August 22, 2012

Grandma Rememberance

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I recently stumbled upon a quote that captures a lot of how I feel.

“You will lose someone you can’t live without, and your heart will be badly broken, and the bad news is that you never completely get over the loss of your beloved. But this is also the good news. They live forever in your broken heart that doesn’t seal back up. And you come through. It’s like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly—that still hurts when the weather gets cold, but you learn to dance with the limp.”

We have lost someone so unbelieveably special and there will always be that sting knowing that she is no longer physically here with us. But she is still very much alive in the things that we do, the words we say, and the people we love. Grandma Joanie was a gem. One minute she is telling you to get away from the screens and stop pushing on them, and the next she is rolling her eyes laughing at a story she is telling.

Many of my favorite memories with Grandma are of sitting at the table, pouring her some more coffee, and listening to her tell every little detail about a story that she probably has already told you. She would get so excited and have you grinning from ear to ear just waiting for the punch line. And of course, there were at least 5 or 6 “whoas” thrown in there for good measure. I don’t think anyone can forget when Grandma lost her teeth at Bernard and Gina’s going away party. And in case you had, I think there is still footage of it floating around some place. I laugh thinking about calling Grandma for recipes. I’m someone that requires a step-by-step process and defined amounts for ingredients. She was a true baker though and never needed to really measure things. Terms of measurement to her were “a little bit”, “not much”, “just a tish”, and she never understood what I couldn’t grasp about this.

It is hard to imagine living a life where Grandma is not a phone call away. It breaks my heart knowing that she will not physically be here to see me get married, or to meet the children that I will someday have. But it is through those stories and those recipes that my children will get to know her and I know that she will always be watching over all of us; probably shaking her finger when we do something she doesn’t approve of like climbing up the laundry chute or lying about going to see a movie.

Grandma taught us all so many important lessons. She taught us how to be strong, to be independent and hard-working. She taught us how to raise a family, how to love, and that you always give up your seat at the table for an adult; even if you are one yourself. I think we all have so many amazing stories about Grandma and that is part of what makes this process a little easier. We remember her through those stories and we laugh and smile because it is a reminder that she is always here with us.

I am so incredibly thankful that I have someone like Grandma to look up to. She and Grandpa are the epitome of love and I know there is nothing that can compare to the love they shared. Always say “I love you” to those you hold dear in your heart. Too often we assume that the other person knows this already, but there is nothing in the world that I would trade to tell Grandma that I love her one more time. As we say goodbye for now we need to always remember that her love, her laughter, and her smile live on in all of us. She would want us to remember the good times and stop fussing over her and all of this.

With a heavy heart we will learn to live our lives again. People will still go out to Grandma and Grandpa’s, even if no one is home, and sit on the porch, watch tv, or raid the fridge and cupboards for food. So Grandpa, you better keep that place stocked. ☺

I end this with one other quote that my cousin Melanie recently posted. It is a quote by Emily Dickinson.

“Unable are the loved to die,
for love, is immortality.”


August 9, 2012


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I haven’t written a post in a long time. It’s not to say that I haven’t had a lot of really great stories or adventures to share, it’s just that sometimes I dont have the time or I’m worried that the people the story is about are going to read it and get mad. Typically my posts are pretty funny (or at least in my opinion they are) and have a fairly light tone to them. However, today I am writing a post to be able to get my thoughts and feelings out as it is a very cathartic process for me.

Today has been a very difficult day for me and I find myself crying at any given moment thinking about my family. My Grandma Joanie was transported via ambulance down to Duluth earlier this week and she has not been doing well. She got sick a few months back and it has been one of the hardest things to hear and see. When I went home in July I wanted to spend so much time with my family because I think that we sometimes forget how quickly they can be taken from you. My Grandma has always been very independent and talkative….always very chatty and loves to overuse the word “whoa”. 🙂 Sadly the last time I saw her was probably the first time I have ever seen her cry and it just broke my heart in to a million pieces. She told me that she was sorry that she was upset and that she has just had a very tough last month. I tried to console her staying optimistic and positive telling her that I love her, she looks great, and that I’m praying for her. It’s always so difficult to see someone going through so much pain and knowing that there is nothing that you can do for them.

Getting a phone call this evening telling me that my Grandma has renal failure and respiratory failure I had to pull over my car as I started to process the news. How do you even begin to process the idea that someone that has been such a big part of your life will soon be gone? How do you try to console a parent who is losing one of the single most important people in their life? Life just seems so unfair sometimes and it just feels like we are losing someone so unbelievably special far too soon. It makes me physically sick to think that my Grandma will never see me getting married. She will never meet the children that I have. She will never know how much I love her and how important she will continue to be in my life.

I can’t even imagine what my my mom, her siblings, and my Grandpa are going through right now. How do you even begin to prepare for something like this? Growing up in a large family can be such a fun experience and it’s something that I would never trade. As I get older though I realize that this once large family will begin to grow smaller and smaller. I believe that God has a plan for everyone and as angry and frustrated as I get about it, there is nothing that I can do to change it.

Thinking about my grandparents my heart just breaks. How are you married to someone for almost 60 years and then try to live your life without them? It’s pathetic to think how upset I was breaking up with someone that I dated for a little over 3 years. That is nothing compared to the love that my grandparents have for one another. I always think back to the one afternoon I saw my Grandpa give my Grandma a little tap on the butt and smile at her. I think it was one of the funniest and sweetest things I have ever seen. To know that people can be so much in love after that many years is amazing to me, especially in a world where divorce is as normal as ordering in pizza for dinner. I pray that I will someday experience the same kind of love that my Grandma and Grandpa have shared for this long. They have set such an amazing example for me, their 11 children, and all my cousins.

It’s always funny the things that remind you of someone. For example, I will never forget the memory of my Grandpa introducing me to peanut butter m&m’s. They are still one of my favorite treats to this day. I also remember being like 7 or 8 bragging to my friends at school that my Grandma loves to play Nintendo and we often would battle at Dr. Mario. She would whip my butt at it and show no mercy! lol.  I remember her asking me to pour her more coffee and would then tell stories where the word “whoa!” was used probably 5-6 times; all the while slightly rolling her eyes and laughing at the shock value of the story.

I don’t know what kind of person I would be if it wasn’t for someone that was such a huge part of my life growing up. She taught me to be strong, independent, believe in myself, and that you should always give up your chair at the table for an adult. 🙂

Selfishly I pray to God that he keeps my Grandma here longer because I’m just not ready to let her go. I don’t think anyone in my family is truly ready to let her go, but I also don’t want her to be in any more pain.

Grandma, I know in our family we don’t seem to say it or show it enough but I love you. I love you so much. I don’t know who I’d be or where I’d be if it weren’t for you. You are an amazing mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, wife, sister, and friend. Everyone who knows you has been truly touched by you. I cannot thank you enough for all the love you have given me and all the wonderful things you have taught me. Words cannot explain how much you mean to me and I’m just glad that we were able to spend some time together last month when I was home. Every time I hear someone say “whoa” I will think of you. Every time I see a couple playing cribbage I will think of how you taught me how to play. You are an amazing example that I will always look up to and someone I will always admire. I love you and I will always keep you in my heart.



July 20, 2011

Back by Popular Demand

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Back by popular demand, I am writing a new blog. By “popular demand”, I mean my mom has been asking me to write one about some of my summer adventures. Let me just quick get everyone up to speed on where I am at and what I am doing these days. In April I moved from Herndon to Arlington and I couldn’t be happier about this decision. I don’t go out partying every weekend, but having the ability to go out when I feel like it and not go to the same 1 or 2 places every time is great. Arlington is also a very active area and I constantly see people outside running, biking, walking up and down the streets, etc. I am such a social person and I need to feel like I am around lots of people.

Also, I took a new part-time job as a cheerleading coach for Washington-Lee High School. I am the assistant coach for the varsity squad and I’m really excited about it!! The girls have started pre-season conditioning and just based on my schedule and some random pet-sitting gigs, I wasn’t able to attend until this past Monday. It was definitely a great work out and it makes me wish that my squad had done more of that before the season officially started. It just helps you get back in to shape and are less likely to injure yourself.

Alright, now that I got some of the basics out of the way, I’ll indulge my mom by sharing my adventure at SpaWorld with you. So I got this Groupon for this place called SpaWorld that’s in Centreville, VA and I asked Jess if she wanted to purchase the Groupon too. FYI – If you don’t know what Groupon is, it’s daily discount coupons for different places and activities. So we got a Groupon for SpaWorld for $18 (50% off the regular price). I don’t know if I didn’t read the Groupon that well or what, but I had no idea what I was really signing up for.

Jess and I decide to go on a Saturday,which is probably the stupidest idea because places are always slammed on weekends, and after checking in we take off our shoes and put them in these itty bitty lockers in the front. They give us a key that you wear around your wrist and a canvas orange top and bottoms. They tell us that you need to wear these garments when you are in the public areas. Never having been to this place Jess and I just follow the other women in to the women’s locker room to put our other items (purse, clothes, etc.) away. We walk in and all I see are BOOBS!! Every where I look ladies are just walking around naked. Some were big, some were small, some didn’t look like they had any at all. It’s like a train wreck that you just can’t help looking at. I immediatley bust out in to a laugh, turn around to Jess and give her “the look” like “what the hell did we just sign up for?”. Inside the locker room we have another locker and we aren’t next to each other so cluelessly I put my items away and then go back to find Jess to figure out what the hell we are supposed to be doing. One of her “locker neighbors” realizes that we don’t know what we’re doing so she tells us to put on our canvas ensemble to go outside and in the poultice rooms (sauna rooms that have different themes like salt, amethyst, red rock clay, etc.) and when we are done we come back to the locker room and get naked to go in to the bade pool. I knew I read something on the Groupon details that said you had to get naked, but for some reason I thought that they wouldn’t really enforce that. Apparently they do. (BTW – Each sex has their own bade pool. So only women are naked with women.) After the woman finishes telling us this information she walks away. I turn to Jess and say, “I don’t mean to sound like a perv, but she had pretty nice boobs”. Jess agrees and says “Yeah, do you think they are fake?” I say, “No, they looked too natural”.

I go back to my locker, strip down, and throw on these orangish canvas top and bottom, walk barefoot back over to Jess and we are off. No undies, no bra, no shoes, I’m feeling pretty nice and free at this point. We enter this large area and there are these mini-rooms surrounding the walls and we first start with the amethyst room. Not looking up to see it’s somewhere around 160+ degrees in there I loudly say “holy shit! it’s hot in here!”, then I realize that you’re supposed to be quiet and it’s supposed to be relaxing. I find a spot for me and Jess to lay on the floor and pretty much just sweat. And that’s just what we did. Each room we went in to we sweat some more, and some more, until it literally looked like we pissed ourselves. Don’t worry, most people were soaking wet with sweat. It sounds pretty terrible, and it is if you don’t have a towel from the locker room to wipe your face off (learned that after the first poultice room), but it’s actually pretty calming and a nice detox for your body. I was definitely needing that detox after downing lots of booze the night before.

Okay, after we had our fun with the poultice rooms and grabbed some water, iced green tea and watermelon, we headed our way back to the locker room. We also checked out how long it would take for any of their other services like massages, manis, pedis, etc., but the wait was a couple hours so we said forget it. Alright, here comes the good stuff. I don’t have the most rocking bod so I was originally nervous about just dropping drawers and wading around in a pool with a bunch of other women, however, after I got done sweating from places I didn’t know I could sweat I was all about that pool. So here goes nothing! Drop drawers and head inside this huge pool area.

I don’t mean to sound cocky, but I was looking like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model compared to some of these other women.  This one lady was definitley pushing 350+ lbs.  and I figured if she felt comfortable enough to get naked, so could I. I proceed to take the required foam shower before entering the pool. Another “awesome” part about the pool is that the showers are open and face everyone in the pool. To make Jess feel more comfortable I lathered myself up and tried to look sexy by having soap bubbles cover my “special” areas and giggle like a school girl. I don’t know if it made her feel comfortable per se, but she did laugh at me. As we walk around to the entrance of the pool we can’t help but notice that there are just PUFFS and PUFFS of amazonian-like hair jumping out of us. I’m not going to specifically spell out where this hair is, so if you can’t figure it out by my context clues there isn’t much hope for you. Jess looks at me and says “I feel like a 12 year old” and I laugh and look at her and say “Yeah, you do, but at least we can’t braid it”. 

We find our way in to the pool and it was unbelievably relaxing. I didn’t care how pruny I got in there because  my body felt like it was in heaven. The pool is  cut in to different sections and there are these relaxing jets that vary on pressure and hit different parts of your body depending on where you are. Unfortunately I wasn’t wearing my contacts that day so after Jess told me that she didn’t want to be in this one area and was going to go some place else I just waved her off and said okay. I didn’t watch where she went though so after I realize that it’s been some time I start looking around and can’t make out a ton of faces. I’m not blind, but I can’t make out facial features when I am not wearing my glasses or contacts. So here I am trying to inadvertently look at women, who again are just floating around naked, and trying not to get too close to seem like a perv. We eventually find one another and then decide to go in to this other little pool which is only like 50-55 degrees. We got to maybe our ankles before we both whimped out and got out. Then we head to this other little pool that is medium warm, comfortable, and this women comes up and tells us we need to get out. I didn’t know that’s why we got out, but Jess later told me that the woman said it was the “kiddie pool” (yes, you can bring your kids here if you would like) and we couldn’t be in there. Whoops! 🙂

We tried a few other areas like the dry sauna and the mist sauna before getting in to the main bade pool one more time. Hopped out, lathered up in front of everyone one more time, and then headed back in to the locker room to get dressed. I actually lost 2 lbs. just being there so that was kind of cool. But I think I gained it back by hitting up Chipotle on the way back to Jess’ place. All in all I actually had a really good experience and actually purchaed another Groupon. I am thinking that the next time I go it will be during the week though when hopefully it is less crowded. Jess purchased 3 Groupons, 1 for her and Greg, and another 1 for when we can go together again. I think Annie got one too so we said that the three of us can go together and re-enact our old bath tub days. Jess sits in the front, I’m in the middle, and Annie is in the back. If the water gets too cold we will push it back toward her and she will push her cold water up to the front. Believe me, this technique works and we had mastered it by the time Jess was 7. Haha!!

I told my mom this story after we visited and she insisted that I write a blog to share with everyone else. So here it is! Also, I called up to Grams’ place last week and my aunt Carolyn, who is up visiting with her fam, hops on the phone and asks what Jess meant when she said she felt like a 12 year old and what all this “bald eagle” stuff is about. She also suggested that we start a club now dedicated to this cause. There are so many women out there are suffering from amazon-puff syndrom — A.P.S. If you know of anyone suffering from this, or if you yourself are, please head to your local Target, Kmart, grocery store, or anywhere that razors and shaving cream are sold and purchase these items. Together we can stand up to this grooming tradgedy and create more awareness.

Alright, mom that’s all I’ve got for today. I need to head back to work because I have taken up my entire lunch hour writing this. I hope everyone else enjoyed this somewhat graphic post. However, if this post wasn’t to your liking please address your comments to Cathy “Kitty” Lucca.

– gina 🙂

March 28, 2011

Oh Facebook…..

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So I haven’t posted a blog for a while and it’s mostly because I haven’t had the inspiration to post something funny, miraculous, appalling, etc. But this evening it finally hit me. Facebook. Yes, I wanted to post a blog about my love/hate relationship with Facebook. While I actually love Facebook as it allows me (as well as every other user) the ability to stalk my “friends”, it can also drive me crazy. Below are the things that drive me nuts when it comes to Facebook and it’s capabilities.

#1 Status Updates

– Status updates can drive most anyone crazy. I’m going to say that at least 40% of your “friends” probably post something daily that is either depressing, an overshare, a cry for attention, or some random quote that is meant to inspire or motivate you. I am not saying that I haven’t done at least one of these things, but it can start to be a little tiresome if you see the same person updating their status every hour or so about how crappy their life is or how people keep letting them down. Go see a therapist and stop bringing the rest of us down. Others post a daily quote and I actually enjoy reading those because it’s kind of their “thing”. But I find it humorous when people randomly post quotes that they think make them sound smarter or deep. Note: I just remove those ppl from showing up on my News Feed. Problem temporarily solved!

#2 The “Friend” That “Likes” Everything

– You know what I’m talking about. There is always that 1 person that “likes” almost every status update, every comment you write, every picture that you are tagged in or pqost. This constant “liking” of everything about your page starts to make you feel like you are being seriously stalked. As an experiment I would like to post the most random and ridiculous things that no one should ever “like”, but my luck someone would.

#3 Questionable Photos

– I don’t know if it’s because Hollywood has glamorized sex or if it’s because people have just become bigger whores, but I’m honestly shocked at some of the photos that people post for the public to see. I’m not a prude, but I do believe that sometimes less is more. If your dream is to end up in Playboy that’s fine, I’m not going to judge you. However, I am not really the target audience for those kind of pics and therefore I don’t want to see them. I especially want to avoid these pics if you are at least 10 years older than me, are currently married, have more than 2 kids over the age of 6, or we are related.  I get the whole “I’m still hot”, “I’m a wanna-be M.I.L.F.”, or “I love myself and the way I look.” I think that’s great, and I encourage women to love themselves. But again, Facebook is not really the avenue for soft-core porn so I’d appreciate it if you limit who can see those pics because I get uncomfortable when they show up on my News Feed. Also, Facebook now has the ability for you to customize who can see each albums’ contents. I just want to reiterate that I’m not a prude and I definitely think that a lot of people put up tasteful pics and look super cute in their mini-skirts and killer heels. I’m just referring to those who post pics in their underwear and/or bra attempting to look risque without appearing desperate. Well guess what??? You do look desperate and more than that, it’s awkward for the rest of us to see these.

#4 The Infamous “Poke”

– While the whole “poking” thing can be funny or flirty depending on the situation, randomly “poking” someone that you barely know is just odd. I feel virtually molested when this happens and I tend to block that person. So the next time you want to “poke” someone, think about what the reaction would be if you physically poke them. If you think they would be creeped out it’s probably not a good idea.

#5 Invitation Overdoses

– I think it’s great that you enjoy things like FarmVille, Mafia Wars, or virtual game shows. I get how fun and addicting they can be because I love me some Family Feud. But please avoid selecting your entire friend list as people to invite to play against you or join your mob.

– Another invitation irritation can come from those that invite their entire friend list to an event. I get that inviting everyone may be simpler than individually selecting people, but if I don’t at least live in the same time zone as you it’s unlikely that I’ll be making it out to happy hour on Friday. I would feel special if you thought to invite me because you miss me and wish I was able to hang out, but when I see that there are 432 people awaiting to reply and 764 are not attending that feeling diminishes pretty quick. Just saying.

# 6 Random Friend Requests/Suggestions

– Jess recently reminded me that Facebook can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I think that your age and your stage of life help determine what you use Facebook for. In high school you add just about anybody that you have ever said hello to. In college you change it to the people that you party or have a class with. After you finish school and enter the workforce you may use it to keep in contact with old friends, colleagues, and also as a means of connecting and networking with new friends and co-workers. I try to keep this in mind when I receive someone’s friend request. But just because we have 30 mutual friends, this doesn’t mean that we should be friends. I often get friend requests from people that I have never met, I don’t live by (or ever have), and/or are completely unattractive. I blame Facebook for a lot of these unwanted friend requests. I understand the convenience of this function for some people, but I really wish that I could opt out from showing up as a suggestion for people. If this is a possibility, could someone please help me with it?

#7 Make Your Teachers Proud

– Americans have such a bad reputation when it comes to their intelligence. Almost everyone I know on Facebook has at least a high school degree, which leads me to believe that at some point they were taught basic spelling and grammar. I don’t expect everyone to know how to use a semicolon, but it would be nice to see things spelled correctly for once. I think it actually takes more time to spell things phonetically. Sometimes I have to re-read someone’s comments or posts 3-4 times to decipher what kind of prehistoric language they are using. Maybe people are just lazy or think they are an individual because they refuse to use the English language properly. Whatever the reason, I don’t really understand it.

#8 Relationship Status

– I think that I self-disclose quite a bit (I mean, have you read some of the stuff I write in blogs?!) and I don’t see a problem with sharing some funny things or sad things about your life. I do think that it’s another thing to constantly change your relationship status from “Single”, to “It’s Complicated”, to “In a Relationship”, back to “It’s Complicated”, etc. etc. Another odd one is being “Separated”. Maybe I’m just more cut and dry than other people, but either you’re single, in a relationship, or married. Shouting your marital problems to the world of Facebook is just odd. If you are having relationship problems it’s probably better to  just remove your relationship status completely and let people try to figure it out on their own. If they are close to you and are actually a friend of yours, chances are they already know what is going on in your personal life and don’t need to confirm it on Facebook. But hey, do whatever you want. I’m just giving you my opinion. 🙂

At the end of the day I love Facebook and the simple joys that it provides me. Just thought I would write about a few things that tend to irk me. Hope you enjoyed some of these!!

Have a great day!

– gina

December 31, 2010

Free Therapy

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Good morning, good night, good day?…..I don’t really know what to write as it is almost 2 a.m. and I am wide awake just thinking about life in general. My sleep cycle has been off the past couple weeks anyways so I’m not that surprised that I am just chilling watching “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on Bravo (it’s super entertaining!), listening to iTunes, playing some Spider Solitaire and enjoying some wine. I am pretty sure that this post is going to be just rambling thoughts and things that I’ve come to learn and value. It may not be the funniest thing I’ve ever written, but I find that at least writing down the thoughts in my head help me make sense of things.

I have been going back and forth with a lot of things the last few months and actually the last couple years. I’d like to say that I’m the type of person that likes change, but I think that would just be a lie. I can make small decisions like getting new throw pillows, updating the decor in my bathroom, deciding if I want to change my hair, etc. You know…small things. But for some reason I have the hardest time making big decisions and I think years of second-guessing myself have just royally messed me up. I will go back and forth on something for days, weeks, even months at a time depending on how the outcome will affect me or possibly others. I will get tons of different opinions on things, whether or not I asked for them, and I find that those opinions usually just make me even more confused.

When I was struggling with the decision to leave my company this last summer it was something that I had been thinking about for about 2 years. I’m usually not that slow to make a decision, but I wanted to make sure that if I was leaving, I was going to leave for something that was really worth it. I had plenty of other job opportunities that I could have persued, but what would have been the point if I would just end up upset in the next 6 – 12 months? Some people have an easy time switching companies and starting some place new, but I for some reason struggle with it. That may be surprising for some people to read since I am so outgoing and seem to make friends anywhere I go. I’m also a very capable person so I don’t find it difficult to take on or learn new tasks and I usually thrive on it. As you know I ultimately decided to leave my company and go to another opportunity that I felt was better suited for me and would be a better fit for me in the long run. I questioned that decision almost every day after that up until a month or so ago. I know that this new position is more along the lines of what I need to be able to grow professionally, but at what cost? I still go to happy hours and other social gatherings with old co-workers and vendor reps., but I feel like it’s just not the same. I really miss that feeling of “family” and being around so many other young professionals. I think this is just another part of what most coin as “growing up”, but it still kind of stinks.

I really value the relationships that I have with people and I feel like once you’re “in” with me, you’re “in” for life. I follow the typical profile of a Taurus (if you follow astrology): stubborn, independent, loyal, nurturing, caregiver, etc. I will always stand up for someone that I love, but it may take me a while to really trust someone 100%. It’s not to say that I don’t trust people when I first meet them; I do. I just don’t always know if I will be able to form any sort of friendship/relationship beyond something artificial and that is completely fine. It’s a pretty safe bet that most of my 600+ Facebook friends aren’t people that I would divulge my most intimate thoughts or feelings to. I love to be optimistic and make people smile through my random comments or funny stories so most people would never really know if I’m upset or hurt. I am not one to put my emotions out for the world to read/interpret/decipher. I know that writing things can be very cathartic for people and I think that my blogs are a good option for me, but we all know that most of the things I write are just surface statements that anyone could read. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t write anything too in-depth about my life or else I’d probably have some people pissed at me. Eek!! Haha 🙂

I think it’s extremely important to have a good understanding of yourself, your needs, your wants, your goals, etc. A statement that I often think about is, “You can’t depend on anyone else for your happiness”. Now I know that this may sound like a “cold” statement at first glance, but it’s not. I feel that this statement represents a true happiness with who you are and that you need to love and be happy with yourself before you can ever allow someone else to be a part of that. I see too many people get in to relationships where one is heavily dependent on the other for their sole source of happiness and it’s just hard because they are setting themself and their partner up for failure. I have no problem stroking a guy’s ego, but I can’t do it every day to make sure he knows how great I think he is. It’s the same way with me though. I can’t expect some guy to tell me how great they think I am or how pretty I may look to make me happy with myself and life in general. Of course hearing compliments and receiving random acts of kindness will make you happy, and why shouldn’t they? But if you always depend on someone else to make you happy you are doing yourself a major disservice. I recently had a guy tell me that he had taken about a year or so after filing for divorce to really find himself, simplify his life, and get back to the basics of what is important. I was so overjoyed to hear this because too many people just rush from relationship to relationship looking for that “temporary high” and once it goes away and that “honeymoon phase” dissolves, you are back to that same spot of unhappiness. So love yourself and be thankful for what you have and for what you don’t.

Today I was over visiting Jess, Greg, and the kids and it just reminds me how much I love my family. I find the most simple things amusing; like Lola crying about her feet being hot in Chipotle. It was so cute watching her cry and get upset. The last few weeks have been a little bit of a roller coaster for me. I feel so bad for Jess. She is probably the busiest person I know and she is always there to listen to me about my problems, help me rationalize them, and come to a decision. Most of the time I already know what I should do, but there is comfort in knowing that I’m not crazy and that someone else thinks that what I’m doing is what is best; even if it doesn’t feel that great. She also encourages me to go to the gym and just run off my problems on the treadmill. I hate going sometimes, but I know she is right and that my head will be more clear once I am done. I highly encourage people to find something that is a good release for them. For some people this “release” may come in the form of having a drink, doing yoga, reading a book, playing mindless computer games, etc. Whatever it is that you choose to do, you need to find something. People pile too much up on their plate and then just get super stressed out. Stress = Negative Energy….If you’re a negative person no one will want to be around you…and that’s no good!! 😦

 I recently started going to confession again mostly because I felt guilty since the priests were drilling it during their homily at mass, but I actually find it very refreshing to go now. If nothing else, it feels like a free therapy session. I don’t unload all my problems, but it’s nice to give Jess a break and get some feedback and a different take on what I am thinking about my life. The best piece of advice that I have received thus far is after I said that sometimes I get upset with people that hurt me and that it’s hard for me to forgive them. The priest simply said that “Self-pity is not a virtue.” I actually started to laugh when he said this because it is so true!! I think that everyone has a certain amount of time to feel sad about things in their life, but throwing yourself a pity party time and time again is just draining on you and everyone else around you. It’s all about the “law of attraction”. If you have positive energy, you will attract positive things and positive people to your life.

I always try to re-read my blogs before I post them for grammatical or spelling errors. Nothing drives me crazier than someone using the wrong form of “to vs. too” or misspelling a word like “congradulations”. Don’t even get me started on the poor education system that we must have in the U.S. for people to misspell “congratulations”. Ugh…I seriously roll my eyes and shake my head. After re-reading this blog in its entirety I laugh because I have finally come up with a title: free therapy. A friend recently told me that I should really do an advice column in my blog because I am always pretty straight forward and hit the point head-on. I would like to think of this blog as free therapy for me and for those of you that may be going through similar things in your life. The last thing that I want to reiterate is something that I have said in the past. You are always going to question decisions that you have made in your life, but this doesn’t mean that you didn’t make the right one. Life is all about chances, risks, and decisions. We learn, we grow, and we hopefully become better people from it all.

Now….so this whole things doesn’t sound so damn serious, I have added some stuff at the bottom for you to enjoy. Here’s to hoping you all have a safe and fun NYE, know that you are loved, and remember that you have so much to be thankful for!!

– This website has almost as funny of pics as — Check it out!

– Pajama jeans are ridiculous. If you haven’t seen them, I strongly urge you to not fall trap to their amazing sales pitch!! I also find jeggings to be in the same category. I don’t care what anyone says.

– I don’t see the attraction of John Mayer. I love his songs, but I just don’t know why so many women in Hollywood swoon over him. Maybe he just has a really intoxicating energy about him. But I just don’t get it.

– Try to live by the “Golden Rule”.

– Don’t kiss some random stranger at midnight on NYE just because you want to kiss someone. You may be sorry the next morning when you wake up with a huge cold sore. I’m just saying….

– Just because you talk louder than someone it doesn’t mean that you’re right. It usually just means that you have never heard someone say “Use your inside voice.”

– Boy at the Reston Town Center icerink, you did not look cool last night attempting to skate laps around everyone else while wearing just a black t-shirt, some disshelved looking hair, and black gloves. However, Maureen and I did find you quite amusing. So thanks. 🙂

– I am still convinced that I’m destined to be on “The Amazing Race”. I seriously need to look at when they start casting again.

– I am so ready to take a vacation!! Too bad my “vacation” is to somewhere colder. But it’s all good because I will get to see a lot of my besties!! January 12th baby!!!

– Never make someone a priority that only makes you an option.

– If you are ever sad, just hold a baby. They have a way of making you feel soooo much better. Disclaimer: Make sure that the baby belongs to someone you know or else it may turn in to a pretty bad situation.

– If you haven’t already seen “Year One” you need to!!!! Seriously one of the funniest movies that I have EVER seen!!! I promse if you don’t find it funny I will pay you back for your rental. Satisfaction guaranteed. Haha!!

– If you are one of those people that vows to hit the gym more once the new year starts, please be respectful of those people that actually go on a regular basis. Nothing is more annoying than finding your gym suddenly packed at 6 a.m. when you were the only person in it for almost 11 months of the year. All I ask is that for the love of all that is good in this world, please don’t take the good treadmills if you are just going to walk!!

– Just because it’s a trend, it doesn’t mean that you look good doing it. Case in point, skinny jeans. They say “skinny” in them for a reason. That may sound like a bitch statement, but I’m not a hypocrite. You don’t see me throwing my curves around in a pair of those. Know your body people and dress it accordingly.

Below is a funny headline that I found online that made me laugh and kind of made me hungry for a Snickers. I hope you enjoy it too!!

Here are some tattoos that went very wrong.

 — Hopefully God doesn’t judge you on spelling tests or else you are screwed.

 — This guy has it right. Apparently the “systsem” never taught him how to spell or check his work.

 — That’s right! You’re so awesome you don’t even need the “E”.

 — I don’t know if this girl should be advertising her urinal problems to the world via  a tramp stamp. She may want to go to the doctor and make sure she doesn’t have a UTI or yeast infection. Just saying….

 — I wonder if she ever made it on contestants row? Either way, I’m just glad that this statement wasn’t tattooed some other place on her body. Yuck.

 — What kind of a centaur is that exactly? Is that supposed to be Patrick Swayze? I can’t really tell.

 — Epic Fail.

December 15, 2010

A little bit of happiness

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Good morning everyone 🙂

Today is Wednesday and I’m feeling rather chipper even though I’m pretty sure I only got 4 hrs of sleep before my alarm woke my fat ass up to go to the gym. Ugh…damn you Chipotle!! You taste so good…I’m seriously addicted!! 😦 

Anyways, there isn’t much point in going in to my obsession with Chipotle (yet again) because the point of this blog today is to bring a little bit of happiness to your Wednesday. Umm…did you not catch the title? So anyways….I figured I would list some things that always make me laugh and add some AWESOME pics I found on!!! Mom – This is your cue to go put on an extra pair of Depends….you don’t have to, but don’t come crying to me when you have to ask to leave work early (again) because you had an accident.

On with the show!!!

1 – For some reason I am the Queen of Awkward Stories and/or Inappropriate Comments. I don’t know why, but I feel it necessary to divulge any and all thoughts that go on in my head. Last week I was at the bar watching the UFC fight and never having watched a fight I found myself asking this guy what would happen if one of the guys farted while he was pinning down another guy. He kind of laughed and was like “I don’t think that’s what they are most concerned about.” I of course replied that it would be one of the #1 things I would be thinking if I was stuck in a headlock between some guys legs.

2 – Do you ever have a person at work that just randomly starts singing? Well I do. And it’s not just little parts of song. It’s like a full-on song or medley. The worst part is that it’s usually off-key and they are doing it solo, i.e. they don’t have it playing on their computer and are just singing along. Not to be mean, but I usually just turn up whatever I have playing on my computer or start singing a new song out loud to see if they notice what they are doing. I think next time I’ll ask if she takes requests.

3 – Boobies. I know I’m immature, but for some reason the word “boobies” just makes me laugh. Go ahead, say it out loud. Tell me that you didn’t crack even a little smile.

4 – Candy canes. Why are they only a holiday candy? I really only like the peppermint ones and I know that I can find just straight-up mints that are peppermint flavored, but the fun part about candy canes is that they can be sharpened and doubled as a weapon! I really want to figure out what is with things only being brought out at certain times of the year. Again, I could bring up my argument for potato salad being appropriate at Thanksgiving and any other day of the week, but I won’t go there. I think we all know how I feel. 🙂

5 – The “snow” has come to the DC/VA/MD area and of course that means that school is either cancelled or significantly delayed because people think that flurries could cause a natural disaster. Granted last year we did have a huge snow storm, but you hear the word “snow” around here and people are running to the nearest Lowe’s to get the top-of-the-line snowblower. It’s really just pathetic. But I like the snow because it reminds me of when I was little. I still remember my mom making us put our feet inside of plastic bags before we put them inside of our boots to make sure that even if out boots got soaking wet, our feet wouldn’t. Wow, my mom is a genius!!

Okay – enough random ramblings for today, here is what you have been waiting for!! Some seriously awesome pics that I found while perusing I highly suggest looking on this website or if you need a good laugh. Mom…did you take my advice? Are you wearing your extra paid of Depends? I sure hope so…..

Could this be considered child abuse? Hmm….

This girl was so embarrassed to be in the photo she wouldn’t even show her face.

Who wears short, shorts? 🙂 That guy actually looks like the actor Giovanni Risbi.

Jerry (far left) decided to pitch the tent a little early. Grams doesn’t look too pleased though.

That looks like a great bedtime story Susie!


I can’t tell if this is a one-piece or a long-sleeved shirt tucked in to a pair of pants that are magically the same color. Either way, this look is a total panty dropper. Take note guys.

Well hellloooo….Cathy Lucca *wink* *wink*

Go to the nearest sink and rinse/flush your eyes for 3-5 minutes. If you still have a burning sensation after viewing this piece of “art” seek medical attention immediately.

It’s just like that game at the bar… Quick! Circle the differences!!

And just so Walmart doesn’t feel left out, here are some pics I found on 🙂


Dad! Check out that caboose!!





Based on the outfit she is wearing, I wonder what kind of prescription she is picking up??? Fail.


Smile big!!! You’re going to be on 🙂

Alright…..I think that it’s enough to get you through your day. I’m off to grab some lunch.

xoxo – gina

November 29, 2010

Random Things I Think About….

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I think the title of this post pretty much sums up what it is. Below are the random things that I think about; especially when I am not busy at work. I don’t know if I’m the only one that thinks these things or not, so if you also find yourself wondering these things please let me know. 🙂 Happy Monday!!

– When you go in to a public restroom it is kind of an unwritten rule that you leave at least one stall in between you and the next person, if possible. It totally creeps me out when I am the only one in the bathroom and someone comes and goes in to the stall right next to me. There are 5 other stalls that they could choose from. It’s just weird!

– Along the same lines as the bathroom scenario mentioned above, if I go in to a bathroom and you are obviously not going #1, please wait until I leave to show your face. There is nothing worse than hearing someone “go to town” in the bathroom and then beat you to the sink so you can akwardly look at them and say “hi” knowing full well that they just unleashed the fury. I promise I am going pee as fast as I can so I am just asking you wait that extra 10 seconds for me to wash my hands and get out of there. Is that too much to ask???

– Men: If I am talking to you, please don’t give the one-up to a random girl walking by. I’ll be even more insulted if she’s not hot. Believe me, I constantly see hotties walking by, but I have trained my eyes to lock in on the person talking to me and use my peripherals to scope the crowd out in the mean time. Just like on the movie “40 Yr. Old Virgin”, you need to use your peripherals!!

– Am I the only person that gets grossed out watching someone lick their lips non-stop? I’m not talking once every few minutes or so, but like every time they go to talk. There is just something really gross about it to me. I can’t explain it.

– I don’t get why everyone cares what Brett Favre does in his private life. I was the same about Clinton, and other public figures. I care about how they do their job and as long as it’s done well and their private lives aren’t affecting their work, why does it matter? I’m not condoning their actions, I just don’t care about them too much.

– Why do people have no problem tossing $10-$20 a week away for coffee, happy hour, lunch, etc., but think twice about throwing that in a Salvation Army bucket?

– What happened to people using their manners? I find it odd that we scold children for behaving badly, i.e. not sharing, budging in line, throwing fits when they don’t get their way, but adults do the same thing. I can understand when you want to avoid someone throwing a fit/making a scene in a store so you agree to give them what they are asking for, but it just keeps enabling this behavior. It’s almost like there is this “grace period” for people. We learn as children that this behavior is unacceptable and typically don’t continue it, but for some reason people will start to do it again when they hit their mid-20’s and above. I can’t tell you how many people I see come in to my work and complain, complain, complain, until they get what they want. It’s pathetic. I hope they don’t have children because they are terrible role models if they do.

– Have you ever seen the movie “The Watcher in the Woods”? It’s totally messed up. I watched it a few times as a child and I think it screwed me up royally. It’s actually a movie that Disney produced when they were trying to expand their portfolio of films. I like to call it the “Disney on acid era”. If you haven’t seen it before, you should.

– This weekend when I was at church I saw these 2 kids kiss during “peace”. If you’re Catholic, you understand what “peace” is. If you’re not, “peace” is a time after the “Our Father” prayer where you hold out and shake the hands of the people near you as a sign of, well, peace. Maybe they do this in other services, I’m not sure. So anyways, I see married people kiss or hug, no big deal. But there was this young girl in front of me that turned to this boy next to her and they put their arms around each other and kissed. It wasn’t some major make-out session or anything, but I kind of found it odd that the mother that was next to them didn’t flinch. These kids couldn’t have been over 15 so obviously their “relationship” wasn’t something serious. Does anyone else find that weird or kind of inappropriate? Maybe I’m just a prude.

– Little boys say the funniest things. I have two nieces and they are hilarious, and I’m sure I’m biased about that statement. But whenever I’m in Target or the grocery store I always hear little boys ask the funniest questions or say the most random things. It could be the simplest thing like, “Are we having hot dogs?”, but they say it SOOO loud and with such passion behind it that I can’t help but start laughing. I heard a kid in Target the other day say “My stomach is a GROWL-ing” while he rubbed his stomach and walked non-chalantly with his mom to the check-out. Maybe it’s the age (5 or 6) and the fact that he was rocking a Spiderman pant and tee ensemble that made it so funny.

– Have you ever kissed someone that had pruny lips? I unfortunately have. It was so weird. It’s like kissing a 98 yr. old man that has no strength left in him. What makes it even more weird is when they tell you that you are a good kisser! Really?? You got that from one quick kiss….one that I was completely creeped out by? Odd. Just odd.

– Does anyone have the Harry Potter books? People are going totally nuts over the new movie that came out and I want to see what all the hype is about. I like to read the books prior to seeing the movie because I feel like the books always give you a better description/picture of what is happening.

– I hate when someone asks you a question, then doesn’t believe your answer. It’s like, why are you asking me in the first place if you aren’t going to accept my response unless it matches what you were already thinking? Some people….I tell ya.

– Everyone that knows me knows that I am a pretty talkative person. If you try to IM, text, or call me, and I don’t respond with much of an answer it’s probably because I’m tired or I don’t want to talk to you, or both. So please stop incessantly IM’ing, texting, calling, me because then I’m just going to want to punch you in the face. It’s also likely that I will follow through with that action. Consider yourself warned.

– I think I’m destined for great things, like being a contestant on The Amazing Race, SuperMarket Sweep, or Press Your Luck. Say it with me: No whammies, no whammies, no whammies. STOP!  ….on $500 + Jewelery 🙂 Woohoo!!

– If someone has good hair they are almost always more attractive than the person next to them. Maybe that’s just me. I have a thing about hair I guess.

– I want to become a D-list celebrity just so I can be on Dancing With the Stars. Isn’t that pathetic? Hahaha!

– Guys lie about their height. Women lie about their weight. Don’t act surprised.

– If someone brings a treat to work it’s probably best to take just one when they first present them. If there are more left afterwards, go ahead and shove 3 or 4 in your pants pockets, but don’t be a damn vulcher the minute you spot free food.

– Clothes don’t make the person. The person makes the clothes. If you don’t take pride in your appearance, no amount of nice clothes is going to make up for your lack of personal hygiene or the importance of a hairbrush.

– Leaving someone a drunk voicemail (sending drunk texts applies to this too) is only funny if you are good friends with the person. Just because you have someone’s number doesn’t mean you are “friends”. Just saying….

Alright…it’s time for me to grab lunch. I hope you enjoyed some of these random thoughts or at least realized you weren’t the only one thinking them. 🙂

October 27, 2010

Let the Awesomeness Continue

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I’d like to start off this post by saying that I am very surprised that so many of you have started reading this, mostly because I’m not very interesting, although I do find myself to be funny at times. Don’t think that I’m conceited for that comment about thinking I’m funny, because I’m not. I have ppl like Bill Rooney constantly insinuating that I’m not funny at all. I need to stop hanging out with negative ppl like Bill, but I like the free Chipotle lunch that usually comes with the ridicule so I’ll keep putting up with it for now. 🙂 Haha!!

For the past 2 years I have been wanting to get a puppy. I don’t know if it’s the “biological clock” ticking or just my general need to take care of something or someone, but I want a puppy sooooo bad!!!! I’ve been scouring the internet for different breeds and looking at local shelters where I can adopt. I always imagined myself with a dog that was a little bigger, like a lab or something bc then I would have to get my lazy ass off the couch to go for a walk/run and stop pounding the Cheetos. (Sidenote: I think my index finger and thumb are permanently stained light orange from my recent addiction to Cheetos.) But then I saw the cutest yorkie/shih tzu puppy named “Snuggle Bug” and there are like 4 more with similar names….I think they must be from the same litter. But it made me start to think that if I do end up getting a pet, I should get something small for now because I only have an apartment and it would be unfair for me to get something that will get big soon bc I dont have a lot of room. Below is some of the pics of the puppies I was looking at. What do you think??? Couldn’t you see me with one of these???

Snuggle Bug: Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie, Dog; Mechanicsburg, PA – This one is Snuggle Bug.
Tiny Heinie: Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie, Dog; Mechanicsburg, PA – This is Tiny Heinie. (Ironic since my “heinie” is anything but tiny. Haha!! Do you think it’s a sign???)
Smoochie Poochie: Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie, Dog; Mechanicsburg, PA – This is Smoochie Poochie.
I have never had a pet, but I imagine I can handle it since I’m an awesome aunt to my nieces and nephew. Plus I have baby-sat for kids of all ages and I assume that a puppy is similar except I’m not getting paid to watch it and I am solely responsible for it. But, seriously….if I can’t handle a puppy at 25, how the hell am I ever going to have a kid??? Anyways, I wanted everyone to take a look at some possible candidates and get your feedback. What do you think?
On to other “pressing” matters…..a lot of you enjoyed my random notes/thoughts/quotes last week so I thought I would give you a dose of a few more. I will give credit where credit is due though bc some of these are not things that I have come up with on my own.
Life Lessons… Things to Remember….Facts of Life….Random Toughts
– “Any guy with more hair products than you is never gonna be a winner in my opinion.” – Maureen Farrell (I love this girl like she is a little sister. She always cracks me up!!!)
– Don’t add ppl as “friends” on Facebook if you don’t know them. It’s super creepy!
– I hate when ppl purposely don’t match and then call it being “trendy”. I call it being color blind.
– Please don’t post a half-naked pic for Facebook or Twitter. It makes me feel like I’m looking at porn and need to do a virus sweep on my computer, not to mention flush my eyes out with water for a good 5-10 minutes.
– I think Chipotle needs to come up with a membership club. I’d reach diamond level in a week.
– I need to stop stealing music. I’m sick of hearing random ppl talking over the song trying to advertise their website.
– Per Clinton on “What Not to Wear”, the max age to wear a mini-skirt is 35. Do you hear that cougars of Tysons and DC? STOP THE MADNESS!!!
– Why isn’t there a “Real Housewives of the Middle Class”??? The main plot lines would be receiving the electricity bill, making costumes for your kids school plays, going to PTA meetings, trying to schedule time for sex with your spouse, you know….all the stuff that typical ppl do. Plus, most of these women on the Real Housewives shows don’t do anything. What kind of a “real” housewife is that?!
– “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” – Supermodel Kate Moss (Apparently Miss Moss has never had Cheetos!)
– Life is going to kick you in the ass sometimes. So bend over and just get it over with.
– Just because my boobs are big does not mean it is okay to ask to touch them, ask what size they are, or if you can see them.
– Always be mindful of co-workers sense of smell when you bring in your lunch. Yeah, we all know who “that person” is in the office.
– Girls think guys are dumb. Guys think girls are dumb. I think almost everyone is dumb, so I guess you could say I’m neutral on this debate.
– If you have shitty teeth, please don’t smile at me to be courteous. I’m actually offended that you are exposing me to that kind of visual torture.
Alright….it’s time for lunch! I hope you all have an awesome day!!
xoxo, gina

October 26, 2010

I don’t have a name for this….I’m too lazy

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Well howdy neighbor! No, I’m not in a country-western mood, I was just bored of using the same greeting, so I thought I would try this one out for a bit. How are ya doing? How was your weekend? Good I hope. 🙂 Mine was pretty awesome.

Saturday was our kickball play-offs and we lost in the first round. 😦 BOO!!!! But it def didn’t help that we had the minimum number of guys needed to play (4) while the other team had at least 7 or 8. So I am going on the record and say that our lack of guys was probably the reason we lost. We have played this team before and beat them 10-5, so that says something. Don’t you worry, I bounced back from that loss pretty quick. How so? By heading to the bar of course!!! What did you think I was going to say?? 🙂

We had our end of season kickball party and for obvious reasons it was a costume party. I did the whole 80’s thing and pretty much rocked everyone’s face off with my sweet ensemble. Okay, well that’s what I would like to think. Earlier in the week ppl were asking me what I was going to dress up as and I kept saying an 80’s girl, but that if I didn’t look like one I was just going to call myself “Hot Mess”. I think that’s a pretty fair assessment considering….But anyways, the party was pretty fun! We (me, joe, shana, isaac, jordan, dan, and tiff) started out pre-partying at my place and I was an amazing hostess!! By “amazing” I mean that I made a frozen pizza, had chips, candy, and made some lethal jell-o shots for my guest to devour before the party. By the time we made it to Finnegan’s we were all feeling pretty lovely….esp Dan and Tiff bc they pre-partied at their place before coming over to mine. They are all-stars in my book! BTW – Finnegan’s sprinkler system went awry or something like that, so the fire dept had to come and we all had to clear out. Of course I made some new friends outside while I waited and then we all decided that we were sick of waiting and headed to Carpool.

FXA is another co-ed recreational league in the area and they were having their end of season costume party at Carpool so we all fit right in!! All in all, the night was pretty stellar. Did I mention that we won the “Bar Award” yet again??? I mean, it’s not that hard for us when you have vets like me and Joe on the team. Plus everyone new this year was down for a good time so it’s hard to imagine the award going to another team.

Hmm….what else?? Oh! I did get another Halloween costume for some parties this weekend. I have decided to go as a Roman Empress. The costume is pretty legit except half of it is white so you can totally see my undies through it!! I briefly thought that maybe I could just go commando, but that just seemed gross, so I found some white spanx biker short things to wear to make it a little less obvious. I could give two shits if you can see those. Go ahead boys and girls, look all you want.

Here is a pic of the costume. Of course I have much bigger boobs than this chick, but that’s nothing new. 🙂 hahaha

But….I was thinking of going back to Party City and exchanging for this one instead. What are your thoughts?

So yes, I have some parties lined up this weekend, but I’ll have to see how I am feeling, a.k.a. — Can my liver handle it? 😦 Which reminds me, I am taking a drinking hiatus in November. The only exception to that is a Caps game on the 11th and Thanksgiving. I know a lot of you think that I am just this huge lush that parties all the time, but I’m not. Believe me, my life would prob be a lot more interesting if I was. However, after my break in November, I plan to come back recharged and ready to start my “Drinking Society”. Yes, that’s right! I am starting a “Drinking Society”. Some of you may be confused right now with that idea and thinking it already exists in the form of A.A. But it’s not the same, they are actually the opposite. A.A. is for ppl that want to quit drinking. My “Drinking Society” is going to be a select group of ppl that each week meets up for drinks at a new bar, restaurant, club, etc. Think of it like a dinner club, but without dinner. 🙂 I know…I know…you don’t need to tell me…I’m pretty much a genius.

BTW – Did I mention that my blog got 67 hits in one day??? That’s craziness. I guess you all enjoyed my random quips about life and life lessons. I know that my boy Das enjoyed them bc he posted them as his Facebook status’. HOLLA!! Take that Bill Rooney!! I told you I’m funny!! haha

Alright….well I am off to go eat lunch. Hope you all have a great day! Tomorrow will prob be a short blog like last week with just some quick thoughts. 🙂

Bye mom!

October 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

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Here are some things I’ve come to realize based on my own personal experiences or from others’:

 – Shot roulette is never a good idea.

– Chipotle should be its own food group.

– Joan Rivers is correct: Just because it zips, doesn’t mean it fits.

– If you aren’t friends with someone, don’t let them stay at your house….they may try to tickle you in your sleep.

– Quality time with family and friends is the best way to keep yourself grounded.

– Do not drink more than 5 drinks if you are under 5’2”…heck, even if you’re under 5’6”.

– No matter what you think, you do not magically become a grammy-award winning singer after 1 a.m.

– 98 Degrees was one of the most under-rated bands in the 90’s. Fact.

– Don’t allow negative ppl in your life, mostly because you will just want to slap them.

– Everyone on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. is at some level a stalker. Don’t deny it, own it.

– Trash-talking your boss will not help you get promoted. I know that seems pretty obvious, but some ppl would surprise you.

– Shuffleboard is the greatest game ever.

– I definitely need to be on the Amazing Race. Who wants to be my partner??

– You are always going to miss things that you left, but that doesn’t mean you made the wrong decision.

– Be thankful for what you have, and also for what you don’t.

– If a person likes you, they will find time to spend with you. Except for me. I really am that busy.

– If you are going to be “edgy” (*ahem* sarcasm) when you get a tattoo, make sure you do your research and understand what those symbols on your arm mean. You don’t want to think it says “Life. Love. Happiness,” and later find out it means “Kitchen. Beach. Horse.” <— That would be really funny though!! 🙂

– Don’t take pics of your boobs, butt, or “area” with my camera. A) I don’t want to see that. B) I don’t want to guess whose body it is that I am seeing. C) I will post it for the world to see if you piss me off.

– Everyone needs a break from their life. So go be a tourist in your own town, check out a concert or comedy club, spend a whole day without the use of a cell phone, tv, or computer. It will refresh you and help you re-evaluate your priorities.

– Laughter is always the best medicine.

– Hoops & Yoyo are the best cards to give/receive.

– Contrary to popular belief, writing depressing status updates on your Facebook/Twitter will not make people feel bad for you. It will eventually creep them out and make them want to de-friend you, if they haven’t already.

– I am awesome. That’s not really a new thought or revelation, just a friendly reminder. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!!

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