June 5, 2009

Long time, no talk

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Hey mom – So I haven’t written a post in a while so I thought that I would write something up quick. Well all last month I shluffed off on my diet and although I didn’t gain any weight, I also didn’t really lose any! eek! So I’m back on my diet and working out a ton. I ran my 5k the fastest ever yesterday 26:24 min. which I am pretty proud of. I decided that I’m going to run a 10k in the fall so I’m going to start training for that. I figure that it’ll help me stay motivated to stay healthy and work-out a ton.

I’m pretty excited to come home in a few weeks! It’ll be a ton of fun. It’s just nice to have a vacation from the busy and chaotic style of life here. Time just seems to move slower there which for once in my life, I am thankful for 🙂 Plus – Who wouldn’t be excited to be in the freaking parade?! haha…j/k…I’m actually not looking forward to that at all. I told Holly and Rachel that I would throw them some candy if we got to. haha!

I went to my David Cook concert last weekend and it was a blast. Yes, I’m still glowing about the fact that he saw my t-shirt. Kudos to Jess for making it look so authentic! I’ll keep her in my thoughts when I become famous for being awesome. 🙂 The opening act for David was Matt Nathanson and he was so freaking funny! And he is a great musician too. I’m pretty excited that I’m going to his show next Wednesday. It is at Wolf Trap and we got a box to sit in that includes free food and drinks! HECK YEAH! I’m going to take tons of pics and lots of video. You’d really enjoy him. He has a song on his newest CD called “Wedding Dress” that I absolutely love! I’m definitely going to dance to that song at my wedding – whenever that is…Speaking of weddings, when the heck are Annie and Ben going to set a date?! Geez! Dont they know that I need to plan my life and their tentative wedding is throwing off my life?! For real it is though…I”m going to the cities for Ryan Bahr’s wedding in September and I’m hoping that it doesn’t interfere with Annie’s. I already booked my plane ticket and everything. It was only $120 roundtrip through Sun Country – pretty neat!

We just got an intern for the summer and it’s my boss Nancy’s neighbor’s daughter. She just finished her first year at Virginia Tech. I was talking to her today and it made me miss college, but it made me feel young again. *Not as though I am old, because last time I checked 24 wasn’t old.) I am going to live vicariously through her stories – haha! Brings back funny memories like when Quinn was passed out in mine and Janell’s room and the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night. We weren’t allowed to have boys in our room after 12 a.m. on weekends, even if they were gay, so I told him to hide in my top bunk and I would come back for him if it was real. Obviously I wasn’t in the right state of mind because I’m pretty sure I forgot all about him once we were outside. Thank goodness it wasn’t real!! haha

So I’ve decided I’m going to sign up for some dance classes in the D.C. area. A girl I work with, Sam, went to college for dance and she sent me the link to a place that has an open workshop week where you can take a class or two to see if you like it and it’s only $25 – HOLLA! I am going to take a hip hop class and either a ballet or a modern/contemporary class too. If I end up not liking that dance company there is another one that I was looking at called Capital Movement. One of the co-founders of that company is the Director for the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. I think I’m going to make that my next goal after the 10k. I want to get my dancing technique back up to par and get my body rocking and try out to be a cheerleader. I haven’t decided if I actually want to be one, but I’d like to at least try out. I think it would be fun and something different! So I guess we’ll see!

Nothing too exciting has happened besides what I mentioned above. I’m hoping to hit 60 lb. before MN so keep your fingers crossed for me and keep positive thoughts in your mind 🙂 It’s the Law of Attraction!! Plus I’ve been walking around my apartment naked a lot lately. Don’t get creeped out or start laughing about that – but they say if you walk around naked you’re less likely to eat because you’ll be looking at your naked body thinking to yourself that you really dont need that extra taco or brownie – it totally works! Well, that is until you decide to put on clothes just so you won’t feel guilty about the extra taco. haha! Jess told me that she read in a health article that people who drink 5 cups of green tea in 1 day lose 100% (2x as much) as those people that dont drink any tea. I tried it for the first time today and I’m pretty sure that I peed my freaking brains out from it! Plus now all I have are dry hands and I still weigh the same – go figure! But I guess we’ll see if there is any difference tomorrow when I weigh my curvy little self. P.S. I like my little curvy body. Of course I want it a little smaller, but I don’t want to be a “board” although I dont think that it would ever be possible considering my boobs are still massive after losing 55+ lbs. But ideally I want to be smaller but have some curves because I think they are cute. Plus I think I look better when I dance if I’ve got something to shake..haha!

Well get ready to have a lot of fun! You’re going to have all your girls back and 2 more little ones and 2 boys – it’ll be just splendid!! I think we should pack a cooler of bologna sandwiches, some pop and chips and hang out at City Beach like we used to. Except for this time I won’t hang on to Jessie and Annie when they swim out too far because I dont feel like drowning this summer.

Alrighty! Well I work J. Crew tomorrow 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. then I am going to church. I have an on-call 2 p.m. – 9 p.m. Sunday so if I dont work I’ll give you a call! Love and miss you!!