went home and Rachel, Holly and I went and crashed on a houseboat. I barely got any sleep that night because I didn’t have a fan and I the mosquitoes were feasting on my body. I swear I woke up to a golf-ball size tumor-looking mosquitoe bite on my shoulder. It pretty much screamed “hotness”. I finally woke Holly up and told her she needed to bring me home.

That morning (7/3) I talk to Janell because she and Adam came up to the Falls for the 4th. We go to the Chocolate Moose for lunch and my eyes almost fell out of their sockets at how much food they served. Honestly you get half the amount for twice the price in D.C. – Needless to say I was full 🙂 I later went out to Adam’s “cabin”, a.k.a. lake resort, and we went tubing for a while. Lots of fun including when Janell’s top was malfunctioning afterward – haha. Don’t worry Janell, we’re all family…kind of 🙂

That night was the street dance and the infamous beer gardens. Now if you know me, you know that I don’t drink beer. I really wish I liked it though. Because it’s everywhere and it’s cheap – wow, that sounds like a lot of girls I know…haha…j/k! So Shawna comes and picks me up so we can head to the Jug and pick me up some Mike’s to smuggle in via an old Gatorade bottle I found in her car. We’re drinking, having a good time in the beer gardens until I realize I have lost my phone. I felt like I had lost a limb. My mouth turned dry, I started having hot/cold sweats and my body was trembling. I’m not a techno-junkie, but I’m on vacation and I need my phone to get a hold of people, including people back east for a ride home from the airport. Unfortunately my phone already had a low battery and after several attempts to call it, it goes straight to voicemail – DEAD. What else can I do at this point but to head to another bar to drink my sorrows away – to the Viking!

I end up crashing at a friends house, get like 2.5 hrs. of sleep and wake him up at 7:30 a.m. saying I need to go home so I can shower and get ready for the 4th of July parade. Yes, that is right, I was in the I. Falls 4th of July parade 🙂 Now, now, don’t go getting jealous…I was just one of 150+ people that were walking for the “Lucca Family Reunion”. The highlight for me was when my aunt Bernie (Bernadette) starts chanting “Give me a “L!”, and everyone replies “L!” – and it goes on and we end up spelling Lucca, how original…BUT…I almost died laughing when she starts having us spell “P-I-Z-Z-A!” After that point I was really hoping we could up the ante and spell something like stromboli, lasagna or bruschetta. Nope – We stuck to 5-letter words 🙂

After the parade the whole Lucca gang heads up to Ranier Hall for a little lunch and chit-chat. Each family had a collage of pics and I have to say I almost peed when I saw my moms wedding pic on the board…oh to see the look on my mother’s face had she been there 🙂 We end up hanging around afterward for pics and what not and before Annie, Ben and I leave, my dad yells out “Now no french-kissing any boys up at Sha Sha tonight Beandie!” EVERYONE was laughing and I think my face lost all color. It was funny, but completely horrifying at the same time. Good ‘ol General James – you gotta love him 🙂

Sha Sha was a hit until I realized that my boobs were about to bust out of my tank top. It was a cute outfit, but you know me -whenever there is music, I’ll be dancing. So I practically destroy the gift shop trying to find a t-shirt last minute. They had already closed, but since I knew Kayla they let me in to quick get a shirt. Business rule #1 – Never turn down a potential customer. 🙂 haha…So I end up dancing around with my Lucca cousins who just HAVE to wear Bob Marley shirts and magic mushroom necklaces because there is a reggae band up there that night. I had like 4 long island teas and was a zombie the next day at church. I’m sure my mom appreciated that 🙂

The next morning (7/5) we all go to church and I’m seriously falling asleep. The new priest they have at St. Thomas can’t speak English very well, I think he’s from Poland, and as a result, he keeps pausing for 5 excruciatingly long seconds at a time. At first I just thought it was for dramatic effect, but after the 3rd or 4th time, I looked over at my mom (who was one of the song-leaders that day) with a painful look and I honestly thought I was going to cry. It was very difficult to keep my composure. Thankfully, I was rewarded with a feast courtesy of my aunt Cindy and Frankie. Those two sure know how to cook. I ate like a freaking pig!! Yummy hometown food is the best! But don’t tell my scale that – I’ve been running to get rid of those couple lbs. I gained while I was home.

So now it’s Monday, 7/6, and my family decides to go boating. We went up to Kettle Falls and then to some random island to eat, drink and hang out. My aunt Joann has this two-person floatie but says that she gave my cousin (who is not with us) the air pump and forgot to get it back. I honestly thought my lungs were going to give out trying to blow that sucker up – but it was worth it to lay on it forthose 10 long minutes 🙂 I finally made my family leave after about 4 hrs. because the sun was making me kind of sick. Plus, I don’t need that much exposure to cancer.

Okay – So here comes Tuesday. I’m actually dreading Tuesday because I know the next day I am leaving. I ended up going over to Bruce’s and shooting the shit with him for a couple hours. His sister’s dogs are these insane beasts and they would not stop licking on me and smelling my butt when I was walking. Kind of gross – but probably more action than I have been getting in a while. haha! Later that afternoon Bruce, me and Britt went up to Sha Sha for some apps. and food. Thanks for paying for me Bruce 🙂 We leave Sha Sha and go to Britt’s to meet up with her bf Joe and play board games – YAY!! I flipping LOVE board games. I’m a competitive beast when it comes to those things. We decide on Balderdash and while other people are coming up with these long, drawn-out, answers – I made one of those “pick a number” things that you make in middle school. Guess what – they’re still fun!! At one point, it’s my turn to read the different answers and I’m laughing hysterically and cannot get it together. The acronym is N.A.M.P. and you’re supposed to make up something that N.A.M.P. may stand for. Apparently Bruce didn’t hear that it was an acronym and instead he hands me a fake definition “the wick of an oil lamp”. I don’t know what it is, but sometimes I lose my marbles when I play Balderdash and cannot stop laughing. After I finally get a grip, I read Bruce’s new and improved answer to which Britt says “THAT’S what you couldn’t stop laughing about?!” – Point of this story, don’t let me play Balderdash with you if I’ve had 2 long island teas from Sha Sha already. 🙂

Wednesday is here and I’m dreading packing – m0stly because I just hate packing in general. I like to ball everything up and just shove it in, but my mom tells me I have to roll it all so that I can close my suitcase. Thanks for doing all my laundry mom 🙂 I also got my hair done that morning. It’s much shorter and blonder than I had thought it was going to be, but I’m getting used to it and kind of like it shorter like this – I’m sure it won’t be long before I start crying that I want my long hair back. I get on my flight at 4:15 and I’m off to D.C. My friend Natalie picked me up at 10:30 and I made it home safe that night. Back to work Thursday morning 😦

Oh! I forgot to mention that this super amazingly nice guy called my mom’s Saturday (7/4) morning and said that he worked for the city (of i. falls) and found my phone the night before and that I could pick it up Monday morning at the office. Only in some place like I. Falls would someone return your phone to you. If that happened to me here, you best bet that you would see that thing for sale on Craigslist in a hot second. So I need to send him a thank you card and maybe a gift of some sort – still deciding what I should get….

So now you know all about my MN vacation…well pretty much all of it. Of course there are some things that I won’t blog about. A true lady never kisses and tells 🙂 Unfortunately I’m not a lady yet, but I’m getting there by not putting it on my blog 🙂 To help stay more mentally sane I think I’m going to have to write more of these. It’s a good outlet and a good source of entertainment for my mom.  

Talk to you soon!

xoxo – gina