February 25, 2009

here you go mom :)

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hi mom! sorry i haven’t written in a while….you mentioned that fact to me on saturday, so i hope you know that i’m avoiding work right now just so i can make you happy – aren’t i a FABULOUS daughter?!…i am “the chosen one”…haha!

so anywho – here is what is going on…so i got my invisalign on monday…and i broke off one of the damn adhesive bracket things, so i have to go back today and have them put a new one one…these aren’t the sexiest things i’ve ever sported, but as greg and jessie keep reminding me, it’s a small sacrifice and it’s a year at most…but what if i meet david and he’s like “dude! why are your teeth so shiny?”…and then i’ll have to confess that i’m not the sexy vixen that he thinks i am…oh well, maybe if he meets me now, he’ll appreciate me more later…hmm…there’s a thought 🙂

also – what the hell is jessie doing for my birthday?! i’ve become completely obsessed with this birthday surprise that she has planned…i blame her for my obsession because she told me about it in january – yeah JANUARY!!…hello?! how does she not expect me to go crazy for FOUR MONTHS!!…she’s evil i tell you…evil!! 🙂 haha…all she said was that i want to look hot…and what is that supposed to mean? is she trying to hint that i look like a candidate for extreme makover?…wow…she’s really on a roll these days…

so i’m down 35.5 lbs. – yay me! i’m hoping to hit 40 soon….once i hit 45 i’ll buy some new clothes…for right now i’m just trying to keep the clothes i have and wear a belt with my pants…it’s getting kind of hard though…if i dont have a belt i may as well just wear no pants at all because they keep falling down..literally…unfortunately, my shirts seem to fit okay still – damn boobs! geez mom..couldn’t you olson gals passed me down some genes for a little smaller?…is that too much to ask?!…:) i guess i’d rather have some than have to stuff though…such is life…

i was about to type something funny, but my mind keeps going back to this bday plan jessie has…seriously! it’s ALL i think about right now!! i told her i was going to be really peeved if it wasn’t something AMAZING because she is making me stress so much about it…she just shouldn’t have said anything…but now she’s got my mind going crazy…and i KNOW you KNOW!…she told me that you do…so just a small hint wouldn’t hurt…come on, just a little hint for “the chosen one”…..it’s not too much to ask 🙂

i’m getting excited for this summer since it looks like i’ll actually have a life…i have my david cook concert at the end of may – YAY!! – and i’m coming home over the 4th – YAY!! – and i will be going to a wedding of some sort in june…i don’t know if it will be chelsey’s or annie’s though…

p.s. did i tell you my plan to get david cook to call me? well…i’ve decided that i’m going to wear a tank top and right my phone  number across it…and on the back, right “call me!” – i expect to push my way to the front so he’ll be able to see it…i know, i’m tricky…but wouldn’t it be FABULOUS if he did call me!! i had some people voice concerns that other people would see my number too if i wore a shirt around, but i’m going to wear a shirt over it and then when he comes on stage, take the top shirt off…hopefully there are no wardrobe malfunctions or he’ll end up seeing a lot more of me than just my phone number 😉 – ooh! but maybe that will be what entices him to call….nah..i dont feel like being a hoe and “accidentally” flashing him…that’s something that some girls from the falls would probably do, but i’m above that

not much else is new – just working out and trying not to kill jared 😉 i’ll give you a call this weekend…it will be after my work out and after you talk to jessie at the crack of dawn 🙂 hope you stay sane at the insane asylum you call UHC – love you!! xoxo



February 12, 2009

yay!! i’m happy!! i dont know why!! :)

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yay for being optimistic! – i dont know if it’s the early morning work-outs or what, but i’m in a SUPER good mood today 🙂 even though i have this one vendor that keeps calling me and driving me CRAZY, i’m still happy and smiling and super excited…but i couldn’t tell you for what…the only thing i can compare it to is when someone just had sex and you can tell because they’re smiling from ear-to-ear and you just KNOW they just got some….yeah, i kind of look like i just got some – but i actually haven’t 😦 that’s okay though, as some of you may remember, i proclaimed to the world on NYE that i’m a born-again virgin that’s saving myself for david cook….haha!

today is wednesday, which equals PAY DAY!! HOLLA! not like i’m going to get any of my hard-earned cash, but it’s still exciting to see the big numbers in my bank account, if only for a day….tomorrow is thursday and that means it’s almost FRIDAY!! yay for weekends! okay, i really need to calm down with all these damn exclamation marks – i’m sure you can sense my excitement while i’m typing this – the best part is that i didnt smoke anything to get this happy…now that is pretty neat….ooh! also exciting – jared is DEFINITELY moving out april 1st…apparently his parents are coming here and driving him back to MN with his stuff…i dont know what “stuff” they’re referring to since the only thing in this apartment he has are all his damn video game systems and games – but hey, whatever…that’s their choice….i’m sure it’ll be a fun-filled road trip back from VA to MN….ahhh…gotta love karma*

okay – remember the people with the cake in my cafeteria? well i decided i definitely want to be BFF with them…not for the cake, which would be an added perk, but because they are super funny – yesterday i got on the elevator and was trying to bolt out of Fannie Mae as fast as possible – so i get in on the 6th floor and the elevator stops on the 4th floor, which i’m usually pretty pissed about because people take FOREVER to get on the damn elevator and it’s like HELLO! some of us are trying to leave work stop holding us up, so anyway – cake people, including subway kid, get on the elevator and at the last minute one of their friends jumps through the closing doors (literally) to get on – i almost shit my pants because i thought for sure his body was going to get squished, which it didn’t – so anywho, they all start laughing and start singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” – there’s just me and these 5 other guys and they start singing part of the song where the lyrics are something like “let me go…i will not let you go…” and it goes on like this until we reach the lobby…i started laughing and then decided that i wanted to be their BFF…because like i have already pointed out, us younging at Fannie need to stick together – and it would be AWESOME if they would share their cake with me…and yes jessie, i would eat it! i know you don’t like that…but i can’t decline a “peace offering” because that would just be plain rude! sorry that i’m so CONSIDERATE of others feelings, i guess that’s just who i am 🙂 a wonderful, considerate, young lade who is oh so willing to accept cake to accept spare someone else’s feelings*

p.s. did anyone else hear about selma hayek feeding some kid her breast millk? i’m all about helping starving children, but wasn’t there ANYTHING else she could have given it besides her boobies?!  but i guess it’s not that weird…i know some girls that would, or have already, done the same – except they’re doing it with 20-somethings that aren’t starving…if you know what i mean…*wink* *wink* – i hope you didn’t just piss your pants at how funny i am mom – dont worry though, i just had an economy size box of Depends shipped to UHC for you…i thought you were probably running low on supplies, especially since i’ve been blogging…i bet you’re going through them like nobody’s business…anywho, i had to ship them to UHC because it’s cheaper to ship to a business instead of a residence….

alright mom – i’ll talk to you later…i need to go raid the fridge because i just polished off the rest of my carrot sticks and i’m still a little hungry…as jessie would say “they’re just hormones, you’re actually not hungry” – but i’m okay to giving into my hormones…just this ONE time* 🙂 i will talk to you later! love you! xoxo

February 9, 2009

I don’t have anything clever to say…

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Ahhh…there’s nothing like a Monday morning…oh wait, I guess it’s technically the afternoon – oh well…it’s not like you care how i word this mom…oh! and big-ups to my mom for finding me a following courtesy of her UHC friends…i have groupies 🙂 yay me! i’m so lovable that people my mom works with want to read this…i think this is somewhat of  a calling

okay – so yesterday was my first full day (11 hrs) at Touch of Asia…i like my boss and all but he’s kind of random..he’s one of those people that stares into your eyes like a zombie mind trick when you’re talking to them..i wonder if it’s an intimidation method or if he just stares at people…either way…it’s weird…so after 11 hrs. of being re-taught how to answer a phone correctly and book appts. i was able to go home…the one thing that drives me nuts is how slow he wants me to do things…i understand i want to put out the vibe that we’re a calm facility and that people are there to relax, but i think people that walk and talk slow are just fucking stupid…pardon my swearing…but i have impatience for slow pokes…it’s one thing to be calm and normal…it’s another to purposely have me type and read slowly…..GRR!!!

okay – so the grammy’s were on last night and usually i’m pretty excited…but since i got my Jesus-fix so early yesterday morning, i was pretty tired by the time i got home…i could barely make it through the show and i didn’t even really care so i stopped watching….plus, i already missed the best part : the red carpet 🙂 instead i flipped through desperate housewives and rock of love bus…oooh!! drama!! apparently bret found some ladies at the hustler club and asked them to join his quest for true love, which did not go over well with the other girls…somebody please smack the shit out of me if i ever become as desperate and whoreish as these tramps…i feel like i need to wash myself after watching the show…that says a lot

so i got up at 6 today and worked out hardcore…i did my 500+ calorie work-out on the eliptical and then ran a mile on the treadmill…i tell ya, even after wearing two sports bras my ladies were hurting…so for all you girls out there who bitch and moan about not having big enough boobs, do me a favor – take two pieces of string and wrap one end the strings around each of your your itty bitty titties…next, find two 5 lb. bricks and tie the other end of each string around a brick…finally, strap on two heavy-duty sports bras and get your ass to the gym…then tell me how you feel!

jessie told me she likes the way i type these because she feels like she’s actually having a conversation with me…which is probably true because i’m selfish when i see her, and most of our “talks” are me rambling on and on and her pretending to listen 🙂 it’s not like we dont ever switch roles….i usually hear her complain about this bitch at her work named nicole, or how greg is moping around the house with a washrag on his head, or we talk about how skinny jessie is…life must be rough when you have 2 beautiful daughters, a great job, a tiny ass body that you can’t get fat no matter how much you eat…perfect teeth and hair, a sweet ride and of course, a fabulous younger sister like myself! ….wow…i guess the grass really isn’t greener on the other side…mmmhmm…

let’s see…what else can i ramble about today…..yeah, i’m kind of out for today….i think these blogs are just good stress relief and they really dont make any sense at all…it’s not like i’m telling a good story, i’m just writing anything that comes to my head – mind you i censor it for you mom and your UHC groupies…or else this thing would be filled with swear words

oh! one funny thing at lunch today…so there’s not that many young people working at Fannie Mae, when i say young…i mean under 33…it’s not that over 33 is old, because it’s not…but when i say young i mean people who are still dumbshits and dont have kids, mortgages, huge 401K’s – you get my point…so anywho…every day lauren and i go downstairs to eat in the curry-infested cafeteria and we are the only young people there, except for one other group…it’s this group of 10-12, 20-30 yr. old somethings that all sit together…i really want to go up to them and just ask them who they are because i am super nosy and also because us young fannie mae’ers need to stick together…so anyway, today “subway guy” (that’s what i call him because he looks like this one kid that use to work at the subway at the end of the road when jared and i lived with jess & greg – jared used to bullshit with this kid all the time..they were bff) leaves briefly with this other young guy and they come back to the group with this huge ass tupperware container…of course i’m watching them because that’s who i am….and it’s got this massive cake inside…i think it was carrot cake or vanilla – either way, it looked fucking amazing….i kept telling lauren to turn around and she said no because it would be obvious…but who cares…i figured they would probably find it flattering that we were interested in their cake….and i was slightly hoping that my staring would be noticed and then they would offer us some as a “peace offering” – that would have been great!…but it didn’t happen…instead i looked like a fat kid staring at someone else’s food…pretty sure subway kid thinks i’m creepy since i look over at them all often…but i’m really wondering who they are – and also because i really want to become the kind of friends that share their cake with each other! 🙂

so that’s my day in a nutshell…it’s been good talking to you mom….tell the UHC crowd i say hello 🙂 love you! xoxo

February 8, 2009

I’m lame – deal with it…

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So I’m tired today so I’m going to make this quick. I’m listening to Lady Gaga “Poker Face” on repeat right now to keep my mind somewhat stimulated. Plus I fricking LOVE this song. This song makes me feel somewhat sexy and happy all at once. Today when Jess and I were driving back from Wegman’s, this song came on and I was telling her how it put this super excited/hopeful/happy/sexy feeling in me…I dont know what it is. For some reason this song is just FABULOUS 🙂

Alright mom, so I”m sure you’re wondering how my first day went at Touch of Asia. It was really good! I love learning a new job and doing something different. Plus this place is totally zen and even when it’s “busy” everyone is really calm and happy and pleasant. I’m not the kind of person that wants to be twisted and turned every which way, but I’m really interested in trying out the Thai massages we offer. They look like they would be really relaxing and good at realigning your body. People say they are WONDERFUL. I’m really looking forward to trying them. We have a total of 6 and they include: traditional thai massages, east west (which is similar to swedish), thai foot massage, hot stone (yay!!) and a few others. I think I’m going to really end up liking it, which is good, because I always get weary about starting a new job. So I think I’ll be sticking around here for a while.

I am super excited for my food this week. As most of you know, my tradition for the past few months is that Jess and I go to Wegman’s after I’m done working out that morning, and we buy all my groceries for the week. We plan out  my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I usually get a snack or two as well, but we’re cutting back the calories so I can start losing some more weight. (I’m wavering at 30lb. right now and I want to get to 35lb. within the next 10-14 days.) Anywho, this week I’m having a fruit salad with grapes, apples, oranges, strawberries and bananas (yum!) for breakfast, for lunch I’m having homemade gluten-free pizzas (holla!) and for dinner i have kosher rotisserie chicken and some carrot sticks. OH! And for DESERT…I’m having gluten-free chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing!! Jessie even let me lick the spoon and bowl from the batter and icing…I know, I’m that pathetic. I blame my mother for this bad habit. She always asked if I wanted to lick the spatula after she was done making a desert of some sort.

Let’s see…what is funny that I can mention today. Hmmm…well…yeah…umm…not much. I’m pretty lame today. But I guess even the best of us have “off” days. I’m counting down the days until my golden b-day. Jess said she’s got something super exciting planned. I’m slightly concerned that I’m not going to like it and then she’s going to feel bad because she got all excited. But Jessie knows me pretty well so I trust her….I think? I just told her that I REFUSE to have a stripper or something ridiculous. She said she wouldn’t do anything ghetto trashy like that for my golden bday because it’s a special day and she wouldnt want me to associate it with something like that. Plus, the idea of half-naked men who are probably gay, dangle their manlihood in my face makes me want to vomit. I think I would cry if I had to do that – so for future reference, when I get married…I AM NOT HAVING A BACHELORETTE PARTY WITH A STRIPPER! I will crucify you all if you do that!

Jared is being a jack-ass right now, but what else is new. As you all know, I’m still living with ex Jared, for at least another month or so. NEVER, and I mean NEVER, sign a lease with someone that you’re not already engaged to or you can’t afford on your own. You never know what’s going to happen – and 8 months with your ex in a 1bd/1ba apt. sleeping in a king size bed with you, is not an ideal situation. Anywho, back to Jared being a jack-ass…I come home today to all his lame ass video games spread all over the dining room area floor. I dont have a huge apt. It’s a little over 800 sq. feet, so having out stuff is pretty much a recipe for cluster. Anywho, he tells me that he didnt have any time to clean today. (Side note – I left the house at 8:30 a.m. today and returned at 7:00 p.m. You tell me when he didn’t have time to clean.) Oh, and last night I about freaked when I saw that he plugged the toilet AGAIN, but this time it was pee. I mean, what kind of thick ass pee does he have that would cause a toilet to overflow?! So guess who got to deal with that?….Umm…ME!! *SIDENOTE: Right now I’m sitting on the couch typing this while Jared is sitting on another part of the sectional pretending to immitate me typing and think that he’s funny – wow…he’s got a weird ass sense of humor. I guess he’s got the looks thing going for him at least 🙂

YeS!! “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” is playing on my iTunes right now!! MEGA SCORE!! I fricking love this song! I just want to pee my pants in happiness  – not like peeing your pants is ever cool, but this song makes me so excited I could pee my pants. Although, have you ever seen the video of this guy singing this song?! Umm..creepy! But, I got to give up to Leo Sayer, he sure knows how to pull my heart strings! My mom was probably a teenager song when this song first came out….so that means that Jeff Dorn was probably 37 when it came out. Sorry, I had to say it, it was too funny of a chance not to. For those of you who know JD, you’ll understand that joke.

Alright – Well I need to head out. I know it’s only 10:30 p.m. on a Saturday night (i know i’m lame for being at home blogging right now) but I need to get up at 5:30 tomorrow to work out, then go to church to get my Jesus-fix, then work 9-8:00 p.m. tomorrow. So I’m sorry if this wasn’t as entertaining as the other ones mom. But you still have to love me because I’m the “chosen one”.

Love you mom! P.S. You need to call and listen to dad’s answering machine…Jess said it was a hoot! Night 🙂

February 6, 2009

Another day, another dollar

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That is something my dad used to always say…another day, another dollar. Which actually makes a lot of sense, unlike his other famous phrase: “Keep your pants up and your nose clean.” He used to always tell me that or ask me if I was. I was 7 and didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. Now I understand…so, yes dad, to answer your question -I’m keeping my nose clean of drugs and my pants up so I don’t get preggers. 🙂

I’m sitting at work right now overjoyed at the fact that I can even be on here, considering they blocked everything else under the sun. I know you’re probably thinking that I do nothing at work all day if I have time to blog, but that’s not true. I’m pretty busy with new reqs. being created, e-mailing managers, talking to vendors on the phone, etc. I just think of this as my “smoke break”. I mean, why should anyone care that I’m taking some time out of my day to do this? It’s socially accepted that people take smoke breaks or coffee breaks. I should actually be praised for what I’m doing, because unlike smokers, I don’t spend my time killing others with deadly carcinogens. I’m actually probably helping some of you live longer – they say people who laugh more, live longer. But this is me taking the chance that you’re actually laughing – which is debatable.

Anywho, nothing exciting has happened at work today except for my boss Paul yelling at someone on the phone. You remember Paul, right? He’s the one that wants to punch someone in the face. Based on my description he probably sounds like a crazy ass guy, but he’s not. He’s just all talk…I think…hmmm…Yeah, Paul just got mad at this woman and started yelling on the phone to her that he was going to buy her a rattle from Babies ‘R Us because she was acting like one. I thought it was pretty funny to tell you the truth. If you knew the managers at Fannie Mae you would think the same thing. They are such flipping babies who need everything done for them. No wonder why they are so screwed right now. Maybe if people did shit for themselves once in a while they wouldn’t have so many problems.

So tomorrow I start training for my part-time job at a Thai massage place. The name is pretty creepy though: Touch of Asia. Don’t worry, they’re not one of “those” places. I checked out the facilities and there is no secret back room where they take people for “happy endings”. So this is where I’ll be spending my Sundays from 9-8p.m. from now on. Oh well, at least I still have Saturday’s and my weeknights. Unfortunately, I dont know if I’ll be home to watch Rock of Love Bus on Sunday’s and I’m pretty pissed about that. I’ve never watched Rock of Love before this season, but those white trash girls give me hope. I mean, if they can get some, why can’t I?! At least I have all my teeth 🙂

Well it’s time for me to go down to the curry-infested cafeteria for lunch. I’m not bitter about it smelling like curry, but is it too much to ask to use a different spice once in a while?! One good thing about the cafeteria is that it’s pretty big and loud so you can stare at someone and talk about them and they usually don’t know. Or maybe they do and they just think I’m the creepy white girl that stares.

Alright – I’m out. Thanks for reading this mom 🙂

Wow…I feel old

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So everyone always talks about blogs and says stuff like LMAO and ROFL – and I’m just like..WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT?!! I now know how my grandma felt when she got her first computer and didnt even know how to turn it on…I mean, I’m only 23 not 73 – I should know what ROFL means…Nope…I had to have my MUCH OLDER (j/k!) sister Jess explain it to me…so this blog is my way of getting back in with the “cool kids” who understand what blogs are and what all these damn acronyms stand for

I dont really know what the point of this blog is going to be, except for to ramble on like an idiot and amuse  myself – and hopefully my mom too 🙂 She’ll be the only one who wants to read this – but that’s okay….I dont take offense to that. My mom is pretty cool shit – I mean, have you ever seen that pimped out Taurus she cruises around town in?! People see her driving that thing around the loop and they literally shit themselves at how cool she is.

I also think that this will be a good way for me to talk to everyone about what is going on in my life, without having to tell the same damn story to 20 different people – man that can be annoying. It reminds me of my senior year of high school when everyone and their brother’s uncle wants to know where you’re going to college, what you’re going to major in and how excited you are. At first I felt like a mini-celebrity. People would ask me those questions as if they were actually interested in my life, but after a while I just wanted to wear a flashing sign around my neck saying everything. I literally got to the point where I wanted to punch someone in the face. (Wow – I just sounded like my boss Paul…his favorite saying is that he’s going to punch someone in the face. That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.)

damn! i just got shocked again! i think for about a month straight now i’ve been getting shocked when i touch things in my apartment…i dont know what it’s from but it is terrifying walking through your apartment scared that you’re going to send volts of electricity through your body at any point…earlier today i was listening to some tunes and had my earphones in and when i got up from the couch and set the computer down on my coffee table the earplugs were still in and my inner ear got shocked! i didnt even know that could happen! but – it can…so be careful out there!

okay – enough random stuff…i’m just going to rant here for a minute….i’m always the last one to get something or do something…for example…i was the last one of my friends to get my license, last person to get a cell phone, a car, an iPod, and now i just got my own computer this weekend…so anywho….in all of the excitement i finally got my itunes set up and ordered myself some high-quality limewire…not the free stuff..nope! not this working girl, i paid the $34.95 to get the quality stuff….well…you can imagine my surprise when i was listening to a copy of “with you” by chris brown on my limewire and some random dude comes on saying “black beats and vibes”, or something like that…i thought maybe it was a ghost or something…but it wasn’t because it kept going off throughout the song…i would have preferred the ghost because he at least he would have been free… i guess the moral of the story is that you shouldnt pay $34.95 when you could get the same crap for free….it’s just like they always say…no good deed goes unpunished

alright…i’m going to peace out…i think this first blog is sufficient enough…hopefully they will get better – but that always depends on whether or not i’ve been drinking lately….love you all, and when i say “all” i mean mom – because you’re the only one who has read to this point 🙂