March 12, 2009

I’m Not Homeless!! :)

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that’s right mom – i found a new place to live once my current lease ends!! i’m super excited!! it’s archstone dulles and it’s actually right across from jessie’s work – which i dont know if that’s a good thing…she’s kind of creepy and i could totally see her looking through her office with a pair of binoculars watching to see if i’m cheating on my diet 🙂 haha…but i’m pretty pumped since i dont have to move in until april 22nd so i dont have to pay on two leases for too long….which is nice since i’m trying to save money for when i come home

so i’ve been pretty swamped at work…i have like 18 open reqs. and some of them have more than 1 position available on them…for example, i have one req. for 8 full-time positions…so i guess you could say that i’m pretty busy, but i enjoy staying busy…it’s helps the days go by quicker. our work is split up based on cost center (department sub-groups) and for some reason, mine are just blowing up!

jared is moving in just a few weeks – HOORAY!!!! these past few months have become awful…i’m not even exaggerating…i dont know if anyone could handle what i’ve been going through – now, i’m not trying to play the martyr card by any means..but i do want you to understand that my complaining about it is actually pretty valid….my new place is a little smaller than my current place, but with only my stuff and not a ton of jared’s stupid video games all over the place – jessie came with me to check it out and she really liked it too….i cannot tell you how refreshing it’s going to feel to have a place to myself again…YAY FOR BEING ABLE TO RUN AROUND NAKED!! haha…you know that’s how i roll 😉 – i learned that from you mom…you hot little streaker you 😉

crap! american idol is on right now – i need to head out…i’ll give you a call this weekend to chat 🙂 love and miss you!!

xoxo- – gina